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I dropped the kids off to day camp this morning, stopped at McDonalds for a coffee on the way home and the whole way back thought about how wonderful it was going to be to crawl back in bed with cagedmonkey and nap in each other’s arms. Yeah that happened for a little while, but it wasn’t too long before he woke up to the sounds of my Magic wand humming on my clit.

He watched me, enjoying the vibrations for a bit, taking in each of my breathy moans. He was begging me to enjoy every bit of it, not to cum right away but to take it all in. He asked me to feel it deep before I let it drive me into a massive orgasm. I arched my back as the sensations were sent through my body. He whispered, “may I take over?” And I handed him the wand. I let him hold it there stimulating my clit relentlessly bringing me to that first orgasm. I moaned loud, taking full advantage of the fact that we were alone in the house. Screaming out things like, “oh God, yes, yes, fuck” and plenty of other things I’m sure.

He didn’t stop, didn’t turn off the wand, didn’t take it off my clit… I didn’t want him to. I wanted him to keep going, to keep pushing me into orgasm after orgasm. My body shaking, trembling and shuddering through each and every one. The next stronger than the last. Over and over, screaming, moaning, yelping, twisting, arching, squeezing, tensing up. It was a flow of orgasm after sweet orgasm. I had cum so much I began begging him to fuck me, I wanted… no, NEEDED to feel him inside me while the wand stimulated me. I needed to feel the thick length of his shaft sliding in and out of my pussy. I didn’t want it fast or hard nor slow but rather perfectly paced and he got it! Though that second I was about to go over he couldn’t stay in or he would have instantly cum with me. He grabbed “Adam” and got into my favorite scissor position and paced it perfectly while I held the wand in place on my clit. The orgasm that came from that position was unbelievable. I can’t even begin to explain how it was other than it was so strong my entire body tensed up and lifted me off the bed straight and stiff like a board. It was so crazy… absolutely amazing!

Wow! Cagedmonkey did think quick, because the orgasm was so long and intense, to grab his phone for some audio – perhaps he’ll work out getting that posted here! Keep an eye… err ear out! 🙂

I just wanted to share one last thing. Later this afternoon I was heading over to get the kids from camp and I had a feeling come over me, that I’m sure some other keyholders may understand. I felt almost this feeling of guilt. I’ve been getting these massive, intense, hardcore orgasms and hubby has gotten none. I got this feeling like I owed him one for giving me such outstanding ones. Like I felt bad… I quickly talked myself out of it, lol, but I found it interesting that I had those feelings since I haven’t had that except maybe way in the beginning of our chastity play.

Ok, really I have my hands on my dream dick everyday. I absolutely love cagedmonkey’s big thick beautiful cock, but when I have his locked up in a cock cage I can’t exactly have my perfect cock. As any Keyholder may know we do need something to satisfy us when we play certain games that involve 24/7 lock up with zero release. Well, from someone who really is not into dildos and toys, I have some pretty high standards and expectations if something is going to be used on me, other than my love’s fantastic cock.

You may have heard about the Doc Johnson Blush dildo I have and really like. It’s very lifelike, soft and actually warms to body temperature while using it. Most dildos, I’ve found are hard, cold and unforgiving. At least Blush is comfortable and something I have been able to use. The issue with it is that it has no hold, it’s all big, thick, soft and… floppy! Using Blush in the harness has caused a rip in the ur3 material right at the base. I’ll admit, it’s my fault – sometimes I like to get fucked hard with it. Can you blame me? 🙂 This put me on the hunt for a replacement.

Anyone who’s seen my Google search history in the past two weeks would think I have a serious obsession with dick, I’m sure haha. You all should know by now how much I research things to death! 🙂 In my hunting around I came across the Cyberskin style of dildo. It looks really fantastic with the nice soft, realistic feeling outer material and a firm core. That is very much how a real penis is, they aren’t all floppy when they’re erect and they certainly don’t feel hard like a silicone dildo.

Anyway, we were very excited to find one that I feel will work nicely for me! This is the one we bought and we were so excited to have it delivered yesterday.

However, mother nature decided to throw her own tease in there and has forced us to have to wait to try out our new toy. It looks and feels wonderful and I’m so eager to give it a go and tell you all about it. We did get it brand new and very inexpensively off Amazon if you are looking to order one for yourself or for your Keyholder. So far I am very pleased with it even down to the packaging, which comes with some fantastic directions on cleaning, care and storage to get a good life out of it. I do wish the listing had stated those directions in it so I would have known to add on the Renew by Cyberskin which helps keep the material like new!

I really can’t wait to share my experience with you all but, please, if anyone already has experience, we’d love to hear from you! 🙂