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I don’t know if it’s just the fact that Sunday is the day I’m going to unlock cagedmonkey or what but I’m dying. I’m hating that I decided to put him in the Revenge for two weeks before our ceremony. I know, why don’t I just unlock him, right? Well, that’s simple, I made a promise to myself to keep him locked and not allow him the feeling of his penis until then. The thing is, I’m denying myself his penis too so I know waiting this two weeks is going to be fantastic! I am doing this on purpose and I really do love it very much.

That doesn’t mean I like it. In exploring this whole chastity thing, I’ve realized that I’m perfectly fine with orgasm denial and control but a permanent chastity type thing would never happen. I just can’t go that long without feeling his big cock stretching my pussy, sliding in and out, making love to me. We’ve tried many times to do a 24/7 lock and we get to 3 weeks and I’m ready to pull my fucking hair out. Even with the strap on, trying to get me past that point hasn’t worked. There is just nothing that can replace feeling the cock I love and adore. I love the way it looks, how it tastes and how it feels. I knew 15 years ago that first night we were together that his was the cock I wanted for the rest of my life.

Anyway, I’m just sitting here at the car dealership getting our car serviced and I’m fucking horny. I’m thinking about how bad I want to feel him, it actually gets me emotional thinking about it because it’s such a strong feeling of want and desire. I remember when we were having issues in our marriage, one of the things hubby needed from me was to know that I wanted and desired him. Once we worked on our marriage, we were able to communicate these things to each other. What that means is, now I don’t go a day without telling my hubby what I love about his looks, or about how horny I am, or how bad I want him.

I could get off topic and get on to a whole making sure you are giving your partner what they need to fulfill them emotionally… but I won’t because fuck I’m horny and I just want to feel his cock in me.

I’m really looking forward to the next two weeks. Being on vacation means a chastity vacation for us. It actually means sexually we will both have the power. There will be no orgasm denial, no chastity, no me in charge of his sex. However he does know I want to fuck him so much that I empty him of cum multiple times a day for two weeks haha. He’s looking forward to taking the opportunity to dominate me a little bit and I think we’re both looking forward to having sex on a balcony on the ocean! 🙂

I’ve got 4 days to go, 4 days until I recommit to the man I love with every part of me. I’ve got 4 days until I feel that loving touch and the strength in his body as we make love for the first time in two weeks.

This morning cagedmonkey and I had a conversation. He was telling me just how horny he was, which I love! I decided it was a good time to keep him abreast (haha I said breast!) of how the next couple months of his denial are going to go. He’s already at around 7 weeks I think (really, I stopped counting such things!). I figured screenshots of it were so much easier than trying to type it all out. So this is how things went – yes, with my stupid phone typos and all!
Haha he’s says a major problem with his horny… He’s so damn cute. 🙂
Yup, that’s a good subby boy, thank me for denying your orgasm. 🙂 of course I didn’t decide that this morning. I worked it all out with myself yesterday and decided last night. Neither of us was feeling well though and he called into work & went to bed at 6pm and I went at 9pm. Oh well, as a few of you, who talk to me off the blog, know I was having a bad day physically yesterday and needed the rest.
Yeah, I guess I’m in one of those let me see how bad he can get moods. Plus, I absolutely get off on him begging. If he gets pissy, I swear, I’ll be bending his ass over and spanking it as red as a baboons.
Haha yeah, yeah, go ahead and laugh at my typo. It’s funny! Just for your info puss=plus. This is completely true though. I feel like pushing him, in the mean time that pushes me and I seriously do not want to get burnt out trying to do too much at once. It’s not an easy job being a wife, mother and keyholder. Being a keyholder certainly does not mean Lock it and Leave it. Maybe there are some out there that do that but it is not fair to anyone trying to enjoy this.
Yeah, baby, you don’t have a choice but I do like to know you’re feelings. Maybe he’ll come here and post how he feels. 🙂 It’s going to be a fantastic two months ahead leading into our ceremony.

Speaking of our upcoming ceremony, we did just have someone ask recently if our ceremony is vanilla or were we adding in a “collaring.” The simple answer to that is yes, it will be a purely vanilla ceremony with some of our family and the members of our church. I suppose this could be a whole blog post on its own so I’ll leave this post to what it actually is.