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I could write out some long descriptive post about what this is but it’s been done so I will mostly borrow the words written on the Predicament Bondage Wiki page. If you want a little more information or read into the different uses you could check there. I plan to only talk about the bits of predicament bondage that intrigue me. Perhaps as I do more of my own research I’ll get more interested in other uses – you know how research and time tend to expand my interests a bit once fantasy gets involved.

So, one of the reasons this came up is because both hubby and my girlie sub Lizzy are kinda the same. They both have a thing with being put into difficult situations. So I had both of them do some research on different types of predicament bondage. Lizzy was to look up the general sense and cagedmonkey was to look up Asymmetrical Bondage. Both of which put your sub in a difficult position.

So what exactly is Predicament Bondage? Predicament bondage is the art of restraining a person in such a way that there is a limited number of positions in which they can be, each of which are so uncomfortable that they are forced to shift their weight or position. Upon doing so, they place themselves in another equally uncomfortable position. It basically causes a sub to have to choose or alternate between the two positions, each of which carry their own pain. The default position is typically intended to cause muscle fatigue, such as standing on tiptoe. If they get too fatigued they have another option to choose which is usually a more physically painful position, for example letting themselves lower their weight and stand regularly while forcing a rope attached to their genitals to pull taut and cause pain.

One of the intriguing parts of predicament bondage is how it could be used in orgasm denial. Imagine hearing your dominant say, “you can cum but you’ll have to move up on to your tip toes to position the wand correctly and as you do that the rope will cause pain to your nipples.” Or something to that effect anyway. After being denied for days, weeks, months, are you willing to cause yourself pain to have that desperately wanted orgasm?

The sadistic side of me gets such a thrill thinking about watching someone try that. Giggling as I hear them grunt and moan. Agonizing over the decision. Such sadistic fun! 🙂

Another interesting but type of bondage is asymmetrical bondage which is more about causing a submissive’s body to become confused and off balance. It is when the body is bound in an asymmetric way, as in one leg bound bent up and the other straight. There isn’t a whole lot out there on this, that we’ve found, but we at least get the idea. When you bind the body in this way it throws the brain off since most of your body moves or works in symmetry. It’s an interesting concept anyway and we are still looking into it more and more.