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We recently had the pleasure of trying out the Size Matters Max Twist Nipple Suckers which were sent to us by UberKinky in exchange for an honest review of the product. We truly appreciate the opportunity to review sex toys. Not only is it fun to try out new products, we love sharing things we like or don’t like with you guys!!


Cagedmonkey and I actually started looking into nipple suckers a few months ago when we were looking around for new sex toys. We wanted to see what the whole interest in them was. So this kind of worked out perfect for us. First of all let me touch on what the claim is for Nipple Suckers and why they might be enjoyable for some. For those who enjoy that sucking feeling and want to have strong, constant feeling of suction, these would be perfect. The whole idea is to wear them to create more sensation in the nipples which is great for some nipple play. Who doesn’t like the reaction they get torturing some nipples after they have become super sensitive?? 🙂 Using nipple suckers like the Max Twist Nipple suckers causes blood to rush to the skin in the nipple and makes them extra sensitive and a bit more plump and perky!


I will say, feeling that whole sucking feeling isn’t a turn on for me but I do love playing with hubby’s nipples so we focused on getting them to work on him. We did try them on me and they definitely grabbed a hold of my large breasts and nipples and had a nice tight, pulling seal. we really had no issues attaching them to my chest but like I said… it really did nothing for me other than to make me uncomfortable. That’s my personal preference and I know that some just LOVE that feeling of pulling and tugging and suction on their nipples. Feeling them get engorged and sensitive can be a huge turn on for some! For me, I love that hubby knows just the right amount of sensation my nipples can handle.

I will say, to be used on a man, it would be 100% better to have the area they are being used on shaved or free of hair. We did have some trouble getting them to suck on to cagedmonkey but we were able to by pushing as much of the hair out of the way as possible. If you know me at all you know I am not about my man shaving his body so we used these in the way we would use them. They were very easy to adjust by twisting the top to get a gentle pull and a twist or two more created a much stronger sucking feeling. At one point I gave it too much of a twist and may have gotten a cringe and a whimper to lessen it a little hehe 🙂 Maybe that wasn’t on accident! I left them attached to CM a bit and wiggled them around and pulled on them some just to give him some time to let them draw the blood to the surface and create that extra sensitive feeling in his nipples. Afterwards I made sure to play with his nipples and give him a bit of nipple torture to make sure they worked well. I believe he’d agree that they helped heighten his sensation.


As easy as these were to attach they were just as easy to take off. You simply twist the knob in the opposite direction and they very easily pop off. The little suckers could be used on many parts of the body and I have heard about some using them on their girlie parts. I really am not all about the suction thing so I did not attempt to use it on my own clit. I am assuming this would be fantastic for those who like the feeling of pulling and sucking on their clit. However, with how wet I get I can see there being an issue with cleaning these. The juices and wetness from my pussy would likely get inside the vacuum tube and behind the twisting mechanism and then there is no real way to clean it. That is another reason I chose not to attach it to my bits.

I will say that if you are looking for that feeling on consistent sucking on your nipples, the Max Twist Nipple suckers would work great for that. If you are looking for that feeling to be on other parts of the body I know there are different sized Nipple Suckers that would be even better for that. Overall, a good product for it’s intended use… in my opinion to use it on the wetter body parts it could get gross after a bit unless they fixed the design to add a few extra twists to get it clean up inside the suction tube.



My Lady and I had the pleasure of trying out a new line of sex toys called “Ooh” by Je Joue, that recently launched on These are sex toys you can mix and match to create your own special collection of sexual enhancement. It’s pretty simple, you can purchase one of the “pleasure kits” which contain a motor and two shapes and then purchase others beyond that or purchase a motor and whatever shape or shapes look intriguing, provided they fit the motor. To be honest from the start, we weren’t sure what to expect mainly because ML has never really been a “vibrator girl.” The only toy that has managed to get her off with vibration was her wand, and that is one heavy duty summbitch. But, being the horny people we are, we couldn’t turn down some good old fashion sex toy fun!



The heart of the line of toys is the interchangeable motor that comes with the accessories themselves; some of the toys could be used without the vibration feature, but whats the fun in that? ML and I had the opportunity to try out the large size motor, but they do have a mini version coming soon, as well. The motors are interchangeable with the products they fit. Each motor fits a few different products because they vary slightly in size. The “shapes” come listed with a number and each motor fits certain products. The large motor we received lists that it is compatible with the shape Numbers 1, 2, 3, 5 and 9. We were very impressed to find out that the motor is waterproof (*when the shape and motor are securely connected) and rechargeable. The motor comes with a micro USB charger and doesn’t take long to charge up to full power.


The motor features 3 vibration speeds and 2 patterns, ranging from soft to strong straight vibration to pulse and wave patterns. The motor is pretty quiet and packs a strong punch for its size. The different vibration patterns are fun to play with as well. I will say the straight vibration seemed like it got a little uneven after a few moments of use. ML had some difficulty getting off with the patterned vibe – not sure if that’s just her, or if the patterns work better for male use. It was certainly effective on me!



The attachments are REALLY well made. The are made from 100% body safe silicone which make them firm, but not too hard like your garden variety vibrator. The surface of the toys almost feels like it’s micro-textured, which gives it a unique feel against your skin; sensory play with these toys can be really amazing! I didn’t find any raised seams or anything that can scratch or cause injury; these toys are extremely well manufactured. It really is a smooth satiny silicone which is very soft to the touch. It’s incredibly comfortable in and on the body.



The first toy ML and I tried out was the “Pebble,” a smaller sized vibrator that somewhat resembles the shape of a tongue. This toy is great for performing vibration-assisted oral sex, although ML does prefer the feeling of my tongue over the toy (I’ll take that as a compliment). ML also got creative with it and tucked it into her panties for a few minutes. It got her pussy pretty soaking wet, I must say!

We also used the toy on me, tucking it under my balls and caged cock. The vibration got to me pretty quick, and I was bulging in my cage in no time. When ML changed to the different pattern settings, I couldn’t help but squirm around. I can only imagine what being left to myself, having to endure that for hours would feel like. Such torture!



This one was more up ML’s alley (pun intended).

The Classic vibrator, again, is exactly what it says it is – a classic-shaped vibrator. It has a slight curve to the tip, designed for g-spot simulation. It also slims slightly up the shaft before widening at the tip, aiding in deeper penetration…. I would guess, I don’t have a pussy or anything (Note: we didn’t try any anal play for either of us, although I’m sure the firmness and surface feel would do just fine for that).

The toy worked just great, ML was turned on and was really enjoying the feel and depth of the it. But, and this is another one of those “to be honest” things, ML had trouble fully getting off with it. Her issues with finding a truly good insertable that works for her is well documented, so I really don’t think that it’s a problem with the toy. I really just think that she prefers the feeling of my real, hard, flesh-and-blood, cock deep in her pussy (again, I will take that compliment and run with it).



The name of this one pretty much says it all – it’s a blue cock ring. The material used to make this toy is stretchier than the others – I was afraid it wasn’t going to fit around my cock, but the ring actually had plenty of give. The ring stays snug and hugs pretty tight, but not so tight as to cause a safety issue. ML had fun putting it on my cock while I was still a little soft and watching my cock grow into the ring and stretch it. She also applied a little extra lube and stroked me with it a little bit. That, plus the vibration was a mind blower!

I think it goes without saying that there wasn’t much for ML to do with the Electric Blue, due to her significant lack of having a penis… but she sure did enjoy teasing and torturing me with it!

imageThank you to for asking us to review these great products. After checking out this line we noticed some other great looking products by Je Joue that we might want to try!