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The other evening before bed, cagedmonkey and I snuck in a little play time. I stroked him and teased him and edged his cock. I love seeing that anguish on his face, that deep need for release as I stroke his cock closer and closer, only to stop and leave him unfulfilled.

I know he misses having an orgasm and I know he is extremely horny after over 4 months of denial. I felt so bad and awfully devious the other night that I decided to let him get himself good and hard and stroke his cock. I even let him stroke to an orgasm… Unfortunately, it wasn’t HIS orgasm he was stroking to. I allowed him to stroke his cock, while I looked right into his eyes and masturbated myself to an awesome orgasm.

I forced him to continue looking at me the whole time and he was not allowed to stop stroking until I was finished and satisfied. In other words, I came three times while I forced him to keeping stroking and watching me cum, over and over.

I know he slept well that night!

Since we moved cagedmonkey has been in and out of his new Jail Bird. Something about it is just not as comfortable as the original… Though since the moving truck incident, we can’t seem to locate the original JB! It’s quite frustrating to say the least. So the other night I had hubby unlock himself and we slept together without the steel pressing into me. Which, honestly, I don’t mind and actually like because I know he’s locked up for me, when he is.

The next morning I woke up to the most beautiful, sexy sight. I got up and went to the bathroom and as I walked out cagedmonkey was uncovered just enough that his sexiness practically took my breath away. I couldn’t, obviously, share the whole picture but when you wake up to this kind of thing, it’s hard not to take advantage of it!
I straddled hubby and pushed my big boobies together in his face and as he took them in his hands and mouth I slowly slid his hard cock between my pussy lips teasing him. He was so hard and aching to be inside me. I heard him moan into my breasts as I moved my hips back and forth. Then I lifted myself up just enough to position him at my warm, wet opening and slid him slowly into my tightness. I rode him slowly and methodically, teasing him as I enjoyed feeling his big thick cock inside me.

We rolled over and he began thrusting into me, he knew he wasn’t allowed to cum and tried hard to hold off. He’d stop thrusting just as he got to the edge, except the last time, as I started to orgasm myself. I was there ready to squeeze his cock with my strong muscles but I just needed another thrust… Just one more! So I pushed my hips up at him to get that extra thrust which was one too many for him and caused him to ruin an orgasm inside me. I couldn’t help myself, I giggled and said, “oops, Did I just ruin that orgasm for you?” 🙂

For the past couple nights I’ve been enjoying myself with cagedmonkey. I haven’t felt overly horny or sexual really but I’ve had fun playing a little with hubby.

We didn’t actually christen our new place until the second night we were here because, after driving all day the first night, we were so tired. I don’t even know if you can consider the quickie we had as christening it but technically we did. It really was a quickie and, yes I allowed him to cum… After I made him ask my politely, and beg me a little. It was awfully cute. 🙂

The next night I really wasn’t feeling like sex because a lack of water made my bladder not feel so great. Cagedmonkey asked so sweetly if he could masturbate for me and he didn’t even expect to cum but I told him if I was going to watch him stroke himself, I was going to watch him cum for me. Stroking himself for pleasure and to an actual orgasm is something I don’t think he’s done in like a year. I really enjoyed listening to the moaning as he stroked his hard cock for me. I made sure to rub his balls and to lick, suck and bite his nipples while he was doing it and then just as he was about to cum, I leaned over him and looked deep into his eyes and basically stole his orgasm. I can only imagine how that must have felt for him.

Yesterday I made him lock back up after a few days free (lifting boxes and a steel cage don’t go so week together). Last night was even better as I feel my control and disregard coming back. What I mean is, cagedmonkey and I were sitting here last night watching some Netflix and I had this urge to rub my pussy in his face and ride his cock. Right in the middle of a show I walked over to him and did just that. I didn’t care that he was watching something, I didn’t care what he wanted or didn’t want. It was all about what I wanted, right then, and I took what I wanted.

As I was riding him, pretty hard and fast by the way, he kept telling me he was close, to slow down or he would cum. It felt as if he was almost begging me to not make him cum. Instead I rode harder and faster and took what I wanted from him. I’m not sure he even wanted to cum but I wanted sex and I wanted his orgasm.

I’ll get mine soon enough because when he locks back up today, I think we will keep him that way for a good bit and build up his horny and his volume. When I make him cum again I want to see a lot of it. In the meantime I’ll make him give me lots and lots of orgasms. And keep him extra extra horny.

