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You know, I always say how I really can’t stand punishments and discipline. I say how I’d rather just have someone fucking behave themselves and do as they say they are going to do. It just makes things that much easier.

Anyway… It’s been a few days now that cagedmonkey has had to deal with my punishment from his falling asleep on me the other day. It’s also been a few days that *I’ve* had to deal with it. Quite frankly, in bored to bits with this shit already. I really truly need to come up with much more acute, direct, strong corrections that do not last more than a day. I’m so bored with having to decide which plug to stuff his ass with or having to stuff whatever I want in him to punish him. It’s just really no fun anymore. It was sure fun to think about when coming up with the idea but it has quickly lost its power.

So, this might be some big “no, no” in the D/s world but fuck that, I’m in charge and if I say I’m done with a punishment (or part of it as it is) then so be it. Am I being soft? No, I don’t think so, because it’s not like he’s whining and begging me to not punish him anymore. It’s my choice to do this. So I’ve decided that I’m letting go of the whole butt plug and ass violating thing. He will, however, continue to be in his cage for as long as I want without a break and continue wearing his collar every night.

I really am going to have to come up with some fantastic, though short, corrections instead of these long intense ones… that ultimately become too fucking long, boring and annoying to me.

With that said… I’m off to shop for a new paddle, any suggestions?

Two nights a week is all we get. Two nights to be with each other, to sleep in the same bed, to be naked together. That’s it, two nights a week.

Sunday night after a long day, cagedmonkey and I watched a couple shows and spent a little bit of teasy, sexy time together but nothing too intense. We certainly did enjoy it and he even got half of a ruined orgasm. However, we did end up calling it an early night and went to bed fairly early. We got up on Monday and I knew I wanted to play so I started to tease and prepare cagedmonkey right away. Monday night being the second of our two nights together, I knew if we didn’t get play in we’d be waiting an entire week again.

Monday was a bit of a lazy day, I’d say. Cagedmonkey had an appointment in the morning but after that we just hung out at home being lazy. After dinner we were watching tv with the kids and right about 7pm when we started the whole “bedtime routine” for the kids which is when hubby started to snooze on the couch. I got the kids all situated and in bed and came back to the living room to cagedmonkey fully snoring on the couch. I get it, he gets tired when he switches his sleeping schedule. So I figured a little nap was no big deal and I left him snoozing there. About an hour later I nudged him and he managed to mumble out in a half asleep voice that he just wanted to sleep a little while longer.

That’s right about the time I start to feel like waking up and playing is a bother to him so I guess I’ll just leave him alone. I guess I kind of felt like if he wanted to play he’d be more energetic about it. He’d wake up and be excited and happy that it was our night to play. I guess I felt like there should be some eagerness to be with me but instead his tiredness won over and it was stronger than me. I gave up on the idea of waking him to play. I ALMOST left him there sleeping on the couch when I went to bed but I couldn’t bear not feeling his gorgeous sexy naked body next to mine. It’s two nights a week I get to feel that so I wasn’t about to punish myself by leaving him there on the couch… selfish? Sure, maybe, but I wanted to feel his body against mine and I get what I want.

Needless to say, I was very disappointed that we didn’t get our playtime in. I really was very horny and loving his sexy ass and looking forward to using my new harness. After getting my hopes up and then feeling the disappointment I very much lost my oomph, lost my horny, my desire to do naughty things to him. I felt that a punishment was in order so that he could “make it up to me.” Don’t get me wrong, I still want my playtime and hopefully I’ll be back in the mood for it next weekend.

So the rest of the week cagedmonkey will be living out his punishment for me. Here is what his week looks like:
1. He will be locked in his caged 24/7 (not even out to shave) for at least a week but for as long as I want till I think he deserves to feel me again.

2. He will be plugged with whichever plug I choose at all times, asleep and awake (when not at work).

3. His asshole belongs to me (even though it already does) and I may use it whenever and however I choose – even if he’s in the nudge of sleeping and I want to give him a “rude awakening.” He can not complain one bit.

4. He will be locked in his steel collar every night from 7:30pm until he leaves for work.

It also helps that he has apologized a couple times, told me he feels bad about falling asleep on me, has reassured me that he loves that I control him and he even brought me some flowers this morning when he got home from work. I’ll say he’s doing a good job working hard at making it up to me. 🙂 I look forward to what else he’s going to do to help me get my horny back.

