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The other night cagedmonkey and I were sitting here and we decided to look around at some new toys. Not anything crazy but fun little things to add to our play.


I got a nice new black paddle, I hope lasts awhile. I loved my other one but it really was for a beginner and not meant to give a beating. 🙂 I also ordered an attachment for my Hitachi wand… It really seems like a great thing to torture cagedmonkey with. It might be fun to tie him to the bed and get the wand positioned where it could be on him vibrating him and masturbating him so slowly. He would be stuck lying there taking it while I go about my day. I could pop in every so often and give the Hitachi a break while I ride his face and cum all over him. It would so awesome to have him all gooey with precum and my cum all over his face and wiped on his chest and stomach, left to dry.

The other thing I got, that I’m a bit excited about is the positioner. It’s going to come in handy for quite a few things. I can use it to keep his thighs up when I want to peg him missionary style and I can also lock wrist cuffs to the buckles at his thighs. I think there are many uses for this, in multiple positions… I also like that it’s pretty small and we can just pull it out to use it without any set up. The under bed restraints and the stockade require some sort of set up and time to use. This seems to be something I could pull out on a whim and use and put away.

Another thing we’ve looked at getting recently is a good hood with a gag that doesn’t look evil and scary! I’ve yet to find one that doesn’t make me kinda cringe.

Anyway, fun new toys to add to our playtime. That’s exciting on it’s own!