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My Lady enjoys teasing the shit out of me whenever, however she can. It’s a piece of cake in person; just being close to her body makes me start throbbing in my cage. Lately she has taken to teasing me when I’m out of the house by texting me pictures of her hot sexy parts – “teaxting” maybe? (Maybe not.)

Earlier this week, I ran out to the grocery store to get some stuff that ML needed to cook dinner, when I received a text as I was walking through the store. ML will sometimes forget a small item and remember it after I’ve already left, so I check my messages to see what else I need to add to my list. I pull ML’s text up on my screen, and I see this:


Maybe she was just reminding me to pick up some milk.

Thankfully there was nobody nearby, otherwise they would have gotten an eyeful of my wife’s big gorgeous tits!

I’m not even safe from ML’s torment when I’m out with the kids. They were acting particularly crazy the other day, so I took the kids to the mall to get them out of ML’s hair for a little bit. We had a great time hanging out at the mall. ML was sure to text me and let me know she was making good use of her alone time:



She told me later that she gave herself at least three orgasms during the couple of hours we were gone… she said she lost count after that. 🙂

If ML could see my face when I get these texts, she’d absolutely love it. Whether it’s a big smile or eyes wide open, it’s nearly impossible for me to control my reaction. This causes some problems for me at work when she texts me more naughty pictures:


Just a typical sex conversation between two incredibly horny people, that's all.

I love knowing that the next text message I receive might tease me like crazy!