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On Social Media today everyone was posting about how it was #NoPantyDay so I decided why not participate and go to with pantiless! How fun and secretly sexy! It wouldn’t have been right wearing anything else but a dress, don’t you agree?

I do wish I would have had a way to get a nice “upskirt” pic for you all but this is what I was able to pull off. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it just the same.

Our wonderful readers were not the only ones to get to enjoy my naked ass today. As I was leaving work, one of my co-workers happened to be having a cigarette in his car, a big gust of wind caught my dress and lifted it to my arm pits haha I scrambled quickly with my arms full of stuff to push my dress down and got in my car. I have no idea what or if my co-worker got a glimpse of my bottom half lol but oh boy that was quite the way to leave work! 🙂

Did anything as exciting happen to you today? How many guys are sans underwear today?

First of all Happy Father’s Day to all the kinky daddies out there!

Cagedmonkey and I decided to get a little bit of work done in the yard this afternoon. We’ve been neglecting it a bit and it’s been raining for about a week straight. It’s such a gorgeous day here today and I decided to wear a cute dress to church this morning. I didn’t bother changing when we went out to work on the yard.

Cagedmonkey was doing some work on the front bushes while I decided to tend to the really long grass out back. No, that’s not some weird metaphor for vaginal and anal sex! Haha 🙂 Holding the weed whacker in my hands, I was sure to let hubby know that I was not wearing any panties under my dress! You know full well I had to get him straining in that cage. I just love to give him those all day teases that keep reminding him.
Yeah hubby had to snap some pics so I thought I’d share with you all. 🙂 After I was done in back I came around to have a bottle of water and sit on the porch while hubby finished up. I enjoyed teasing him while I had my little break. Now I’m dying to get him in the shower with me later… I’m sure there is no way I got all the grass out of my bra!
Hope you all have a fantastic day!