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Joey, one of our readers, wrote to us the following:

Mr monkey, 
I’m just curious what’s the longest mrs monkey has ever kept you locked up in chastity?

First of all, there’s no need for formalities. 🙂

I’m guessing that by the “longest” I’ve been locked up, you mean the longest 24/7 chastity term I’ve gone through without being released.

The longest ML has kept me constantly locked was a little over three weeks – to be honest, I’m not sure of the exact amount of days because we’ve done it a few times already. Each of the last two times, we’ve set out aiming for a month but we never quite make it that long. ML just can’t go on that long without my cock 😉

Joey also asks:


ow exactly does blue balls feel to you and do you ever get them?

After two months of not cumming, of course I get them!

The good thing is that it’s not a constant feeling that I deal with all day long. I really only feel it when I’m sexually aroused – which is to say that I feel it whenever My Lady is near me. 🙂 It’s not the painful agony that most guys expect or imagine; I would describe it more as an ache, kind of how a minor muscle bruise would feel. And much like a bruise, the ache gets deeper the more you pay attention to it – that’s one of the reasons ML takes every opportunity to remind me of my situation.

Thanks for the questions, Joey!

Our Twitter followers were the first to get the scoop that I went to work uncaged yesterday. Although I have left for work uncaged before, this was almost always because my cock wouldn’t fit in the cage after fucking hot morning sex or teasing from ML. This time was different – this time there was a medical issue involved.

It was one of those “in the worst possible spot” things: I had an irritated hair follicle directly under my balls, pretty much right where the ring of my cage sits. Most of the time, I can deal with not being perfectly comfortable in my cage (case in point: dealing with a cock-crushing erection at two in the morning). This time, it just plain hurt. With the nature of what’s going on at my work right now, I wouldn’t be able to sit and ride it out. I was afraid this would become a bigger problem than it already was.

Thankfully, ML agreed and allowed me to go uncaged for the day. The plan was for me to lock myself later if I felt up to it. Luckily, I ended up having the opportunity to leave work early due to weather concerns, so I didn’t have to spend the day uncaged after all!

I’m very glad that my keyholder is very reasonable when it comes to my physical needs. My “wants” may go unfulfilled, but my needs are always taken care of.

The stars aligned the other day, and I happened to get a day off of work during the week. This gave My Lady and I some time together with absolutely no kids in the house. She took advantage of this time by making me scream and cry with a rough pegging. What a way to spend your day off, huh?

ML cuffed my hands to the bed above my head, then she used the Easy Access Thigh Restraint Sling to position me with my knees up to my chest and my legs spread. I felt very slutty right then, wide open and vulnerable. I couldn’t close my legs even if I wanted to.


She began to rub the tip of her strapon against my asshole, and my cock quickly began to stiffen. “Ooooh, you like being my little slut, don’t you,” ML teased me as she began to stroke me. “I bet your cock will even harder when I start sliding my big fake cock in your ass.” She slowly pushed the strapon inside me, and we found out she was absolutely right.


ML stroked my cock and quickly brought me to the edge, and I whimpered and squirmed as she teased me. I wanted my hands free badly; after a month-plus of teasing and denial, I was desperate to touch myself and cum, whether or not there was a big rubber dildo in my ass or not.

ML kept me teetering on the edge, using my cock as a handle as she fucked me with the strapon. I could see ML was enjoying taking me on my back, being able to look into my eyes as she penetrated me, but I could also tell something was missing for her. She couldn’t fuck me with the force she wanted to. After not getting any chances to peg me for so long, she wanted to take me roughly. She wanted to hurt me.

ML took the thigh restraints off me and told me to turn over on the bed. With my hands still cuffed to the bed, I was defenseless. She had me where she needed me in order to take me as she wanted.

ML was not gentle with me. After not having much ass play for the past few months, I probably needed some time to get accustomed to the size of her strapon… time that My Lady was not willing to give. She pushed the strapon deep into my ass, filling me almost completely after only a few strokes. I kicked my legs against the mattress to try to deal with the pain, since it was my only option. She continued to abuse my ass, giving me no time to gather myself, until I was sobbing and begging her to stop. I was glad that there were no kids in the house, because I couldn’t have kept my volume down even if I needed to.