Tonight Cagedmonkey and I have been enjoying a few drinks. Ok, well, I’ve been making him drink a lot more than me and he’s pretty drunk haha. I mean how could he turn me down when I’m making him take shots like this?
It’s really cute how he gets. He gets extremely submissive. Especially when, all night, I’ve been making him periodically drop to his knees and eat my pussy, or I’ve been climbing up on the couch rubbing my wet dripping pussy all over his face. I’ve squirted on him a few times too tonight, so he’s sitting here naked, drunk, covered in my pussy juices and locked in his cage. Even I can smell me on him, just sitting next to him.
Soon it will be time to take him to the bedroom and there we will see what other fun things we can get up to. 🙂

Last night was the first of our two nights together and it was such a lovely night too. No, we didn’t get all naughty kinky crazy sexual, we just enjoyed watching tv and being close. Cagedmonkey was locked right up until we went to bed. I actually wasn’t going to unlock him because I wanted to build his frustration. Then just as he was getting in bed I told him to take off his cage, just in case. 🙂

Since we only get two precious nights together naked in bed, I cherish those times. Last night, as we lay there completely naked, our warm skin pressing together, I thought about how horny I was for him. I thought about making love to him, about feeling him in that amazing way. Then I thought about how incredibly frustrating it must be to finally be unlocked and laying naked together. How bad he must have wanted to be in my warm pussy. I love to increase his horniness, to tease him and make him want me desperately.

I can just imagine how bad he was aching to be with me as we lay there, his cock hard against the soft skin of my ass. Not to mention those times I woke in the middle of the night to run my hands on his body. Those times I trailed my fingers over his skin, around his sexy hips to tickle, tease and fondle his cock.

Not sure how many times I can say it but I really, really, really do love being a cocktease.

I really do love that we can go from intense fantasy-like sexual times to very sensual loving more vanilla-like times. I love that I can be with and enjoy my husband this way. It wasn’t always like this. There was a time when I was anxious about any amount of affection because the motive behind it was always sex, sex, sex. It’s just not that way with us when I’m in control. We have much more sex than we ever have and much more intense sex. It really is an amazing thing.

Tonight… I can’t say, is going to be as sensual or as vanilla because I’ve only been up for 2 hours and my pussy is aching in my panties right now. I’m aching to feel him, to be with him, to cum good and hard on him.

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I’ve been running myself ragged the past few days, working hard on a special project (which i know we will post about today/soon) and we really haven’t had much time for play. Cagedmonkey hasn’t slept much because he’s been helping me during the day. What that means is that he’s been sleeping/napping at night before work. I love that he’s been helping and his creative juices are flowing but I decided last night, MY juices needed to be flowing!

Last night was actually a pretty wonderful night since we finally connected in a sexual way. Just after dinner CM and I got to some kissing and groping in the kitchen while the kids played on their tablets. I whispered in his ear, “go take that cage off so I can get me some of that before you go to work tonight.” His eyes got wide when he saw the very naughty look in my eye and he just whispered back, “well, uhhh, I can’t right now,” and pointed at the attempted erection in his pants. I just giggled as I walked away and said, “well, when you can anyway.”

Once we got the kids to bed, I came back to the living room in my robe… only my robe, which he quickly found out. It’s usually nightly that I tuck in the kids and then walk back into the living room lifting my shirt to show off my big titties. Sometimes I just tease him with them and other times I walk right to him and smother him with them. It’s so much fun! Well last night I decided to be naked on my way in and I just let my robe fall open as I came in the room. I walked straight to where he was sitting on the couch and I fully think he had it in his mind he was about to get titties in his face. It was quite the surprise when I stepped right up on the couch and straddled his face with my very wet horny pussy. I got myself off on his face, rubbing my pussy across his nose, lips and chin, covering him with my cum as he tried hard to lick and slurp it all up.

His cock was pretty much instantly hard so I told him to get on the couch properly because I was going to “ride that cock and cum all over it.” That’s exactly what I did. He did have quite a bit of trouble keeping himself quiet so I reached down to cover my fingers with my delicious wetness and shoved my fingers in his mouth gagging him to shut him up. He almost lost it but then just started sucking my fingers. It kept him quiet but also pushed him very quickly to the edge so I had to stop often so I didn’t ruin almost a month of denial.

I did cum nice and hard on his cock though and damn it felt good to squeeze down hard on his thick shaft. After I came nice he was panting hard and moaning, trying to keep himself from exploding I’m sure. I left him there on the couch and rolled off onto my hands and knees on the floor, I spun to look at the tv so my nice round ass was facing him and he could see my wet freshly cummed pussy from behind. He certainly did last long at all staring at me there, doggy style, before he started whimpering and begging, “Ma’am, please may I come fuck you from behind?” I just had to giggle and told him, “mmmm, come here big boy and put that aching cock in me.” He could barely move once he buried his cock in my tightness but the sounds he made while doing it were simply fantastic. I could have listened to him make that beautiful moaning sound all night long.