Discipline and behavior correction are not my favorite things. I actually dislike having to do it and I’m lucky that I don’t have to do it that often because cagedmonkey really is quite the good boy. However, in our FLR it is my responsibility to correct him or discipline him when he isn’t behaving properly. Yesterday was one of those rare times where I had to remind hubby that he cannot forget important things when I ask him to do something.

He was supposed to stop, on his way out of work, at the pharmacy to pick up a prescription for our daughter. It really is a pain in the ass to go up to the hospital, find a parking spot in the garage and hope to hell we get in and done in the pharmacy in the free 30 minute window we have for parking. As if I want to pay $5 because I was 3 mins late from waiting in line at the pharmacy. It’s a whole hell of a lot easier, since he practically walks by the pharmacy on his way out, for him to stop and grab it.

It really wasn’t the biggest deal, it’s not a script she will die without and we still have a gallon jug here but it is a big deal that he forgot. So, that’s where I come in and last night I gave him an over-the-knee spanking by hand to remind him these things are important. I will say that in the past almost year and a half since he gave me control over his orgasm and sexual pleasure he has been much better at remembering things and focusing. I do love that part of the whole chastity thing, for him. He hated it so much when he was unfocused, forgetful and scattered. It must have felt so unstable for him to be that way. When he was in charge of his orgasms and sexual pleasure he used them improperly and directed the energy in the wrong way. Now they are mine and not his to worry about so he has much more brain power to focus on the important things in his everyday life. 🙂


It’s been about a week straight that I’ve spent locked in the Revenge now. Yes that means 24/7, one whole week of not even being able to see, let alone touch my cock. It’s starting to drive me a little mad, to the point of I have to say “about a week” because I can’t remember the exact day this started because it feels like such a long fucking time.

Making things worse is the timing of ML’s cycle denying me of my other avenue of release of sexual tension – pleasing My Lady’s horny pussy. Oh, don’t get me wrong, she’s had her share of orgasms. She has managed to get along just fine without me touching her pussy, which kinda rubs it in my face even more. It makes me wish I could cum without touching myself, because I really fucking need to right now.

Yesterday, ML spent the whole day incredibly turned on. We were doing what we call an “extra control” day, in which I need to ask her permission for a lot more things than normal. She also has a tendency to either say no or delay giving me what I want for just a little bit, just because she can (hot as fuck). For example, she gave me a stern look when I forgot to ask her if I could play a game on my cell phone, instructing me to do the dishes instead before I was allowed to play. Holding this type of control over me keeps her horny brewing all day long, and she unleashed it on me after the kids went to bed.

The extra control day was the result of me disclosing a couple of switch fantasies I’ve been having lately (that’s a whole other post, altogether). They were some pretty intense thoughts, and ML felt that she needed to keep her “naughty boy and his naughty thoughts” in line.

(Note: I fucking absolutely LOVE My Lady, because she made sure to let me know out-of-role beforehand that I she wasn’t really upset, and she was using the term “naughty” in a playful way. She loves hearing my fantasies, and actually requires that I share them with her. She also knew that I needed to know this in order to avoid a debilitating shame spiral. She really is the fucking best thing ever, I swear!)

After the entire day of controlling me exactly the way she wanted to, she decided she needed to complete my lesson and give her naughty boy a good spanking. She ordered me to lay bare assed over her knee and began spanking me pretty hard. The sting of the smacks built up until I was squirming on her lap after each sway. She continued spanking my ass as she worked the butt plug in and out of my ass at the same time (yes, that too… I am required to ask permission to use the bathroom during extra control days). I was moaning and writhing on the couch as the pain of being spanked mixed with the sensation of being repeatedly penetrated by the plug.

My Lady continued to spank my ass, not even saying a word. Soon, it really began to hurt and I needed her to stop. I asked…. begged her to stop, but she continued. Then I realized what I needed to do.

I apologized. I said I was sorry for being a naughty boy. These were the magic words My Lady was waiting for; she began telling me how naughty I was for fantasizing about her in the ways I did. She spanked me hard as she told me to admit that I’m a dirty little boy with a dirty little mind, and I said so without any hesitation.

Finally, the spankings stopped. She didn’t let me off her lap for just a few more moments, and it occurred to me that she was taking pictures of my nicely reddened ass for her enjoyment later.


