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We had some other questions asked from Chastity Forums and I thought I would answer those publicly as well. πŸ™‚

My question to you Lady M:

as a dominant woman do you feel the urge to “use” your submissive male for your pleasure, denying him any form of sexual release?

Every so often I do feel this urge to just β€œmake him my bitch” as I put it. That could be anything from simply using his face and hands to get off whenever, wherever and however I like to locking him in the stockade and pegging him until I felt he’d had enough. Cagedmonkey is ALWAYS denied his orgasm unless I’m feeling generous. I do very much enjoy denying his orgasms. I like the man that he is when he is denied. πŸ™‚

Question to CagedMonkey:

Just wanted to know if Caged Monkey felt the same when you took him so hard and dominantly? For me it certainly changed things, emotionally and physically, and brought me to a level of true submission last felt when she gave me a hiding in the spreader bar

It is an extremely intense experience when My Lady steps into her “ultra-dominant” role. I can usually see it in her eyes before anything else. It’s intimidating and a little bit scary, I admit, mainly because I know that literally ANYTHING that ML wants to happen can (and most likely will) happen. But it is also very exciting and thrilling to be taken in that way, feeling how much control she has over me and knowing that’s exactly how it should be.

There has been an interesting development in our T&D games this week.

My Lady has expressed some (tentative) interest in experiencing the locked side of chastity – she is willing to explore female chastity with me…. sometime in the unspecified future, according to her. πŸ™‚ The thought of me in a dominating role with her is intriguing, she admits, but even more interesting would be how absolutely insane batshit crazy horny we would be for each other if we were both locked and holding each others’ keys. ML would never be interested in a long term version of this, and neither would I; she will always be the ultimate keyholder for me. Even in a mutual chastity setting, if she really REALLY wanted out, I’d allow it. She’s the boss, after all.

After approximately two weeks of total 24/7 chastity, ML is beginning to long for her much desired PIV. Sure, she’s gotten plenty orgasms (either from my tongue, my fingers, or her magic wand),Β  but she is really missing my cock. Rather than cave with over a month away from her goal of pushing me to August, she decided to challenge herself a little. She decided to test herself to see just how much denial she could handle – two days ago, she enacted a self-imposed ban on orgasms and penetration of any kind!

And I will admit this right now… I’m having a lot of fun with it.Β  πŸ™‚

First off, I’ll say that it hasn’t really been about me dominating her, really. It’s more like ML is using me as a tool to tease herself and to see how much she can take. It’s less “YOU’LL CUM WHEN I ALLOW IT, YOU LITTLE SLUT” and more “Am I teasing you well, ma’am?” It may seem like a strange dynamic, but it’s working and we are having lots of fun so far.

Pleasing ML so often in so many ways has put me in tune with her body and her responses to stimulation. Up until now, I’ve used this info in order to please her as best I can. Now, I’m using the knowledge of her responses to keep her from cumming. She may be an expert at edging me, but I can do the exact same thing to her. To be honest, it’s actually a little more difficult considering that ML can literally think herself to an orgasmΒ (if only I could do that!!!). I have to be a little bit more careful in pushing her close to the edge, and I also have to rely on her not to deliberately make herself cum with only her mind. But she’s been playing the game the right way, and her pussy has almost been constantly wet since we started.

Edging ML sure is fun, but I might be enjoying teasing her with penetration even more. Before I left for work tonight, I was rubbing my fingers in between her pussy lips, spreading her wetness around. She was breathing heavy pretty quickly, and I could feel her hips pushing towards my hand. I pressed my fingers just the slightest bit more, almost pushing past her tight inner lips and into her pussy but juuuuuust not quite. ML began to whimper and moan, which is something I thought only I did when I was being teased.Β  πŸ™‚Β  Even hotter was what her pussy was doing – I could feel her pussy lips sort of grabbing at my finger and trying to pull me in! I could tell she was desperate to have anything inside her. I gave one last push with my hand before removing it from her pussy. ML growled in frustration and her body shuddered as she struggled to fight off one of her famous spontaneous cums.

I totally respect My Lady for trying this out and seeing what she is capable of. I know for a fact that she will never be able to last as long as I do without an orgasm; she just loves cumming too much! That’s a good thing, too, because I love making her cum. To be honest, I don’t know if she is going to make it to her goal of getting to the weekend without any cumming or penetration, but the fact that she is giving it a try is impressive enough for me.

This past weekend we went out of town to visit family and celebrate Christmas. Cagedmonkey was locked back up on Thursday and stayed that way all through the weekend. Even with a ton of kids running around and even playing outside with them hubby had no issues with his JailBird. He was perfectly comfortable and it was like it wasn’t even there, until I got him turned on, then he knew it was there. πŸ™‚ It was difficult being around so much family for 2 days and dying to jump each other. We did steal every moment we could for a kiss or to cop a feel.

Saturday night, after the kids got to sleep, us adults stayed up for some drinks and board games. We had an amazing amount of fun. The kids have always been too young before to do that kind of thing so I’m loving that they are getting older and we can start doing more of this stuff! It felt great to sit with adults, talking and laughing our asses off! πŸ™‚

The whole weekend I kept waiting for someone to ask about the key hanging around my neck. I was fully prepared to say, “oh that’s the key to cagedmonkey’s chastity belt” lol though I’d say it while laughing so it seemed as though I was just joking but if never tell the real answer haha. It would have been fun!

After everyone else went to bed cagedmonkey and I stayed up a bit, had a couple more drinks and got a little frisky. We talked a lot and had some pretty intense conversations that I’m sure I don’t remember all of because of the alcohol. I do remember talking about having a “Power Switch,” as we call them. For us, a Power Switch is literally switching the D/s roll. It takes an immense amount of trust for me to do something like that because I’m naturally dominant and pretty much don’t have a submissive bone in me. Every now and then it is exciting to give up control and feel what it’s like to be forced to do something you “love to hate” doing.

Anyway, overall it was a fun weekend away and we’re back home tonight. All of us are happy to be back home to relax and enjoy some peace and quite. Well, the peace and quite of only our kids talking & fighting with each other, not 6 kids! πŸ™‚