When ML had her fill of me (pun intended), she thrusted deep into my ass one last time. With the strapon still in my ass, she unhooked the waistband from herself, reversed it, and hooked it around my waist, effectively strapping the dildo firmly into my ass.

ML then laid down next to me and reached for her wand. It was ML’s turn to take advantage of the kids not being around.

ML started by using the wand through her panties, getting them even more soaked than they already were from pegging me. Once they were good and wet, she took them off and shoved them in my mouth, letting me taste her while I watched her please herself. She then used the wand to bring herself to a massive, screaming orgasm, which lasted a good half minute before she started to come down. But even after that, she still wasn’t satisfied.

My Lady uncuffed me and told me to get up and fuck her. I nearly lept off the mattress, until I realized the dildo was still strapped inside my ass. She wanted me to fuck her with the strapon still in my ass! She knew exactly what I was thinking, and said, “Yes, be a good boy and fuck my pussy with your cock while mine fucks your ass.”

Her pussy was as wet as it had ever been as my cock slid easily inside her. I was close to cumming after only a few thrusts, but I managed to hold off. I nearly had a handle on the situation when ML wrapped her legs around my waist and used her feet to push the dildo deeper into my ass. I jumped forward reflexively, shoving myself balls deep into ML’s pussy and triggering another screaming orgasm from her. Her pussy grabbed and squeezed my cock as she came hard and loud, and my body wanted to cum with her so badly. I somehow managed to hold off… maybe the big rubber cock in my ass distracted me just enough.

ML’s timing was perfect – we had just a few minutes for aftercare before she had to go pick up my daughter from school. Back to real life we went, where we are parents instead of kinky fuckers we truly are inside. I couldn’t forget the morning, though… not with my poor asshole twitching and throbbing all day long, and definitely not with ML looking at me and giving me that knowing smile all day long.

I was lucky enough to get a day off from work today (although I’m working Saturday, so I’m not that lucky). ML let me sleep a little later than usual, but under one condition – she was going to make things a little “uncomfortable” for me.

My Lady started by applying the leather cuffs to my wrists. She then got a segment of bondage rope and started to wrap it around the base of my cock cage (which was starting to fill up very quickly as she continued to tie me up). Then came the uncomfortable part.

ML ran the rope down below my legs and up between my ass cheeks, all the way up my back and over my shoulders.  She gave it a quick tug, pulling it deep between my ass cheeks, before tying the ends of the rope to my cuffs. She positioned my hands at just above forehead level – not the most comfortable place for them, but any attempt to lower them would cause the rope to dig deeper into my ass.


Quite the "predicament"!

ML then tucked a small egg vibrator underneath my balls and held it in place with the rope; I began to moan right away. ML quieted me with a deep tongue kiss.

“Get some rest,” she said, “I’ll be back in a bit.”

Get some rest? That wasn’t really possible. It was bad enough just getting in a spot where I was decently comfortable. I’d have no choice but to move my arms when they got tired, but the rope tugged against me and made the base of my cock throb. Add in the fact that I had to endure the constant vibration, and I was dying to be released pretty quickly.

My Lady returned a little while later. She stood over me for a moment, smiling as she enjoyed the torment she arranged for me. Her eyes were locked onto mine as she removed her panties. My entire body shuddered as she climbed up, straddled my face towards my feet, and sat her soaking wet pussy right down on my face.

My face was instantly covered in her juices as she rubbed her pussy all over me. She rode my tongue, pushing it inside her and forcing me to tongue fuck her. I heard her moaning as she adjusted her hips and my tongue slid into her tight asshole. She spread her cheeks apart and pushed down harder to take my tongue deeper in her ass, all while her bouncing pulled the rope deeper into mine. It was really starting to hurt; between my movements and ML’s thrusting against my body, the rope had really started to tighten up on me. I started to whimper, but my cries were muffled by ML’s sexy ass and delicious  pussy. I’m sure she could still hear me, though, because she went faster each time I cried out.