It wasn’t long before he had to start getting ready for work. He surly wasn’t leaving, though, without his nightly kneeling pussy licking at the door before he walks out. I cannot stress enough how much I enjoy sending him off to work covered in my juices and smelling like my pussy.

Yesterday was a particularly horny day over here. I noticed just how horny I was when I tucked cagedmonkey in to bed after work. I got him all covered up and snuggled in bed, leaned down over top of him – I really love looking down on him – to give him a kiss and I felt that surge go right through me. It was that “holy shit I’m horny” tingle in my chest and all the way down to my crotch. I gasped and did a kind of growl thing while kissing him and he knew right away that I was really horny. He had a huge smile on his face going to sleep.

I continued ramping up the horniness each time I would go in to visit hubby while he was sleeping. I would climb in bed, cuddle with him and spoon him while I whispered hot sexy things I wanted to do to him in his ear and kissing his neck. He was writhing as I ran my hands from his shoulders down around his gorgeous little ass telling him how I loved that he was mine and that he was locked up in his cage for me. I love the way his skin feels under my fingertips. How touching him feels almost electric. Lifting my shirt and pressing my naked breasts against his back, I heard him take in a deep breath and let out a little moan. It really is one of the sexiest sounds.

Still I kept working at the overall horniness between us after waking him in the afternoon, little grabs here, little quick kisses there. At one point I was just wanting him in a ridiculous way, sitting across the room from him as the kids were watching cartoons. I picked up my phone and texted him: “go get that fucking cage off right now… I need to have your cock.” Actually, it took him a bit to be able to go do it since I had already sent him a few texts before that and that one alone caused his cage to be a bit tight right then.

Once he calmed down he went and took of his cage and I told him to meet me in the bedroom because I needed to cum on his cock. I did just that, I got him in me and came 4 times, one right after the other. I rubbed my clit to speed things up since, having the kids in the other room, didn’t leave much time for drawn out sex. It wasn’t about the sex anyway, it was about using his cock as my sex toy, to feel it in my pussy as I came on it, squeezing the shaft so tight. To feel as the head of his cock slid in and out, stimulating everything good in there. Feeling that stretch as my pussy gripped his cock. Even after cumming 4 times I wasn’t really done. I think I like that, I like that cumming almost causes me to want to cum more. It doesn’t always wear me out and make me feel done, it fuels my need for more.

Our evening went on with little playful things snuck in here or there when the kids weren’t looking but once they went to bed, I wasted no time in teasing cagedmonkey. We were watching a few shows on tv before he had to go to work and I started teasing and stroking his cock. I alternated between fast strokes and slow, simply running my fingertips up and down his shaft. Stroking him to the edge over and over making him moan and whimper, aching to explode. I kept stroking him closer and closer each time not allowing him over that edge, that wonderful, amazing edge. Each time I’d get him there he would moan louder and it drove me, wanting to make him moan more and more. To hear the frustration in his voice. I pushed him closer and closer, he kept moaning and I felt it. I felt that, “oh my God I’m going to orgasm” feeling…

…right in my crotch. I felt my pussy quivering, hard. I felt the warm wetness grow between my legs as his moaning pushed me closer and closer to my own orgasm. Yes, I was about to literally cream my pants from giving him a hand job. I started moaning along with him, which caused him to moan more, which caused me to moan more. Hearing the “oh my fucking God are you going to cum?” escape his lips was what did it, it pushed move over and I started humping at the air as I came with his dick in my hand.

It really was so fantastic to experience such am amazing thing. When I cum like that it’s never as strong as a clitoral or g-spot orgasm but it’s still damn good and gushes wetness out of me. Of course, after having a cute little orgasm like that, I had to pull him of the couch in front of me to clean up the mess and eat my pussy to another intense orgasm all over his face. After that it was just about time for work so he was locked back up in his Jail Bird, horny as fuck.

I love days and nights like those, where I’m so horny I spend the whole day taking what I want and using cagedmonkey for my pleasure and denying him, leaving him aching on the edge.

I’ve been doing a little thinking about how I want our next chastity and orgasm denial period to go. If you have been following along on our journey, the last period of denial lasted just over 100 days. I had denied cagedmonkey from late last year until our anniversary and vow renewal on Jan 18th. It was fun keeping him so horny and frustrated that long. It’s amazing having him like putty in my hands because he’s so incredibly horny and aching to have me allow him orgasm.