She certainly did enjoy them later, as she had three more orgasms as she laid back on the couch and I rubbed her pussy and kissed her, the last of which ended up being a HUGE one triggered by me shoving my finger into her pussy with perfect timing. She came hard, her entire body tensing up as she looked directly into my eyes. Her pleasure was so intense, I could feel it taking her over and flowing right from her eyes into mine. It was an incredible feeling!

We both woke up incredibly horny this morning, which prompted the title of this post being my first thought of the day. I may be getting my wish later today, as I need a shave badly… but ML has told me that I still won’t be able to see or touch my cock until our anniversary. Is she planning a “no look, no touch” grooming session?

After cagedmonkey’s naughtiness the other night, he’s was put back in the Jail Bird. I did leave him unlocked that night for a good 24 hours or so. I had thought about locking him directly back up but I noticed some redness on the underside of his shaft and decided he needed a break from the cage. That also gave me time to use the hell out of him hehe.

As for the punishment for cumming without permission… “punishment” means different things to different people. So there is no one size fits all punishment for this type of thing. I’ve never had to actually punish cagedmonkey but rather I’ve only disciplined him with spanking, etc. When we made up our agreement we added a section for punishment/discipline and what things would be effective in what situations.

So let me clarify that this is definitely a punishable offense and not something that simply requires a “correction.” It may seem complicated but one is more of a cute “oh you naughty boy” thing, closer to funishment rather than punishment. Punishment is meant to to be something undesirable and unpleasant to the person who is being punished. For cagedmonkey, this needs to be the removal or denial of something pleasant or desirable. So cagedmonkey loves his video games and he also loves pleasing me, making me cum, etc. Any of these things being taken away would be punishment for him.

I will say I’m not completely devastated by his cumming without permission… because, to be honest, it felt so good and I loved that I had him so extremely worked up that his primal need took over. However, I would be utterly devastated if he were to cheat and cum hiding in a corner somewhere. The punishment for that is not playing… I hand him back the keys and when he can prove to me that he can be a good boy, then it might be time to play. This meant I really had to think about what punishment fit the crime, so to speak.

I decided since cagedmonkey came without permission that I would deny him MY orgasm. I figured if he had so much enjoyment out of his own then his punishment should be not getting to enjoy giving me any. So he got three days of not pleasing me, knowing that I had gone upstairs to make myself cum and he didn’t get to hear me moan, didn’t get to feel my pussy moisten, didn’t get to feel it tighten, didn’t get to taste my wonderful, yummy cum that he loves so much. Denied pleasuring the woman he loves and committed to serving and pleasing. You all know that with me being in control of when he cums, he has taken to getting his pleasure from pleasing me and giving me orgasms and servicing me sexually. Let me tell you by the second day he was already complaining about how he missed my pussy and tasting it. Awww, poor baby! 🙂

I have enjoyed myself since Thursday night, I allowed his face to be buried back in my pussy, making me cum all over his face. We also got very intimate and romantic and did make love. Sometimes the slow, deliberate strokes with eye contact can really push the emotions. I really do love him being denied and extremely horny for me. I love that he wears my little steel cage on his cock because I want him to.

Finally after a very long week of punishment, extra hours at work and not getting much time to do the sexy sexes, cagedmonkey is home for the weekend. We had a chat in text last night about how I’m in the mood to use him as my sex toy. How I want to use whatever part of him, whenever I want for my pleasure. Wanna know the best part? He’s totally in the mood to be used for my pleasure! Hehe I have loved, over the past year, how our sexual moods have been in sync. When ever I’m feeling a certain way or he’s feeling a certain way we have always been in the same mood for that particular sexual thing. It’s so awesome!! 🙂

I’m so sure there will be plenty of things to write about this weekend. Since he got home from work this morning, I’ve already woken him up a few times to get my pleasure in. Even though we will be packing and going through the house stuff, doesn’t mean I won’t call him to the bedroom or bathroom for a private moment of pussy licking and making me cum. 🙂 I may even send him there before me to get his unlocked cock good and hard and ready to dip in my tight pussy whenever I want. So much possibility for so much yummy play, all. day. long. 🙂 however I have no plans to make him cum until at least January 18th.

For those of you holding your breath to find out how our first correction went, I thought I’d update!