After my face was thoroughly covered in her pussy juice, ML slid her body down until her pussy was right on top of my caged cock. She began rubbing herself against me, grinding her horny pussy right into my cage. I could feel her warmth and wetness between the bars of the Jailbird, and I was getting very desperate to be inside her. I got my wish, but not exactly as I’d hoped; ML took my caged cock and pulled it into her pussy. I tried to stay quiet, but I couldn’t; I moaned loudly as her pussy took my poor tortured cock inside. My Lady grabbed the base of my cock and fucked herself with the cage, effectively jerking my cock at the root as it throbbed helplessly against the steel. She pulled on the rope with each thrust, but this time in a different direction. By the time she got off of me, the rope was fully dug into my sensitive asscrack.

My Lady seemed to be finished tormenting me, but she wasn’t finished pleasing herself. She took her wand and laid down beside me on the bed, head by my feet and vice versa. I had a beautiful view as she spread her legs across my chest and began to rub the wand on her clit. She was moaning and writhing within seconds.

“Ooooh baby,” she moaned, “I bet you wish you could cum like this.” I was too desperate to respond with words. “Finger my pussy while I cum,” she said.

Her pussy was down by my hips, there was no way I could reach that far the way I was tied up. But before I could protest, ML made it clear what had to do.

“Finger my pussy and make my cum, now,” she demanded. “I don’t care if it hurts right now, I just need your fingers inside me.”

I pulled on my cuffs hard, tugging the rope up my ass, but I only made it about 3/4 of the way to her. “Come on,” she wiggled her hips, “make me cum.” I tried harder this time; I pulled the rope as hard as I could, and I yelped in pain as my fingers slid inside her.

“Ohhhh God, yes,” ML moaned. “Deeper, baby, I want it as deep as you can.”

Fuck, what terrible torture this was. ML knows how much I love to make her cum, and she knows how much more I love being her good boy and obeying her demands. But here I was, being forced to pull a bondage rope up between my asscheeks as hard as I possibly could just so I could reach her pussy. I won’t lie, it hurt. It felt like the rope was going to pull right up into my ass, I was tugging so hard. But I had to; I had no choice but to do it because ML wanted it.

It was an amazing feeling – the pain of the rope digging into me, the soft sexy feeling of ML’s pussy squeezing my fingers, the joy of listening to ML get closer and closer to cumming, all mixed together into one moment. Add to that the crushing helplessness of the cage still locked on my desperate cock… It was truly indescribable.

ML came hard, as she usually does when using the wand – her pussy clamped down on my fingers and her legs stiffened as her orgasm exploded though her body. Her legs were pushing me down onto the bed, adding even more pain from the rope. It was all moot though; feeling ML’s intense cum helped me push through the increasing pain with extra threshold to spare.

ML undid the restraints after she came down from her massive orgasm, and now we are back to our normal “parenting” lives… at least on the outside, for me. Inside, my horniness is brewing; there is a semi-subspace feeling fueling this desire more attention from My Lady, whether it be more torture or teasing… whatever she desires. I’m home all day with her today. I wonder if this morning’s amazing experience has filled her appetite, or if it was only an appetizer.

I have the rest of the day to find out.

It’s been over two weeks now of 24/7 lockup in the JB and I’m going through the usual “difficult feels” that hit me around this time. Not only does it get rough on me mentally at this point, but it’s no picnic physically either! My Lady has taken the opportunity of having my cock caged to tickle and tease it through the bars from time to time, and I can definitely feel the sensitivity to touch increasing. Sometimes, all it takes is a brush of her fingers before I feel myself start to swell inside the cage. And once that process statrs, it’s almost impossible to stop it.