I want to make sure that I explain when I say chastity, that just means that we will continue incorporating the chastity device into our everyday life. Cagedmonkey is in his device just about everyday and has been since October 2013. With the exception of our two week vacation last month. Just because he is in a device does not mean he’s automatically denied orgasm. It means I control if and when he will have sexual pleasure and or orgasm.

I also want to make sure that I explain when I say orgasm denial it means I control when cagedmonkey will be allowed to have a pleasurable orgasmic experience with ejaculation. That does not necessarily mean he will be caged 24/7. It does not mean I won’t milk him or give him an ruined orgasms. It simply means I will lock and unlock the cage to use my toy as I see fit. After all, I do recall me being the keyholder & Domme in this relationship and I am in control. 🙂

As I said our last stint of denial lasted over 100 days which was over 3 months. I don’t see any reason why cagedmonkey can’t make it 6 months. His last orgasm was January 31, 2015 and my plan is to tease, torment, use, abuse and deny him until mid summer. I think we figured 6 months was around July 31st so that’s where I’m aiming. I know a lot will happen in that time. I’m sure we will find a way to get some new toys to play with and I hope to work on my rope skills because I would love to get hubby into some fun predicament bondage. I really think his steel collar will come in handy for that.


Cagedmonkey's locking steel collar

I’m excited to share this next challenge with you since hubby has never gone that long without an orgasm!

I don’t know if it’s just the fact that Sunday is the day I’m going to unlock cagedmonkey or what but I’m dying. I’m hating that I decided to put him in the Revenge for two weeks before our ceremony. I know, why don’t I just unlock him, right? Well, that’s simple, I made a promise to myself to keep him locked and not allow him the feeling of his penis until then. The thing is, I’m denying myself his penis too so I know waiting this two weeks is going to be fantastic! I am doing this on purpose and I really do love it very much.

That doesn’t mean I like it. In exploring this whole chastity thing, I’ve realized that I’m perfectly fine with orgasm denial and control but a permanent chastity type thing would never happen. I just can’t go that long without feeling his big cock stretching my pussy, sliding in and out, making love to me. We’ve tried many times to do a 24/7 lock and we get to 3 weeks and I’m ready to pull my fucking hair out. Even with the strap on, trying to get me past that point hasn’t worked. There is just nothing that can replace feeling the cock I love and adore. I love the way it looks, how it tastes and how it feels. I knew 15 years ago that first night we were together that his was the cock I wanted for the rest of my life.

Anyway, I’m just sitting here at the car dealership getting our car serviced and I’m fucking horny. I’m thinking about how bad I want to feel him, it actually gets me emotional thinking about it because it’s such a strong feeling of want and desire. I remember when we were having issues in our marriage, one of the things hubby needed from me was to know that I wanted and desired him. Once we worked on our marriage, we were able to communicate these things to each other. What that means is, now I don’t go a day without telling my hubby what I love about his looks, or about how horny I am, or how bad I want him.

I could get off topic and get on to a whole making sure you are giving your partner what they need to fulfill them emotionally… but I won’t because fuck I’m horny and I just want to feel his cock in me.

I’m really looking forward to the next two weeks. Being on vacation means a chastity vacation for us. It actually means sexually we will both have the power. There will be no orgasm denial, no chastity, no me in charge of his sex. However he does know I want to fuck him so much that I empty him of cum multiple times a day for two weeks haha. He’s looking forward to taking the opportunity to dominate me a little bit and I think we’re both looking forward to having sex on a balcony on the ocean! 🙂

I’ve got 4 days to go, 4 days until I recommit to the man I love with every part of me. I’ve got 4 days until I feel that loving touch and the strength in his body as we make love for the first time in two weeks.

If any of my friends from high school were to read this post they’d be shaking their heads in total agreement. When I was younger I always joked about how I was a gay guy in a chicks body. To be honest, I wasn’t joking, it’s how I felt then and how I’m finally feeling again. I’m finding this part of me again as cagedmonkey and I explore our desires. In recent years, I’ve spent a long time suppressing the “gay guy” and being the woman in me, the mom, the wife, the proper lady everyone told me I was supposed to be. I might say, for a bit there, I kinda became a prude. A married woman with kids certainly couldn’t be aggressive, kinky, into bdsm and have a filthy trucker mouth when it came to sex, right? Wrong! I am who I am and I need to be who I am. I’m much happier and hornier.

