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St writes:

I read a 3 year old post “The Ring’s the Thing”… and you mentioned that you switched back to the regular ring, because the anatomical one started to feel uncomfortable. I would love to read an update regarding this matter, please. I’m thinking of buying the Revenge, but i can’t decide which ring to choose.

Click here for the post that St is referring to.

It kinda surprised me when I found the anatomical ring to be less comfortable than the standard round one for the Revenge. I had heard good things about the anatomical ring from others, and also it’s designed specifically for comfort. So you’d think it would be the best choice, but it wasn’t for me.

But that doesn’t mean that it isn’t the best choice for everyone.

Stay with me…

Just like I wrote in this post about trying out the double ring, the comfort of the base ring is really up to the wearer. Some guys will find the anatomical ring to be a better fit than the standard one; some guys may feel better in an oval ring, while others stick with the round design. You really need to try it to see if it works for you. Just make sure you don’t end up forcing it just because someone else says it’s “the best.”

On the other hand, I do recommend getting the integrated lock option that is available on all of the Steelworxx designs!

Being the internet kink celebrities that we are (yeah, right, lol), we were asked to do some unbiased product reviews for TopCo Toyz. Being the kinky people who love to use sex toys that we are, we agreed! One of the first products we tried was the Adam Male Toys P-Spot Intensity Prostate Vibe.

The “Ins and Outs”

I will admit, the P-Spot Intensity Vibe looked very intimidating in the package at first. The “that thing goes in my ass?” thought went through my mind more than once. It’s long and the business end is very bulbous, for lack of a better word. It didn’t look like it would be very comfortable.

Boy, was I wrong. 🙂

The widened end isn’t really any worse than any of the plugs I’ve worn, and the rest of the shaft is thin enough to not be a problem for me. Once in, that bulbous head does a very good job of reaching all the pleasurable areas.

Does It Work?

The vibration was smooth and, like the name of the toy implies, rather intense. When ML found my prostate with the vibrating tip, I couldn’t help but start moaning. When ML began thrusting in and out, rubbing the toy against my prostate along with the vibrations, I couldn’t keep my hips from wiggling. And when ML started stroking my cock, I humped against her and and the toy. She stroked me to an incredibly frustrating edge, leaving my cock dripping precum onto my stomach.

I flipped over to get into a better “milking” position, and I immediately began to feel the effects of the P-Spot Vibe. ML was slowly working it in and out of my ass, massaging my prostate and teasing it with strong constant vibrations. She started rubbing my balls, coaxing the cum to flow from my prostate. I was moaning loudly as I felt the pressure building, demanding release.

I felt the cum begin to slowly drip from my cock. It was maddening how slow it was – I could almost feel it flow through my cock, millimeter by millimeter. After not feeling any cum pass through my cock for about 6 months now, it was a mix of pleasure and torture. After a minute, the feelings switched mainly to torture as my body demanded a more forceful cum, but instead it was only dragged through me. I looked down between my legs and saw the milky fluid oozing from the tip of my cock. I could only manage a groan as I resigned myself to having my cum extracted from me.


Honestly, the P-Spot Intensity Prostate Vibe is probably one of the most pleasurable and comfortable prostate massagers I’ve ever experienced. The toy itself is firm, no seams or irregular surface areas, and the vibration is very smooth. It gives a gentle touch – at no point did I get that “ow, ok that was too hard” feeling that sometimes comes with other firm prostate massagers. Lastly, it is very well designed, able to “achieve its goals” quite efficiently. 🙂

Many thanks again to TopCo Toyz for generously gifting us with the P-Spot Intensity Vibe, as well as a few other items that we will be reviewing very soon. Stay tuned!

One of our Tumblr followers (tumblers?) asked the following question:

How do you find the Jailbird? Was it worth the money?”

Rather than be all, “Go check out my Jailbird review post,” I decided to answer this a little more directly. Whether I like the device is not quite the same as whether or not it’s worth the price tag.

Is the JB worth the money? Short answer: yes. Long answer: yes, if you are using it for more lengthy chastity periods.

The Jailbird’s most value comes from its long term durability. It’s literally as strong as steel; as long as you don’t attack it with a blowtorch (not recommended, especially when in use), your device should hold up fine. Issues with cracking and/or breaking that come with the territory with other devices are non-existent with the JB. Cleaning maintenance is also a breeze – you can scrub it, soak it in soap and water, or you can even throw it in the dishwasher!

The one situation where I wouldn’t necessarily recommend the JB is in the case of casual or short term chastity sessions. If you are only wearing your chastity device for a few hours at a time, you can get the same results with a CBX or a BON4 at a more affordable price. It’s a lot like bowling – if you’re just hanging out and having fun, you can use an alley ball; if you join a competitive weekly league, you might want to get your own equipment.

And yes, I purposely used an analogy involving “balls” and “equipment” to make a comparison to chastity.

A few weeks ago I order a surprise piece of equipment for cagedmonkey and I. Something we have been looking at for a long time and fantasizing about as well. He had no idea I ordered it until he saw the delivery address on the box the day it came. I order the “Bitch Tamer Package” from the Ken’s Twisted Mind website. The package comes with the Sneaky Pete fucking machine and the custom doggy style bondage stockade. We opted for the waist bar with the pad just in case I felt so inclined as to leave cagedmonkey looked in it for extended periods. We also got the leather wrist and ankle cuffs as well because none of the cuffs we currently have are of that type of quality. If we are going to do it, we might as well do it right!

