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It’s Spring/Easter break around here so the public schools are off for the week. What that means is, cagedmonkey and I decided to find the kids a day camp to attend for a few days so we could spend time alone together at home. From today until Friday the kids will be gone during the day from 8am to 4 pm. That’s a whole lot of time for a couple of horny people to get in some serious action… if they wanted to. 🙂

This morning after dropping the kids off, I stopped and picked up breakfast. I got naked and brought it upstairs and cagedmonkey and I enjoyed a pretty yummy breakfast in bed watching “How I Met Your Mother” on Netflix. After breakfast, the laying together naked didn’t take long to turn into full blown screaming orgasms (by me!).

It started out innocently enough with kissing and touching but, I have no idea if it’s the kids not being home or what, I just dove right in and got all crazy kissing hubby. He instantly was kicked into overdrive and he pushed me back and laid me down on the bed. I told him I wanted to fuck him so bad! I really wanted to feel him inside me. I was arguing with myself in my own head because he’s not coming out of this cage until May 4th!

All that kissing, groping and simulated sex had my pussy soaked and aching for an orgasm. I told him I wanted to feel him in me, cage and all. It was awesome, even feeling that, his warmth between my legs, his body against mine… mmmm wonderful. I told him I was going to cum on his caged cock and I started rubbing myself. That’s when I really realized the kids weren’t home and I could use the wand and cum loud as hell over and over again. I told cagedmonkey to wait because I wanted to cum really hard on his cock and I grabbed the wand. He pushed his caged cock into my sopping wet horny pussy and I started the wand. Holy shit it didn’t take long for those vibrations to go through me. His cage was adding to the effects of the wand. The wand was vibrating my clit but at the same time hitting the steel and vibrating it right into me and I could feel it down into my asshole. My entire body was shaking ready to explode with a huge orgasm. I was moaning so loud, screaming “oh God yes!!” and “FUCK!” in between my screams. I was thrusting up at hubby cumming so hard, squeezing the steel cage around his aching attempted erection. I came so hard, so much and so long that I just eventually laid back limp on the bed breathing heavy and moaning. My throat is sore from screaming out my orgasms. I told cagedmonkey he had some cleaning up to do. My pussy and ass we’re soaked with my juices.

Once he began to clean up, sucking and licking my pussy clean, I was already getting way too turned on again. I told him to stop, I rolled over into my stomach, positioned the wand under me at my clit and told him he was going to tongue fuck my ass real good and I was going to cum some more. 🙂 Using both hands he spread my ass cheeks and started licking and tonguing my asshole. Good Lord it feels so good and drives me crazy when he does that. I seriously cannot contain my moans. Thank goodness the kids weren’t here! I was quite literally screaming through another orgasm as the wand hit that sweet spot and hubby’s tongue pushed me over the edge. My entire body was violently shaking, practically vibrating against cagedmonkey’s face as I pushed my ass in the air and came again extremely hard.

Wow, what an amazing couple of hours that was this morning! Fucking unreal! After that, we didn’t even clean up we just spooned and fell asleep together for a couple hours.

This was certainly was not the end of our play today but… what happened next, certainly needs it’s own post! Please check back, it’ll be written sometime soon! 🙂

I know that some of our followers have been curious how things have been with my shoulder post surgery. Well here is a little update. The surgery went great, for the past 6 weeks I have been in a sling, unable to dress myself, bathe myself, drive and unable to do plenty of other things. Slowly things have been getting better and I couldn’t have been more proud of my amazing cagedmonkey for picking up way more than just the slack while I’ve been restricted. He’s been super hubby & super dad for the past 6 weeks and my pussy is actually quivering right now thinking about the massive “act of service” it is. Outstanding!

Today was my 6 week post op appointment with the doctor. It went well, it felt like he was going to break my arm, but all is healed and I was given freedom from a lot of my restrictions! I’ll be starting loads of physical therapy to get my range of motion back as well as strengthening my muscles. After not moving your shoulder for 6 weeks the muscles and tendons are shortened and they need to be stretched out and worked out so the arm will work again.