This past weekend, I had a very painful bout of “morning wood,” as it were. ML and I were snuggling throughout the night, and I woke up extremely aroused. I’ve been getting this for the past week or so, so I wasn’t surpised by it happening. I was surprised by how much it hurt this time around. Over the past couple of years of living the chastity lifestyle, it was never this bad. It felt like the cage was crushing my cock, as well as tugging hard on my sack. It was rough, to put it lightly.

I did my best to relax myself by taking deep breaths, and I tried to help with my circulation by squeezing the muscles in my legs to increase the blood flow to those areas… yes, I’m a big nerd for knowing these types of things work; yes, they usually do work pretty well. But this night, my stubborn cock was having none of it. It was almost as if I was stuck in a self-perpetuating circle: the tightness of the cage around my cock was giving me the sensation of being squeezed, which of course is usually a good thing when taking into account how tight my wife’s pussy gets when she’s horny and wants to be fucked. This squeezing sensation gets my cock throbbing and swelling even more, pressing harder against the cage. This makes the cage feel even tighter, which starts the cycle all over again.

Basically, once it gets to this point, I’m fucked unless I can somehow break the cycle.

I ended up laying in bed, curled in a pained half-ball, surfing the internet on my phone because I had nothing else to distract me. After about ten minutes of reading boring news stories and sports updates, I finally felt the death grip of the cage on my cock begin to loosen just the slightest bit; it was another fifteen minutes until I was finally comfortable enough to try sleeping again. I turned my phone off, rolled over, and tried to get back to sleep. It was much easier without the crushing pressure on my poor locked up cock, however now I had to deal with the issue of my cock gushing precum all over the bedsheets. Although, after being denied for months on end in the past, this is a situation that I’ve become very familiar with.

It’s funny to think about how much my life has changed with chastity, considering now that sleeping in a bed soaked with precum is the least of my problems.

My Lady hasn’t been feeling very well lately; she has been dealing with strong body aches and generalized overall pain from time to time. I wish I could do something to help her out and relieve her pain, but there’s not much I can do other than being supportive and loving whenever I can.
Our sexy fun play time has suffered greatly over the past few weeks because of this. It may seem superficial, but ML and I both agree that sexual attraction and physical intimacy is a very important part of our relationship. I can tell ML is getting worried that her physical issues are drawing energy away from our sex life. She doesn’t REALLY need to worry about that stuff – we can definite adjust to this situation, as we’ve been through much worse already – but it’s nice when I can help ease her fears when possible (and get her a little turned at the same time).
We were sitting on the couch tonight watching some TV before I had to leave for work, ML was resting her hand on my hip as I was laying on my side next to her. With the sole purpose of making her smile, I pulled the waistband of my shorts down to show her my naked ass. She giggled and squeezed my butt and gave them a soft slap with her palm. Her touch felt so nice on my naked skin, and a moment later I was up on my knees next to her on the couch, bent over the arm with my naked ass pointed in her direction. As her hands caressed my ass cheeks, I heard her make what would be best described as a half laugh/half moan, a sound that she often makes when she is surprised by just how turned on she is getting. It was music to my ears.
For the next few minutes, My Lady smacked my ass until I whimpered and tickled my balls until I couldn’t help but squirm. She gently stroked the base of my cock until I filled up my cage, and she teased the sensitive area between my balls and asshole until I was moaning into the couch cushions. “It’s so cute,” she said as she toyed with me, “I love to watch your ass twitch.” I couldn’t hold still as she brushed her fingers over my exposed skin, and she spanked me hard enough to make me yelp.

It eventually was time for me to get ready for work, but it felt really great to get those juices flowing between us again. It was also wonderful to see My Lady enjoying making my cage tight around my throbbing cock.

So, just a quick post because I’m really not in the mood to do anything more (you’ll understand why in a moment).

Today was my elbow surgery… or i should say i was scheduled to have elbow surgery. That’s an important distinction, because I ended up not having the surgery after my blood pressure went nuts. For a more detailed description of what happened, check out this TIFU post I wrote on Reddit.