The stockade itself comes apart and can be pretty easily stored in a duffle bag or under a bed. It can be assembled quite quickly in my opinion as well. The quality of the product is outstanding and very well made. The steel frame is done in black and is very sleek. It is not overly heavy but very sturdy during use, no wobbly parts, even though it is in many pieces before putting it together. Hubby was able to wiggle it over on the carpet but it wasn’t easy and there is no way for him to get out of it.
It’s got many parts that are adjustable. The height of the steel locking collar, height of the waist pad, width of the restraint bars and the overall length of the stockade itself.
We had no issues setting up the stockade. The pieces all fit together perfectly and there was nothing missing. We did have one issue with one of the vertical bars being welded just off enough to cause a “lean” but I simply emailed Ken, sent a pic to show him and he’s mailing me out a new piece.
The other change we decided to make was to the ability to adjust the length of the overall stockade. The stockade comes with two cross bars for the ankles and wrists to attach to. The one bar is a through bar, so you can adjust where it sits on the middle one but the other had a closed end which you can see in the pic above near the steel collar bar. We contacted Ken and asked him to make us a second cross bar that goes through so that we can adjust where both the ankle and wrist bars are on the middle frame. We think it’s going to be better to have that one more adjustment if I ever got locked in the stockade… I’m a bit shorter than cagedmonkey! 🙂

I really cannot say enough good stuff about this equipment. It’s really well made and shipping was within a week, so total it was about a week to make and deliver from the time I ordered. Customer service, so far, has been pretty outstanding. I get a response fairly quickly when I email. I haven’t had to call but that option is there too. I love that this is a small business in the US and that means we are supporting people out there trying to make it and we get really fast, cheaper shipping with it being in the US.

Cagedmonkey fits rather well in the stockade but with his elbow issues we are unable to use it for extended periods just yet.
If you can see, he’s reaching just forward with his arms, which is why we wanted the adjustable cross bar. We want to be able to bring his arms back just slightly so it’s a bit more comfortable. That way I can leave him locked up like that for longer periods and have time cause the discomfort rather than the stretching forward.
It really is a sexy piece of equipment and we can’t wait to put it to full use fulfilling the many fantasies we’ve both had about using it. Due to hubby’s pending elbow surgery we can’t get him locked in there and try out the attachable fucking machine yet.
However, that doesn’t mean I can’t just use the fucking machine to tease and torment him without using the stockade. I did get the Fleshlight and the attachment to go with the machine. It also comes with a Vac-u-lock attachment for use with any Vac-u-lock dildo. You can get a lot of different accessories with this machine for various things and they are all pretty reasonably priced at the Ken’s site.

Looking forward to the many uses this machine and stockade have and the many hours of fun in our future.

I admit, I do not have extensive experience with chastity devices. The only device I’ve ever worn besides the one I am currently wearing was an “off the shelf” Birdcage. I did want to give my impressions on my newest device, a custom made Jailbird from Mature Metal. Most of my comparisons will be against the Birdcage, but some of my comments will just be what they are, not a comparison to anything.

For starters, the device is very cool looking. After My Lady and I initially settled on the Birdcage, we really started to enjoy the look of a steel cage. The Jailbird is very stylish and also very sturdy. The cage is well put together, with no spurs or pinch points that I have found so far. There have been a few occasions where pubic hair has gotten caught in various places, but I think that’s more of a result of me needing a trim than the device itself. The device is slightly wider than the Birdcage. It feels like it should be heavier as well, but it is actually lighter due to the material it is made out of (surgical steel vs. chrome plated steel).

I was surprised by how freaking comfortable this thing is! The Birdcage was very comfortable, but this Jailbird is seriously amazing. It might have to do with the fact that we ordered the oval base ring. I happen to be blessed (cursed?) with rather large testicles, and the oval ring gives them more room to breathe without allowing them to slip backwards. I think the better fitting oval ring also prevents the cage from pushing upwards when the cock attempts an erection. This was a MAJOR issue with the Birdcage, to the point where it would cause near- debilitating pain. Sure, the Jailbird is not exactly comfortable when it squeezes my balls upward as the cock tries in vain to get hard, but it’s not nearly as bad as the Birdcage.

Speaking of trying to get hard… the bars of the Jailbird are just a tiny bit thicker than the bars of the Birdcage. It’s almost hard to tell – ML insisted that I was wrong, but trust me, I’m the one wearing it and I can tell.  🙂  This comes into play when the cock gets hard and tries to press through the cage. The bars of the Birdcage sometimes felt as though they could dig into my skin. They didn’t, but I swear sometimes I got so hard in the cage it felt like it was possible! This is not a problem with the Jailbird. The bars are wide enough to distribute the and reduce the pressure. The bars are also wider apart which reduces the amount of protrusion that happens when the cock presses against the cage (when the cock would bulge out between the bars and rub on my clothing, it would cause an oversensitive pain-ish sensation… not good). The wider arrangement of the bars also allows ML better access to torture her desperate prisoner.

Overall, the comfort of the custom measurements is just one feature that makes the Jailbird a great chastity device. My cage needs to be tweaked just a bit; ML and I have decided that her cock has too much room in the cage and we must shorten the length of the shaft by about an inch. This adjustment will cost a little bit, but it is important to invest in quality when using a device for extended periods of time. For anyone participating in prolonged 24/7 chastity and are looking at this style of device (steel, open shaft), I would highly recommend the Jailbird. Even with a price tag upwards of $300, it is definitely worth the cost.