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Yesterday I spent yet another day teasing and frustrating cagedmonkey. This time I did not allow him out of his cage and I didn’t interrupt his sleep too terribly much. I went in, teased him a bit, mindfucked him a bit with some suggestive whispering in his ear and then went about my errands for the day.

Later in the afternoon I was exhausted because the day was going so rough so once I woke hubby he offered to let me go lay down and cook dinner for us. How sweet he is to give me some time to refill when my parenting tanks are tapped.

Once I got all snuggled in bed for a nap I figured an orgasm would be just what I needed to get some rest. I just so happened to mention that as he was walking out the door from tucking me in. I took the opportunity of being alone in the bedroom and cagedmonkey stuck out in the living room with the kids to tease him like mad and create and even more frustrated situation for him.

I started using my wand, vibrating my clit and thought how amazing it would be if he got a picture play-by-pay I’d what I was doing to myself in there while getting off. I sent him picture after picture of what I was doing and I could feel the frustration in the responses.


As my pussy was being vibrating, I could feel the warm wet juices begin to flow. I felt my entire crotch quivering right inside of me. I felt this feeling of wanting to be filled up and feel that big think cock sliding in and out of me.


I started to fuck myself with “Adam” my very realistic feeling favorite dildo. He responded with, “omfg, no way!” Mainly because I’ve only used “Adam”on my self once or twice before and he never has seen it. He was texting me back frantically begging to come watch me while I came but I just kept sending things. I even made him a video to drive it in deep.

Click here to watch the video
(sorry not the best quality – still working out adding video to the site – bear with us!!)

I think it made it worse as I kept escalating what I was doing to please myself. It was so hard to see step by step how I was getting myself off and he was stuck dealing with the kids. Once I fucked my pussy good with “Adam” I just needed a really big cum while I was stuffed full of that thick dildo. So I added the wand and pushed myself over into a full body-tightening orgasm. I only wish I could have screamed out!


Just after this picture I received a text from him to which I simply text him back:
He came in the bedroom, I let him pull Adam from my pussy and lick the entire thing clean of my girlie goo. He then washed it and put it away in our bin. I did also demand he clean up the mess between my legs and I allowed him to make me cum one last time.

“Thank you, now go so I can sleep please,” was all I said as I rolled over and closed my eyes. I heard him sigh in complete frustration as he was walking out of the bedroom door.

I know that some of our followers have been curious how things have been with my shoulder post surgery. Well here is a little update. The surgery went great, for the past 6 weeks I have been in a sling, unable to dress myself, bathe myself, drive and unable to do plenty of other things. Slowly things have been getting better and I couldn’t have been more proud of my amazing cagedmonkey for picking up way more than just the slack while I’ve been restricted. He’s been super hubby & super dad for the past 6 weeks and my pussy is actually quivering right now thinking about the massive “act of service” it is. Outstanding!

Today was my 6 week post op appointment with the doctor. It went well, it felt like he was going to break my arm, but all is healed and I was given freedom from a lot of my restrictions! I’ll be starting loads of physical therapy to get my range of motion back as well as strengthening my muscles. After not moving your shoulder for 6 weeks the muscles and tendons are shortened and they need to be stretched out and worked out so the arm will work again.

Of course, what was the first thing this Lady asked the doctor when he was telling me I was all healed??

I held my hands out in front of me and I said “can I go like this and lean on my arm?” **read: Doggy style and/or being on top

He says I’m all good for that position and most others as long as I’m not in too much pain from it. Well, I didn’t realize it at the time but having this new freedom to use my arm how I like and no more sling turned me into some crazy horny nutty woman! Not to mention we got the Jail Bird back yesterday so hubby has been locked in that sexy steel cage since yesterday. It turns me on so much looking at it and touching it. Mmmmmm just makes my pussy sloppy dripping wet knowing that he’s given himself to me like that. That he wants me to control his sexual pleasure. That I hold the key.

One thing I’ll mention after 6 weeks is the awesome feeling of being able to hug my sexy boy with both hands, at once! Touching him on both sides, feeling his oh so yummy hips. 🙂 Anyway all day since we got home I’ve been in major crazy horny mood. I’ve been attacking hubby whenever I get the chance. Anytime we had a minute when the kids were busy doing something I’d make him get on his knees and lick and suck my clit.
Once, while our son was all into his video games I dragged hubby upstairs and had him get on his knees at the end of the bed and made him eat my pussy until I had an orgasm.

Finally, it was bath time! We got our youngest into his bath and took advantage of the 30 mins he usually plays around in the water. I came out of the bathroom after getting him settled and I straddled cagedmonkey on the couch and started kissing him so hard and deep. I was grinding down on his lap pressing against his cage. I could feel how his cock was struggling against the bars of the cage. We both quickly slid our pants down and my pussy was already soaked. I started to rub my juicy pussy against his cage and he had a little moan escape his lips. I leaned back just enough that I could slide the Jail Bird into me and I began to basically fuck hubby while in his cage. I came so hard and squirted my cum all over his cage, cock and balls. The entire time he was moaning and saying “oh my God” over and over.

When I finished coming down from that orgasm, I laid on my back on the couch, spread my legs and ordered him to eat my pussy and make me cum. That would be about the time he’d gotten me off over and over with his mouth and fingers. I love it so much when I start bucking at his face while he is eating me out.

I love when I’m so horny like this I get, what I call, “guy horny.” No offense guys lol but I get very selfish and want what I want and I just tend to take it. So it felt so good and powerful to grab his head and forcefully shove his face into my pussy. Right when I was going to cum I’d push him down so that I’d cum all over his face. At one point I made him beg me to cum on his face.

It was just super hot to me to seriously just fuck his face. I might have been laying on my back but I lifted my hips and rubbed my pussy sell over his entire face and got myself off on it multiple times.

Sometimes we just have to take or make opportunities to connect… especially when crazy horny!