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Wow, did I ever end up horny the other night. Cagedmonkey and I were making out on the couch and I even had an orgasm rubbing myself on his lap. It all just got me going so much that I just needed to feel him. I pulled him on top of me and made him simulate making love with me. God, just being with him in that position, in that way, makes me bonkers. At that moment, period or not I told him I needed him. I needed him to get that cage off and to make love to me. I needed to feel his thickness inside of me. I needed to feel my pussy clamp down on him as I cum on his cock.

He was so hard in his cage, pressing hard against the bars, squeezing out. He told me he had no idea how he was getting out and I told him I didn’t care, I wanted him out and I wanted him out right then. He was just going to have to yank it off. He managed to pop the cage off and the dents in his shaft were outstanding. They looked similar to this:


He even managed to bend himself out of the ring too. And I just grabbed ahold of him and guided his cock into my pussy, I barely waited for him to kneel down between my legs. I really did just need to feel him and cum on him. It wasn’t even so much about feeling him thrust as it was him filling me up so my muscles could grip and squeeze his shaft as I came. It’s just such a wonderful feeling to feel myself clench around him.

I had several super hard amazing orgasms. My whole body tightening, shaking and quivering with each one. Sometimes I really wish I was able to be as loud as I need to be, to scream out “oh myfucking God” while cumming. I just can’t with kids down the hall sleeping in their bedrooms. Even though I couldn’t be as loud as I want I still cum so fucking hard. So hard, in fact, that when I stood up the other night I almost fell over and passed out. My brain was ridiculously fried. I think I had cum so hard and held my breath so long from holding in the screams that I lost some oxygen to my brain. I felt very dizzy, woozy and lost my balance and almost fell. Luckily cagedmonkey was there to give a hand but, wow, was it crazy to feel so out of control of myself after cumming like that. Especially when hubby is denied and all my hard cumming does is frustrate him more and more everyday. Making me cum is one of the biggest teases for him. He is giving me the one thing he is so desperate to have. To me, there really is nothing better than my hair trigger horny man.

I have, quite literally, been trying to write this post for three days. It’s been sitting in my drafts just waiting for me. On Friday, I sent this quick email to a couple friends:
” You’ll have to read the blog to hear the steamy adventures but… CM is a slave to my sexual needs today, I can’t get enough of his cock… I just fucked him good and hard, then I laid back and fucked my own ass with his cock and later I’m going to suck that big thick cock of his, fuck him some more and then lock him back up tight in his steel armor!”

So there’s my post, I’m done. 🙂

Haha, Yeah right! So you all know I was trying so hard to keep my cagedmonkey locked up tight until we renew our vows in January. Well, for some reason, I just cannot get myself past 3 weeks of not having him. It literally makes me nuts and no amount of fucking by “Adam” satisfies me like my hubby.

Cagedmonkey got home from work Friday morning and I was in some really bad shape. I tucked him into bed and snuggle up with him. We were doing some kissing and touching and groping and enjoying feeling every part of each others bodies. It was very similar to any other morning when I tuck him in. We kissed, we touched, he licked my tummy all the way down to my sweet mound. He licked my warm wet pussy to an orgasm and we cuddled a little bit more. As I was laying there in his arms, I felt this incredible ache between my legs. It was actually painful and the only way I can describe it was like a toothache in the lips of my pussy just aching to feel his massive hard cock sliding deep into my pussy.

My voice was shaky trying to explain this to him. He was such a good boy too, knowing not to push me too much in that vulnerable state. I was practically crying because I wanted and needed him so badly. I really was torturing myself, not only him, during all of this. I just couldn’t take it anymore. I HAD to have him, to use him, to feel him inside me. I got that screw undone and popped the tube off of his cock as fast as I could. The ring was not coming off! That’s ok though, the ring just acts like a cockring and makes him bigger and harder. God, I’m getting so horny right now thinking about this again! Ugh!

I immediately climbed up on his massive erection and slid down onto him with my extremely wet pussy. I rode his cock fast and as hard as I could, fucking my aching pussy until it squeezed forcefully around his erection, contracting over and over as I came so hard, quietly screaming through my orgasm. Oh it was such an amazing moment but I was no where near done. It only fueled the fire burning in me. I wanted more! I rolled myself off of him, on to my back and pulled him on top of me and he fucked me good missionary, thrusting into me hard. He was sliding in and out of me at the perfect rhythm, my pussy griping his cock and bringing me to another fantastic orgasm. I really do love how it feels to cum on his cock and how my pussy squeezes around his hardness.

We laid there for a moment just taking in the feelings of the moment. Being together in my after-orgasm glow, until my inner horny raged again. I rolled him to his side on an angle to me to form my favorite T position. I reach along side the bed and grabbed my wand. I told him I wanted a “big one,” which is what I call the orgasm that happens when I use the wand. I reached down and got his cock situated inside me, at this point he’s barely able to move because he’s so sensitive from me taking him over and over without allowing him to cum. So he explains he’ll “do his best ma’am.” I’m laying there moving my body, just using him to fuck myself as I have my wand on my clit. I was so wet and and I could feel my juices dripping down my crack tickling my tight asshole. It made me want to be filled up as the juices ran down. I really was just so horny to have him in every way that I pulled him out of me, reached down and pushed him down until his cock was gently pressing at my horny hole. I tilted myself toward him and slid his entire thickness into my ass, stretching me, filling me up. Fuck it was fantastic finally feeling him after waiting so long. I told him, as well as I could half out of breath how I wanted to be filled up more. He reached his hand down between my legs and slid two fingers into my wetness. As I rocked myself, sliding him in and out, with the wand on my clit, he fingered me faster and harder while I pushed myself into the orgasmic stratosphere.

My day was not complete, though, until I had him multiple times that day. Randomly throughout the day I would go into the bedroom, lock the door, tell him “hard cock,” as I’d drop my pants. I’d climb up on him and ride his cock three more times that day, enjoying my orgasms as I denied his. After dinner I made him shower and shave. I gave him a blow job and fucked him again as he sat on the couch, before he left for work, caged and denied.