So yeah… I’m pissed off, annoyed, disappointed… Just about any negative emotion you can mention, I’m feeling it right now. Today was supposed to be the first step in being pain free for the first time in over ten years. Instead, now I’m looking forward to more time gutting though elbow pain at work, inability to play certain bondage games with ML because of my arm strength limitations (forget hearing about how it feels to be locked in the stockade for quite some time)… oh, and bye bye to that month off of work that I was looking forward to spending time with my wife and family.

Man, this cold has really been kicking my ass. As My Lady mentioned in earlier posts, I missed a couple days of work, which is fairly rare for me. Even over the weekend, I was feeling like crap. I’m much better now, although I’ve still got some sinus congestion; it’s a major mood killer when I have to pull back from a passionate kiss to sniff some snot dribbles back into my nose.

The one thing I have noticed is that the “horn” has definitely started coming back. When ML is near me, I feel a surge of desire that drives me closer to her. The last two nights while leaving for work, I haven’t been able to resist kissing her fiercely. Tonight, I even pushed her up against the wall and kissed her, causing her to moan and grind her body against me. It’s been a while since I’ve been inside her pussy with anything (thanks to her cycle), and I think she’s starting to feel the frustration of that, as well.

I also have some good news on the horizon to report – very soon, I will be having surgery to help fix my elbow. It’s been a pain for quite some time now, and to be quite honest, it interferes with our sex life. Missionary is sometimes a challenge of finding the best way to take weight off of my arm, and you can imagine how difficult certain bondage positions can be for me. After the surgery and recovery, I should be in much better shape. I seriously cannot wait! I’ve been wanting to get this done for years now, and I finally found a doctor who was willing to consider surgery an option.

So, here’s to getting healthy and hopefully staying that way!


My Lady has already shared her account of the intense pegging she gave me the other night. I won’t go into too much detail of what happened, as she has already done that (and I was also mighty drunk, as well). I do want to talk about what I experienced during the scene – how it felt and what was going through my mind. This is much easier to remember, as having a a big thick rubber dildo shoved into your ass until you can’t help but scream tends to sober you up pretty quickly.

After heading to bed after our drinking date, My Lady told me to get up on my hands and knees – assume the position, as it were. The alcohol made me very obiedient, and I followed her instruction right away. I knew what was coming, as ML and I had talked about this for a week or two before this; it’s not like she surprised me with it or anything.

ML started my anal abuse with Blue, a toy she sometimes uses near the end of our pegging scenes (if at all). God, when she uses this on me, it feels like I’m being invaded by a big bulbous head… probably because that’s exactly what’s going on. It’s always a struggle for me to relax enough to get that huge head past the tight ring of my asshole. Once it’s in, it’s not all that terrible, except for the fact that I can feel the thick round tip plowing back and forth inside me. It’s an intense experience, and I feel completely out of control when ML begins to speed up and actually fuck me with it at a good pace. I’m pretty much forced to give myself over to whatever is happening inside my ass.

A weird thing happens when ML pegs me – I very often have no clue which toy she is using unless I see it before she starts. In this case, I had no idea which toys she was using (even when she started using Mr. O, which I will get to in a little bit). Perhaps the alcohol had a little something to do with it, but not likely; this is something that I’ve experienced before. I usually end up thinking she is using a bigger toy than she is, and I don’t reall think you can blame me. Everything feels bigger when it’s buried deep in your ass… or so I’ve heard.

This time, after ML started fucking me pretty hard with Blue, I couldn’t even really think about which toy she was using. The only thing I could think about was praying that ML would be finished with me quickly. That ended up being far from the case. Each time I felt that I was able to adjust and handle the rough ass fucking she was putting me through, ML would thrust faster and deeper. I was constantly whimpering, begging her to please stop, to please be done with me. At some point, she reached underneath me and began stroking my hard throbbing cock (???), and I started alternating between moaning and asking her to let me cum and pleading with her to stop fucking my ass. My Lady fulfilled neither of these requests.

