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Most of you should know we bought a house recently and moved, and if you don’t, where the hell have you been? πŸ™‚ Anyway, moving and updating the house and painting and everything has been a lot of work. We’ve gotten a lot done but do have some other projects we need to work on this summer. First things first, I REALLY want my microwave installed instead of sitting in a box on my kitchen floor! So, anyway, we moved into the house last week and have been working hard to get unpacked, which is tiring and annoying. We’re just trying to get back into the swing of things while half of what we own is still packed away and we are wading through boxes on a daily basis.

While moving in last week and the week before we met some of our new neighbors! It just so happens our one neighbor right next door is a couple of kinksters, married with kids! It’s been extremely fun getting to know them, needless to say! They are a bit younger than us, she is a pretty kinky young lady and identifies as a switch (with some brattiness!) while her hubby is more on the vanilla side but they are totally getting into learning rope and exploring this whole fun world we live. 

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So we also found out that one of our couple friends that we met at the munch, and who we’ve been to a private dungeon party a couple times with, also live in the same subdivision, not too far from us. So it seems we picked the right place to live when we chose this house!

What’s really interesting is the potential with our next door neighbor. Since she’s switchy and her hubby doesn’t want her playing with men, it kinda works perfectly in my desire to play with and Domme a girl. She’s actually a cute little bbw girl too and she’s also a photographer so… There’s just really a lot of potential in both friendship and who knows what else. 

Oh! And she’s a great writer so I’m trying to see if she’d like me to set her up a blog hosted through our server on fetblogger. So maybe you guys will be reading her stories soon and perhaps seeing some of her pics!

A few of you know but most, I’m sure, do not. We recently moved again and we will be living in the midwest soon. We are currently in between homes which means all of our stuff is in storage and we are staying with other people… for about a month or so. This also makes tease, denial, cock cages and other fun kinky stuff very hard to accomplish. It’s been a rough week or so and now I’ve started homeschooling both of the kids. Since we aren’t even staying in the area we will be living in, it was pointless to enroll the kids in school for a month.

I have been trying very hard to add in little teases and edges here or there where I can. I will try to make cagedmonkey’s mornings very rough and frustrating by stroking and edging his cock so he spends most of the day dripping precum. The other day he dripped so much it went through his underwear and shorts! We have no toys with us because they are all packed in storage. It does make things difficult when I have no cuffs or rope or anything to use to restrain cagedmonkey. That’s something I know he loves that I do. He really does love that helpless feeling! I miss making him feel that way, too.

We still have about 4 weeks to go until we have our own home again… I know we are strong enough to make it but that doesn’t mean it is or will be easy. We are working hard to keep the kink going with the limited time we have and the extreme lack of privacy – we don’t even have a door that closes. Right now our family of four (plus the cats) is living in and sharing two small rooms in someone else’s home.

Sometimes I feel like I’m letting cagedmonkey down. I know I’m doing my best to try and keep everyone happy and content to make it through these next few weeks.

Getting adjusted to my new schedule is taking some effort. It’s not bad, don’t get me wrong. It’s actually really nice to be able to spend nights at home with ML; she has unlocked me for sex quite often over the past few days, and even allowed me to have an orgasm Monday night (she needed to be fucked hard, and I gladly obliged). Work is just very… different from what I’m used to.

I’m still in the middle of being trained… sort of. I’m also helping out with some supervisory paperwork… kinda. At the moment, I’m here and there; I’m not quite sure where I’m working or what I’m doing specifically yet. I thought maybe I’d get an office which would allow me some semi-privacy and a chance to text/talk with ML. If I’m getting one, I haven’t gotten it yet. In fact, I’ve had less chance to connect with her at work than ever before.

So yeah, it’s an adjustment. Just like living in this new place is. We got ourselves a bed frame to replace the one that got trashed by the movers, and some sexy sheets to boot. Our toys are still packed away, though, which has kept us from getting into any kinky games. Add to the fact that our bedroom door doesn’t really lock (the door can be pulled open, even when it’s locked), and the kids’ bedrooms being on the same floor as ours with no real buffer… any bondage or domination scenes are pretty much out of the question.

The one thing we do have to go on is our chastity play – it’s the one thing we can still hold on to right now. I’ve been meaning to talk to My Lady about what her immediate and longer term plans are for my chastity/denial, but honestly I’m just glad to have this.

We made it to our new home! It only took a near exhaustion-level physical effort to load the truck, two days of travel, and a crazy unloading session, but we made it!

Rather than going through a minute-by-minute rundown (how exciting can an out-of-state move be?), here’s just a few highlights and details to share.

1. The guys who loaded our stuff uni the truck were complete morons! They loaded heavy stuff on top of light stuff, they put our TV boxes in sideways (clearly marked “this side up” for those who can read), and some of our stuff ended up smashed or spilled out inside the truck (more on that later). The stuff we loaded ourselves was sturdier than the stuff loaded by the “professionals.”

2. The stuff that spilled out into the truck? One of those tubs was the tub filled with our bondage toys! Some stacks of tubs toppled over as the unloaded were removing stuff from the truck, and out spills the leather bondage sack, the fuck machine, cuffs, fake rubber cocks, etc. Luckily, none of the unloadeders saw any of this as far as I know; I was able to stuff everything back in and pop the lid back on before our dirty secret was out.

3. We met the neighbors who live in a separate house that is also on the lot. And what would be the name of the woman who lives there? No joke… “Chastity.” πŸ™‚

Now that we’ve got the Wi-Fi hooked up, we are officially back!


If you’ve been following along here on our journey you probably recall that cagedmonkey did the whole job hunting thing recently. Since we haven’t taken the time to post about all of the changes going on here, I thought I’d do that now.

A couple months ago now cagedmonkey started looking for a new job. For the past, almost, 4 years he’s been working midnights and furthering his education so that he could advance his career. Unfortunately there wasn’t an opportunity for him to advance at his current place of employment so he had to look elsewhere. Well a few weeks ago he did just that. He accepted a position for a supervisor job making more money and working on a day shift! So amazing! I’m super happy about that because that means I get cagedmonkey back in my bed every night! πŸ™‚ This wasn’t an easy thing for cagedmonkey. He’s been at his job for over 12 years and he loves where he works. This is a positive change and a wonderful opportunity.


What all that means is that we are relocating this whole production from New York to West Virginia! We will be on the east side of WV near the Virginia border. If you’re near there, please let us know, we really do love meeting new friends! First we will be dealing with all of this funeral stuff and then we will be busting some booty to pack up this apartment and move two and a half weeks after that.

As I mentioned yesterday about how we might have less posts coming up soon, I realized that it might be a little longer than that with a lull because of this move. Soon the toys will be packed away – certainly not the Chastity Cage haha – and we will have a lot less time for play but we will do our best to keep you up on the happenings around here. I certainly have no intentions of not teasing the hell out of CM over the course of all this. πŸ™‚

My Lady and I are both hot and sweaty, sore and completely worn out, totally soaked and dripping wet.

Of course, it had to rain on moving day. πŸ˜‰

Apologies for the lack of posts lately, but we’ve been busy packing up the house and getting our stuff ready to move. But, thanks to the help of some of our good (very vanilla… we had to make sure to hide the sex toys before they came over, lol!) friends, we got everything moved in today! ML and I are both physically exhausted, but we are very excited to christen our new bed with our sexy humpings! πŸ™‚


Woohoo, our new bed!