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Sorry to the guys but this is something I need to say to my Lady friends (and to you guys). There are a lot of misconceptions about a woman’s period. A lot of women think it’s gross and dirty and that there is no way they can have sex during it. Ok maybe some guys think it’s gross and dirty too. I just feel a need to let all the ladies in on a secret. Ok maybe not a total secret…

There has actually been a lot of research about it and you can go do your web search if you want but having sex and/or having orgasms during your menstrual cycle is a fantastic idea. Ok so, if you’re like me, those first few heavy days you might not want to but after that I suggest you make that man of yours give you lots of orgasms. Or tie him up and make him watch you masturbate. 🙂 I have to say that “magic wand” works like a charm through a maxi pad to give you a pretty damn good orgasm.

I normally have a kind of heavy few days and a long period (like 8 days!) BUT the months where I am having multiple orgasms I pretty much have no cramps and my cycle length shortens by days! I know all of you ladies totally understand wanting your cycle to be shorter. I’m sure the painful cramps are on your list of “guys have it easier because…” and well, who wouldn’t want to ease those?

In the past three days, I have used cagedmonkey to have many orgasms. During this cycle I have had minimal cramps and besides the heavy stuff the first 36 hours it’s been much lighter flow. I decided to let my horny flow and just go with it. I don’t get undressed, don’t need to get anything prepared or worry about mess. I just rub on him and give myself an orgasm. It’s been a very dominating kind of few days when I call him into the bedroom and push him favorite on the bed, straddle his ass and grind my pussy on him until I cum good. As a matter of fact, I’m sitting here getting all tingly down below thinking about it right now! I wish I was home because I’d go in the bedroom and lock the door and lay next to him, making him watch me give myself a nice big orgasm.

Anyway ladies, there is never a need to “take a break” just because you get your cycle. Take that time to force your guy to watch you get off over and over… I mean it’s almost a necessary thing to help ease your menstrual discomfort, isn’t it? And I’m going to take a guess – not sure there has been actual research on it but – that having multiple orgasms and the chemical release during those orgasms would likely help with your PMS and your mood/depression etc. See, guys and gals, it’s all in your best interest to orgasm frequently, especially during menstruation. 😉