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Sorry to the guys but this is something I need to say to my Lady friends (and to you guys). There are a lot of misconceptions about a woman’s period. A lot of women think it’s gross and dirty and that there is no way they can have sex during it. Ok maybe some guys think it’s gross and dirty too. I just feel a need to let all the ladies in on a secret. Ok maybe not a total secret…

There has actually been a lot of research about it and you can go do your web search if you want but having sex and/or having orgasms during your menstrual cycle is a fantastic idea. Ok so, if you’re like me, those first few heavy days you might not want to but after that I suggest you make that man of yours give you lots of orgasms. Or tie him up and make him watch you masturbate. 🙂 I have to say that “magic wand” works like a charm through a maxi pad to give you a pretty damn good orgasm.

I normally have a kind of heavy few days and a long period (like 8 days!) BUT the months where I am having multiple orgasms I pretty much have no cramps and my cycle length shortens by days! I know all of you ladies totally understand wanting your cycle to be shorter. I’m sure the painful cramps are on your list of “guys have it easier because…” and well, who wouldn’t want to ease those?

In the past three days, I have used cagedmonkey to have many orgasms. During this cycle I have had minimal cramps and besides the heavy stuff the first 36 hours it’s been much lighter flow. I decided to let my horny flow and just go with it. I don’t get undressed, don’t need to get anything prepared or worry about mess. I just rub on him and give myself an orgasm. It’s been a very dominating kind of few days when I call him into the bedroom and push him favorite on the bed, straddle his ass and grind my pussy on him until I cum good. As a matter of fact, I’m sitting here getting all tingly down below thinking about it right now! I wish I was home because I’d go in the bedroom and lock the door and lay next to him, making him watch me give myself a nice big orgasm.

Anyway ladies, there is never a need to “take a break” just because you get your cycle. Take that time to force your guy to watch you get off over and over… I mean it’s almost a necessary thing to help ease your menstrual discomfort, isn’t it? And I’m going to take a guess – not sure there has been actual research on it but – that having multiple orgasms and the chemical release during those orgasms would likely help with your PMS and your mood/depression etc. See, guys and gals, it’s all in your best interest to orgasm frequently, especially during menstruation. 😉

Last night when cagedmonkey got home from his meeting, the kids were already showered and in bed. I had him unlock a bit earlier because I knew I wanted to use him for some teasing. It was time for our little at home date night. I got myself a glass of my favorite wine and hubby made himself his favorite kahlua and chocolate milk.

Of course, it was Sunday night and that means Food Network shows! 🙂 We had a few drinks while watching the shows. By the time we got to the middle of Food Network Star I was feeling a bit frisky. At first I just sat back and instructed my sexy, naked, cagedmonkey to stroke himself as I watched. I had him go faster, slower, stop and let go right at the last second (I can even edge him now when HE is doing the stroking!). I get myself so worked up imagining myself riding his cock while he is doing that. So I crawled over on my hands and knees and knelt next to him. I grabbed his cock in my hand and stroked him and edged him time and time again, letting go at the last possible second and enjoying every bit of his whimpering.

That’s when I began sucking his cock and edging him and feeling his frustration grow and grow. What happened next will really have to be it’s own post so look forward to that coming soon! Sorry guys! 😀

I realized I was so super wet and gooey in my crotch and, at this particular time of the month, I don’t exactly like hubby down there cleaning it up so I went to the bathroom. I got that feeling while in there… that “God I want to fuck him feeling,” So I called out from the bathroom and told him, “you’d better keep that cock hard” to which he responded, “yes ma’am.” I came into the living room wearing only my tank top, walked right over to him where he was keeping his cock good and hard for me. I didn’t say I word but looked him straight in the eye all the way to him, straddled him on the couch and slid that beautiful big fat cock deep in my pussy. We moaned together on that one. Fuck, it was a beautiful thing.

I rode his cock as best I could without pushing him over. Not easy when he was already so sensitive from me edging him so much before that. I leaned forward on top of him, my big breasts pushing into his chest, and reached behind me and started to tickle my own asshole. Fantasizing that I was about to be filled up in both holes. I had hubby reach behind me with his hands and start fingering my ass. Mmmmm it felt so damn good and got me wanting my ass fucked. I lifted myself off of his cock and moved it slightly back positioned at my tight asshole. I gently sat down and inserted just the head of his cock and back out again, kinda teasing myself with his cock. I pushed down further and the up again. He was moaning and whimpering with each gentle thrust. Deeper in I slid him and back out and finally say all the way down on his lap thrusting his cock deep into my ass. I slowly fucked my ass with his big cock, sliding it in and out, lifting myself up and down on him. Stroking him tight with my asshole.

Cagedmonkey reached between my legs and started to rub my clit. This flipped a switch in me and got me even more turned on. I leaned back and put one hand on the couch behind me, with his cock in my ass, so that he could finger my pussy while I fucked myself in the ass. I demanded, “make that fucking pussy cum like a good boy.” He replied enthusiastically, “YES ma’am!” And He fingered my sloppy pussy faster and faster as I bounced hard up and down on his lap until I felt my body tighten, my thighs began to quiver and shake and I began cumming so insanely hard. I squeezed his cock in my ass so tight and gushed from my pussy all over his hand and his “mound.” I could feel the sweat building in my back, forehead and chest as I pounded down on his lap harder, fucking my ass deep and hard.

I could feel myself getting lost in it all. I felt myself building and that’s when I leaned forward and grabbed cagedmonkey by the throat. I held him down into the couch by his throat while I slammed my ass so hard and fucked his cock over and over so hard until I basically wore myself out. I let go of his throat, laid on his chest, told him I loved him and kissed his cheek. I had this huge feeling of pride come over me because my amazing boy had held off orgasm during all of that, knowing he did not have permission to cum. He’s awesome!! I love my boy so much for all the pleasure he gives me and for giving me the control over the pleasure he gets.

I was so sweaty and beat that it was time to climb off, slide him out of my ass and get cleaned up. What a fucking amazing night! And ahead of us we have a week of opportunities because the kids start their day camp tomorrow. Four days of 6 hours kid free… whatever will we get up to in that amount of time?!?! 🙂 hehe