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Monday night was the last night My Lady and I had to spend together before I started my last week at work. We laid in bed together watching TV, and she snuggled up behind me. Her big soft titties squished against my back as she reached over my body and began stroking my cock. I started moaning immediately, and soon I was humping against her hand softly. ML loves when I do this, when I just can’t hold still and I need to move against her.

After a few moments, she rolled me over onto my back and began stroking me in earnest. I love the way her hands feel on my cock, she knows every little spot that gives me shivers. She expertly toyed with my cock, alternating between edging me and gently squeezing my balls in the palm of her hand. It felt wonderful: her edges got me desperately close to orgasm, and the ball massages kept building the pressure of cum waiting to escape.

After twenty minutes or so of teasing me, ML began to stroke me again with a stronger pace. It’s the pace she usually uses to push me right to the edge and ruin my orgasm, so I expected her to let go of my cock just when my orgasm started and giggle as she watched the cum spill from the tip of my cock. However, as she has a strong tendency to do, ML surprised me with a different form of sexual torture.

My orgasm approached quickly; just when I expected her to release my cock, she stroked me harder and faster, pushing me faster torwards my orgasm. I moaned loudly as I came, coating her hand with my cum as it rushed to freedom. It felt amazing to cum that good, to be stroked to orgasm so thoroughly, My Lady’s hand never slowing as the waves of pleasure coarsed through my body.

Soon, though, the waves of pleasure began to get a little overwhelming, as I realized that My Lady was still stroking me even as my orgasm was dying down. It became clear at that moment that the price of my orgasm would be suffering through some post-orgasm toture.

My Lady hadn’t restrained me for this, and it took a huge effort to keep my hands from interfering with her stroking. Somehow I was able to keep my hands out of the way, but to say I was able to lie still would be far from the truth; I thrashed around on the bed in a futile attempt to escape the madness, but My Lady continued her stroking without interruption.

The intensity of the feelings seemed to hit me in waves; there would be times where I was able to catch my breath and control myself somewhat, but the sensations would eventually become too intense and my body would begin to convulse. The worst was when My Lady would focus her attention on the head of my cock. She would rub the palm of her hand over the top of my cock, and my body would lurch upwards in response. I wanted to scream out, but I held them inside in order to not wake the kids. Within minutes, ML’s stroking had gone from wonderful to horrible, and I knew that she was loving all of it.

Not long after I had stopped trying to endure it and I decided to simply accept whatever torture she gave out, ML had mercy on me and let go of my cock. I was a trembling sweaty mess, yet I was grateful for everything ML did to me. After all, she did let me cum.  🙂  We snuggled up together, and I slept like a rock for the entire night.