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My Lady decided to give me a little uncaged time yesterday, mainly because she missed the feel of my hard cock in her pussy. My cock was more than happy to participate.

ML had a busy day at work and at home, so I decided to give her a nice sensual backrub before licking her pussy to a nice good orgasm. The massage got her really turned on and wet, and my face was covered with her juices by the time I was finished.

My cock slid right into her horny pussy so easily, she was so wet. It felt amazing and looked so damn sexy, too. I couldn’t help but take some pics, just because it was THAT good.

As you have have realized over the years from reading our blog, we kinda like to show off a little bit. 🙂 We’ve been saying to each other how we need to post MORE pics and videos on the blog to Twitter, just so all of you guys can see just how much fun we are having.

I experimented with some camera angles, because sometimes it’s nice to see us fucking in a different way. 🙂 Some didn’t work out so well, while others…. well, you tell me:

We realized last night that we really want to up our “porn quality.” 🙂 We will still post the sex selfies because in-the-moment pics are still incredibly hot, but we’d like to start doing some real photo sets. Dare we say we are hoping to become amateur porn stars?

Don’t worry… we will NEVER outgrow this blog, it’s just way too much fun!

I took advantage of daylight savings time this morning and was able to make it home before ML or the kids were awake. I snuck into the bedroom, quietly locked the door, and crawled underneath the covers to get to her naked pussy. She must have been having a wonderful dream, because she was already wet and ready for my eager tongue.

I slowly and gently licked her pussy, allowing My Lady to fully wake up. I could hear her soft moans above the covers as she began to respond, her hips pushing up off the mattress to find my mouth. I kissed and licked her pussy lips from bottom to top, sucking her clit into my mouth each time I passed over it. I wasn’t even trying to make her cum, but she was getting there very quickly.

I took her clit into my mouth and strummed it quickly with my tongue, and very soon she was right on the verge of orgasm. A little more tongue pressure gave her exactly what she needed and triggered her orgasm. She began what we like to call her “silent screaming” – it sounds like a breathy whine, even in reality she’s trying not to scream her lungs out as she cums and alert the kids to the kinky sexing going on. I continued licking her clit throughout her orgasm, and she continued to cum hard for a good thirty seconds or so.

I needed to give her more, I just love to make ML cum way too much to stop at just one. I used two fingers to tease her opening, pushing just the tips of my fingers inside her pussy. When ML began to hump against my hand, I slid my fingers deep into her wet pussy, continuing to suck her clit into my mouth at the same time. Once again, it didn’t take long for her have another orgasm, fighting her uncontrollable screams throughout.

ML ended up cumming twice more; a total of four strong full body spasm orgasms. She was sprawled it on the bed, trying to catch her breath and recover from the intensity of her orgasms. I, on the other hand, was left denied and needy for an intense orgasm of my own. I was so turned on, my cock was bulging against the bars of the cock cage harder than ever.


And my balls have never been more swollen.

Something that I noticed lately: the intensity of our chastity/orgasm denial has stepped up and up, over and over as we go through each denial period. It sounds almost impossible, but it keeps getting better and better. You’d think there would be times where the ebb would balance out the flow of things, but the intensity only comes back stronger. ML’s orgasms are the strongest they’ve ever been, and so is my desire to please her… and also my growing need for an orgasm!

How does this happen? How does it just keep getting better? Is there no limit to how amazing this can be? And does it really even matter? All that matters to me is what’s going on right now…. and right now is pretty damn good.