The one thing My Lady did fill was my ass with an even bigger dildo – Mr. O (side note: My Lady forgot to mention another reason Mr. O got its name – back when we were searching for a good strap on for me to fuck ML with while caged, Mr. O was the only toy that could give her a nice good “O”). I had never been formally introduced to Mr. O, and knowing the mood that ML was already in, I knew it wasn’t going to be gentle. The tapered shape helped with the pain of the initial insertion, but as you can clearly see from the link above, Mr. O gets much thicker much quicker.

Mr. O gave a totally different feeling than Blue – while Blue felt more invasive and intruding, Mr. O simply stretched my ass wide. And it fucking hurt. I couldn’t hold back and I screamed into the pillow as ML pushed it further inside me. She was thrusting hard, and after a few moments I didn’t even have the ability to beg for mercy any more. I hit what seemed like a combination of subspace and pure pain, where I went from sobbing into the pillow to simply enduring the torture and back again. I wasn’t tied down, but I couldn’t move. I lost time, it felt like it was going on forever and that time was standing still all at once. I was just there, being treated like a raw fuck hole by the woman I love.

I felt the first bulge on Mr. O’s shaft push into my ass, and my mind snapped back to the moment. I began frantically screaming for ML to stop, and I started to cry with my face pressed into the mattress. I asked for exactly this. I don’t think it’s hyperbole to say that I was actually being raped; I wanted it to stop more than anything. But My Lady kept going, pushing the dildo harder and deeper into my abused asshole.

The second bulge forced its way in my ass, and I felt ML bearing down even more, determined to make me take it all. She leaned in hard on me, and suddenly I felt a sharp pain inside me. I tried to adjust to it and endure it, but I couldn’t. Then I tried to just let it wash over me, but it only got worse. It felt like the dildo was about to tear me apart inside. I couldn’t take it any longer, and I used my safeword.

My wonderful loving wife, after hearing me resort to using my safeword, immediately began taking me down. She removed the dildo from my ass (calmly and gently, thankfully) and held me tightly and assured me that it was over and everything was okay. It felt wonderful for her to react so quickly to my SW, but I had the strangest reaction – I was telling ML that it was okay, also. I wasn’t really thinking, but my instinct was to make sure ML knew that what she did to me, deep down, was a good thing.

As usual, after I experience a good hard pegging, I was feeling extremely subby to ML. I serviced her in my favorite way by licking her pussy, which was totally soaked after dominating my so completely. After a few orgasms, both ML and I were completely exhausted. We fell asleep in each other’s loving arms, safe and secure with each other.

Amazingly, my asshole itself didn’t hurt too much the morning after. I thought I’d be sore and hurting after the the treatment I received, but thankfully ML used a ton of lube. I did, however, feel a soreness deep inside my hips from the deep and thorough fucking ML gave me. It wasn’t a bad hurt though, it was similar to the way your muscles ache after a good workout.

I never thought I’d be able to fully live out my rape fantasy, but My Lady made that happen. As much pain and suffering I went through, I never felt scared or unsafe with ML. I knew that no matter what happened, she truly loves me and would take care of me. She gave me a painful ass fuck out of love. 🙂

After all is said and done, I didn’t fully hate it. I am amazed at how fully used ML made me feel, and that depravity is definitely a turn on for me (I’m actually getting hard writing this st the moment). I really did hate it in the moment, but I can’t deny that I love that it happened. Part of me wonders exactly what it looked like to watch me be pushed so far; maybe next time I’ll suggest that ML get it on video. 🙂 in all seriousness, I don’t think I’ll be ready for a repeat of this after quite some time… but it’s definitely something I’d be willing to experience again.

I’m currently well into my third week of orgasm denial, and My Lady is really starting to hit her stride. The more desperate and needy I get, the more she enjoys teasing me. And the more she teases me, the more desperate and needy I get. And the more desperate and needy I get…

ML gave me a thorough teasing last night, testing the strength of the Revenge in the process (stay tuned for a device review, coming soon!). She cuffed my hands to the bed, which she said made her start getting wetter almost instantly. She really does love to restrain me! It gives her the opportunity to completely control me as she drives me crazy with need. With my hands secured, she began to tease me with her perfect tits, pulling in close to me but keeping her cleavage just out reach of my tongue. I could smell her scent and it drove me wild. She rubbed her nipples over my lips, making it clear I was NOT allowed to lick or suck them. She even stuck her nipples into my mouth, making me moan and wish she would let me suck on them.