As those of you know, who read my last post on discipline, it’s not my favorite thing to do. I do feel like it went pretty well. I was a little easy on cagedmonkey since it was our first spanking to correct behavior and the injured shoulder, of course. He knew why he was being corrected from a few days before. Last night I had a lot of playtime on my mind so I cracked open my toy box and let him out of his cock cage. You’ll have to get his thoughts on this but I think he was a bit excited (nervous?) about it because he had a nice erection as we got started. I instructed him to get fully naked and position himself on my lap with his hard cock between my thighs and his palms on the floor. I told him how many swats he was going to get and also reminded him of the reason. I began by rubbing my hands on those beautiful ass cheeks. That might have been a mistake. 🙂

I realized when I started rubbing my hands over cagedmonkey’s ass that I was starting to do the exact thing he was being corrected for. I was procrastinating! I didn’t want to have to do what I was doing but it lasted only about 30 seconds in my mind because I knew I had to get it over with and we could move on. I began spanking him and the first few were pretty good ones, he was a good boy and took his spanking like a man. I heard very little whimpering but I’m sure he wanted to complain that it hurt. Each time I made contact with my hand, his ass would clench and I’d wait just long enough for him to relax before giving the other cheek a good swat. I also mixed it up so he didn’t get used to the rhythm of every other cheek being smacked. At times I would double up on one and that’s when he clenched harder. Here is a picture of the results, hopefully he has learned that I will not tolerate procrastination.
Overall I’m very pleased with how it went, it was quick and relatively easy. Still I’d rather not have to correct behavior. I am a very lucky wife that I have a boy who actually listens well and is pretty well behaved so I don’t have to do these corrections often at all.

When cagedmonkey and I started out on this journey we came up with an agreement, typed it up, printed, signed and dated it. In our agreement we set up guidelines for discipline. I’m not going to get into what they all are here but they’re pretty simple. Follow the rules or two things may happen, you may receive a “Correction” for minor offenses (ie: getting sassy with me, being lazy etc) or a “Punishment” for major infractions such as breaking any part of the agreement.

Again, these are things we agreed on, not something I decided that he had no say in. It’s not like I was all “I’m going to spank you with a paddle if you are a bad boy and there is nothing you can say about it.” We thought these things through and its what we feel is best for our relationship.

I was chatting with a like minded friend and his wife recently and we talked about how hubby’s and wives often times get irritated with each other and out of fear of their spouses reaction they don’t say anything. Those feelings tend to hang around and grow and fester and resentment builds. I know this from a lot of experience.

Cagedmonkey and I are both guilty of doing this for quite awhile in our own marriage. The great thing about adding discipline into our marriage is that those things that irritate me/us can be talked about, let go of and resolved within a short period of time and no need for any resentment.

On to why I’m writing with this post. You see, I’m not some cold hearted bitch who is into beating my hubby into submission. Rather I’d like to never have to discipline him! I don’t like it and I don’t want to have to do it. With that said, I signed that agreement too that said I would hold up my end of the agreement. If a “rule” is broken I must provide a correction for the behavior or a punishment.

Up until now I’ve only had to give one punishment for having an orgasm without permission. Whew! That was an easy one! Hubby got one week not being allowed something he really enjoys, which meant he was not allowed to look at or touch my breasts. He’s obsessed with them so this was a difficult punishment for him. 😉

I’m finding that it is much more difficult to give a correction than a punishment! Tonight hubby will be receiving a correction for being lazy and more specifically for not following through on something that was asked of him. I’ve chosen to give him a good spanking for it. Plus, well I’ve been craving spanking his sexy ass so well it’s a good choice. Yum!

My point is, it’s not always easy for the wives in a Wife Led Marriage. We have responsibilities to keep our boys in line and on the right path and behaving properly.

I know some couples in FLR/WLM are a bit deeper into the discipline and have regular (weekly) maintenance spankings to help solidify their roles in the relationship and they also keep a log of offenses which are weighted and take care of them all in one punishment session at the end of the week. I’ve been researching again as to why this would be and I don’t have a specific answer for that but I have discovered that there is a kink(?) out there called F/m Domestic Discipline. That’s a whole different post on its own.

For now, I’m off to warm up my hand in preparation of giving cagedmonkey some nice red rosy cheeks later. I know it won’t end up being that harsh of a correction since I’m right handed and I have a pretty significant tear in my rotator cuff that is heading for surgery.

Ok maybe I’ll post a picture later of the results! 😉