Of course, what was the first thing this Lady asked the doctor when he was telling me I was all healed??

I held my hands out in front of me and I said “can I go like this and lean on my arm?” **read: Doggy style and/or being on top

He says I’m all good for that position and most others as long as I’m not in too much pain from it. Well, I didn’t realize it at the time but having this new freedom to use my arm how I like and no more sling turned me into some crazy horny nutty woman! Not to mention we got the Jail Bird back yesterday so hubby has been locked in that sexy steel cage since yesterday. It turns me on so much looking at it and touching it. Mmmmmm just makes my pussy sloppy dripping wet knowing that he’s given himself to me like that. That he wants me to control his sexual pleasure. That I hold the key.

One thing I’ll mention after 6 weeks is the awesome feeling of being able to hug my sexy boy with both hands, at once! Touching him on both sides, feeling his oh so yummy hips. 🙂 Anyway all day since we got home I’ve been in major crazy horny mood. I’ve been attacking hubby whenever I get the chance. Anytime we had a minute when the kids were busy doing something I’d make him get on his knees and lick and suck my clit.
Once, while our son was all into his video games I dragged hubby upstairs and had him get on his knees at the end of the bed and made him eat my pussy until I had an orgasm.

Finally, it was bath time! We got our youngest into his bath and took advantage of the 30 mins he usually plays around in the water. I came out of the bathroom after getting him settled and I straddled cagedmonkey on the couch and started kissing him so hard and deep. I was grinding down on his lap pressing against his cage. I could feel how his cock was struggling against the bars of the cage. We both quickly slid our pants down and my pussy was already soaked. I started to rub my juicy pussy against his cage and he had a little moan escape his lips. I leaned back just enough that I could slide the Jail Bird into me and I began to basically fuck hubby while in his cage. I came so hard and squirted my cum all over his cage, cock and balls. The entire time he was moaning and saying “oh my God” over and over.

When I finished coming down from that orgasm, I laid on my back on the couch, spread my legs and ordered him to eat my pussy and make me cum. That would be about the time he’d gotten me off over and over with his mouth and fingers. I love it so much when I start bucking at his face while he is eating me out.

I love when I’m so horny like this I get, what I call, “guy horny.” No offense guys lol but I get very selfish and want what I want and I just tend to take it. So it felt so good and powerful to grab his head and forcefully shove his face into my pussy. Right when I was going to cum I’d push him down so that I’d cum all over his face. At one point I made him beg me to cum on his face.

It was just super hot to me to seriously just fuck his face. I might have been laying on my back but I lifted my hips and rubbed my pussy sell over his entire face and got myself off on it multiple times.

Sometimes we just have to take or make opportunities to connect… especially when crazy horny!

Holy macaroni! What a night! Wooooooo doggies! *giggle*

What a good night tonight with my cagedmonkey. After we got the kids put to bed we hung out, played video games and watched a Dexter on Netflix. Right after the show ended I climbed up on my sweet boy and started kissing him. I really had no other plans than to make out a bit with him before he had to go to work.

Boy, oh, boy! Did that ever turn into some kinda craziness! We were kissing heavier and heavier and groping each other and then cagedmonkey grabbed my big beautiful breasts and started squeezing and massaging them just so perfectly. I sat up while he was doing that, as if I was riding him and felt these tingles all through my chest and stomach and down into my crotch. It wasn’t long before I was up there cumming right in my pants. That opened the flood gates as it was like one right after the other up there. I soaked my panties, my pants, the blanket cagedmonkey was lying under and even got his boxers wet! Pure and utter craziness, I say! I seriously lost count as to how many it was.

I was already on the edge after that and when my lovely, talented boy got up to get ready for work he shoved his face between my legs and ate my pussy to another quick orgasm. I just couldn’t stop myself and while he was getting dressed to go and I masturbated myself to another couple and then just before walking out the door he used his fingers to bring me to two more.

It quite simply turned into an amazing night and I ended up being serviced until I felt absolutely amazing! I’m so incredibly pleased and happy and I feel fantastic! I couldn’t ask for a better equipped boy, he knows exactly how to please his Lady.