She got off of me and reached into our “toybox” to get the nipple clamps. She put them on my nipples, and I had to breathe to fight past the initial sharp pain. When she tugged on the chain lightly, I could feel the surges of pain translating into pulses of an attempted erection in my cock. I was already throbbing in my cage, and ML wasn’t even near finished with me.

She took her magic wand – which is ALWAYS plugged in now, by the way – placed it under my balls, and turned it on. My body jumped and lurched as the vibrations shook me to the core. I couldn’t help but move my hips in small fucking motions, my body desperately searching for some sort of orgasm after being denied for so long. The vibrating continued as ML climbed on top of me to put those hip motions to good use.

My Lady took the cage inside her and began fucking her pussy with it. I couldn’t believe it – I couldn’t feel a thing! I had to ask her if I was inside! The steel tube of the Revenge cut off all sensation and contact with my cock. It was so unfair to watch ML take her orgasm after all of the ones she’s been having lately, while I was denied even the pleasure of feeling her warm wet pussy on my cock. I whimpered and began to pull my hands up, wanting to touch her, squeeze her tits, hold her close to me, get ANY sensation I could to fill the void that the Revenge created.

When My Lady came while riding me, my body tried as hard as it could to join her. Obviously, without any sensation on my cock the efforts were futile, but my muscles still tensed up and my hips lurched upwards as if the rest of my body didn’t care. My body needs to cum so badly that it is trying to do so on it’s own now, apparently. 🙂

After her orgasm, My Lady climbed off of me and began to massage my entire body, focusing on my legs and feet. Her fingers pressed deep on my muscles, and my body responded with more of the tense squeezing as before. I would have curled up into a ball if I wasn’t spread out and cuffed to the bed. Instead, my arms tugged against the restraints as the rest of my body trembled and shook uncontrollably.

Finally, ML removed the wand from under my balls. I breathed a sigh of relief, but then I realized what she was doing. I moaned loudly as she laid back next to me, spread her legs wide (draping one over my stomach, even) and began rubbing her pussy with the wand. She moaned louder and louder as I heard the sounds of her wetness being vibrated by the wand. Then, she took the wand and pushed the vibrating head into her pussy! “Oh, fuck,” was all I could say as she fucked the wand, moving her hips up to meet it in mid-thrust. Then she began alternating between rubbing her pussy lips and clit with the wand, until she began to cum, loudly and intensely.

I’m not kidding, My Lady rode her orgasm for about two solid minutes before she slumped down and relaxed on the bed. The entire time she was struggling to hold back her screams of passion (barely succeeding), and I could see her thigh muscles pulsing and tensing up with each orgasmic jolt. I was equal parts happy for her and jealous, wanting a body-racking intense orgasm of my own to enjoy.

That feeling has been creeping up a lot lately – envy. I’m envious of My Lady for being able to cum at any and all times of the day, whenever she desires, and as intensely as she does as well. She gets more than her fill of it, while my body sits and waits for its chance. I hunger for my orgasm. My balls constantly feel swollen and sensitive, itching for the chance to drain themselves of weeks of backed up cum. These feelings force me to contemplate my denied state every minute of the day without one moment of reprieve. I don’t see how this feeling could get any more difficult for me to deal with than it is right now.

The reaction I had while tied up and teased has been more and more frequent – I call them “bodygasms,” although the more proper term is most likely “sympathetic orgasms.”  It’s really crazy, feeling my body behave like in that way and having no power to control or stop it. I can only assume that my brain and the rest of my body is tired of waiting and is making it’s own “body-gasms” and leaving my cock behind. I can’t blame them; I’d cum any way I could right now if it were plausible.