Don’t think for a second I meant for this post to get all mushy, I certainly didn’t but I had to get that out. I hope it makes the next part sexy and much more meaningful. Those of you following on Twitter know I’ve had some very aggressively dominant days the past few days. I’ve unlocked and pretty much attacked hubby sexually and last night was no different. I’ve been very focused on his nipples, pinching, pulling, twisting and biting them. Not to mention the rest of his sexy body, I love touching him, feeling his skin under my fingertips, smelling him, tasting him.

Last night, after the kids went to bed, cagedmonkey walked back into the living room. I was sitting on the couch with my legs spread enough to give him room. I motioned to him to come over and kneel between my legs. While he knelt there in front of me I unbuttoned his shorts, slid down his boxers to expose my beautiful little man encased in that sexy steel cage. I loosened the screw and removed the cage while hubby knelt, hands clasped behind his back like the good boy he is. Once I removed his cage, his cock was responding within seconds. I slid my hands up under his shirt to trace my fingers over his lock tattoo, up over his stomach and to his nipples. I lifted his shirt off exposing the rest of his body to me. Preparing it for my touch, to be my plaything, my toy to use and use well, however I wanted. I sat back to look at my property while I slowly removed my shirt. As I did I could see hubby eyes widen seeing my big beasts right in front of him. I bet his mouth was watering.

I reached down, wrapped my hand around and stroked his cock, looking him deep in the eyes, until he was fully erect and rock hard. I pushed his chin back to expose his neck, I kissed, licked and sucked on his neck while continuing to stroke him. He moaned, oh God did he moan. Fuck it sounds so good when he does, it makes my chest flutter and I practically lose my breath. The more he moaned the more turned on I got, the more turned on I got the faster I stroked and the rougher and deeper I kissed him. I pushed him back so he was sitting on his feet, I slid off the front of the couch to straddle his lap. I could feel the extreme wetness between my legs as I was making him do exactly what I wanted. Still stroking his cock I scooped up my beasts one at a time with my other hand. I took one finger from the same hand, put it under his chin to pull him in and said “suck those titties like my good boy.”

I started to forcefully kiss him again, deep and hard, pinching his nipples, so hard in fact that I pushed him back onto the carpet. I ended up between his bent legs and my beasts resting on either side of his cock. Just then I reached up to pinch his nipples again, as I did it squished my large breasts around his cock and I moved myself up and down slightly along his body to tittie fuck him while playing with his nipples. Fuck the moans got louder, the whimpers started too. Oh it was fueling my aggressive fire.

Being there between his legs like that, in the way a guy is normally with a woman, I felt this urge. I felt like I wanted to be above him, taking him, hard. I know I love to feel like I do in that position. I love to feel that “in charge” feeling a guy must have in that position. Don’t get me wrong, I love my big tits and getting my pussy serviced so I don’t want to be a guy, I just want and need that big powerful feeling. I got so turned on, his big hard cock laying there in front of me, I just grabbed him and sucked his cock hard into my mouth. Kneeling between his legs as he lay there on on his back with his hands under him, unable to move, I felt so powerful. I felt like I could have him and do anything I wanted to him. I practically went crazy sucking his cock so hard and fast, licking his entire shaft, his balls, sliding up licking his stomach, neck and face. Having almost no regard for him just using his body how I wanted, how I needed to.

At one point, as I was sucking his cock between his legs and they were getting in my way… I grabbed his kneess and pushed his legs up over my shoulders, his calves laying down my back. I grabbed around the outside of his thighs and put my hands on the front of his hips and just pulled him to me. My big tits still alongside his cock I tucked my chin and took his entire length in my mouth. I pulled his hips toward me and sucked his cock deep, hard and fast. I could take him so far in my throat so easily in that position and I have no idea why. There he was unable to do much of anything but accept the aggressive rough sexual acts he was experiencing. I loved that I was in total control of his body in that position. Fuck, it was so damn hot and I was turning myself on so much during it that I almost forgot to deny him. Oh my god the noises coming out of my man were ridiculously sexy. His moans and whimpers and squeals just increase my desire to have him and take him.

The part that got me was that I realized I needed to stop because he was begging me to be careful in his moans. I was so into sucking his cock in that position I had to stop abruptly so I didn’t push him over the edge. I just stopped, stood up between his legs, said “fuck, that was awesome,” wiped my hand across my mouth and reached out my hand to help him up. That was it, it just ended like that, I truly felt like I had just used him for my pleasure and was done, thank you very much, have a nice day! 🙂