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Today I’ve been extremely horny. Before hubby left for work I had him eat my pussy to a couple of good orgasms. I’m pretty sure this is hubby’s favorite time of the month. I usually have a really horny few days or so before I start my monthly cycle. That happens to be right now so I spent part of the morning, after getting kids off to school and starting dishes and laundry, doing my best to tease hubby and sent him a few pictures.

I had this craving earlier to just turn my wand on low and just let it sit on my clit and have it drag me slowly to an orgasm. It’s so nice just letting it go and build and build. I love, sometimes, letting hubby just lick and lick and having his mouth and tongue get me going, slowly building me up to a big orgasm. Most of the time I’m not having him spend too long down there because it feels so good and I just want to cum. So today I messaged back and forth with him, telling him everything I was doing and thinking about. I told him, for some reason, I was having some really dirty, naughty thoughts. I was thinking about wearing my strap on and seeing him kneeling in front of me, looking up at me as I force him to be kinda slutty for me. I imagined seeing him there, eyes watering after I made him gag a few times. I guess I’m getting into a using him mood. Whatever my mood it’s a wonderful horny mood making my pussy nice and wet and making me want to tease hubby bad!

Of course cumming like that only made me a bit hornier so I had to get out “Adam” and give myself a good filling up. With that first orgasm, I started craving that feeling and really wanted to feel CM’s big thick cock stretching my pussy and filling me up but my toys had to take his place since he’s at work. So I set that wand on my clit again, slid “Adam” easily into me. I was already so wet and horny, I took it no problem! It really was not long at all before I was clamping down on that lifelike dildo and it wasn’t much longer that my tight pussy was squeezing it right out as I came. My pussy was such a mess after that and I only wish I would have had subby hubby here to clean it up afterwards. 

We were so happy to be asked by Topco Toyz to review a few products and give our honest and unbiased opinion. Of course we love toys and trying them out so this was so perfect for us and we appreciate them asking! 

One of the toys we received was the Magic Massager G-Spot Pleaser. This is a “magic wand” or Hitachi attachment that gives you an extra boost by getting you in touch with your more sensitive spots. The attachment itself is a soft rubbery-like material. It’s almost got a sticky feeling too it right out of the package. We washed it before use (always a good idea with toys being used with your intimate areas!) And the sticky feeling didn’t really go away. It wasn’t a turn off but I felt it was something to mention. The g-spot attachment was just the right firmness to be inserted (it didn’t wiggle around too much going in) and then the to portion sat right against my clit giving me a good amount of vibration all around.

It’s not a very big size but it is angled just right to reach that spongy sensitive spot to push us ladies over the edge of an intense orgasm. It fit perfectly on my magic wand but I did have to remove the original cover to put this on.

I think this toy will be very helpful for those times I want to tie cagedmonkey up and force him to watch me please myself over and over, while he continues to be denied his own pleasure until I’m ready to give it to him! 🙂 Go check out Topco Toyz for the Magic Massager and many other great toys to add to your collection! Keep an eye out for other fun reviews coming up as we get in more playtime!

This morning I got the urge to masturbate and decided I’d take the opportunity to tease the hell out of cagedmonkey while he was at work too! It’s so much fun when I’m feeling this way. I started out sending him pictures of my pussy, simply asking him:



Then I sent him a couple others, including theses big beautiful things:


As I was taking the pictures and posing my bits in a an appetizing way, I realized I was completely turning myself on. I felt myself liking how I looked and knowing that cagedmonkey would be extremely hard in his cage from looking at the pics. I got myself more and more turned on as I set my camera to selfie and just watched myself masturbate. I felt that warmth grow in my pussy and I knew I just had to cum! I had already packed my wand… But that didn’t stop me haha I found the bin that it was in and dug it out because I’d gotten myself so freaking horny that I needed it! So I sent him another picture to let him know I was so horny I HAD to get my wand out of the bin.


I decided since I liked watching myself so much today and it was getting me so damn horny that I’d take a little video for him, so I sent him that. After I came nice and hard I sent him a good spread pussy picture showing the warm gooey wetness I wanted him to come and clean up.

I just know he’s going to have a wonderfully frustrated day today! 🙂

Yesterday I spent yet another day teasing and frustrating cagedmonkey. This time I did not allow him out of his cage and I didn’t interrupt his sleep too terribly much. I went in, teased him a bit, mindfucked him a bit with some suggestive whispering in his ear and then went about my errands for the day.

Later in the afternoon I was exhausted because the day was going so rough so once I woke hubby he offered to let me go lay down and cook dinner for us. How sweet he is to give me some time to refill when my parenting tanks are tapped.

Once I got all snuggled in bed for a nap I figured an orgasm would be just what I needed to get some rest. I just so happened to mention that as he was walking out the door from tucking me in. I took the opportunity of being alone in the bedroom and cagedmonkey stuck out in the living room with the kids to tease him like mad and create and even more frustrated situation for him.

I started using my wand, vibrating my clit and thought how amazing it would be if he got a picture play-by-pay I’d what I was doing to myself in there while getting off. I sent him picture after picture of what I was doing and I could feel the frustration in the responses.


As my pussy was being vibrating, I could feel the warm wet juices begin to flow. I felt my entire crotch quivering right inside of me. I felt this feeling of wanting to be filled up and feel that big think cock sliding in and out of me.


I started to fuck myself with “Adam” my very realistic feeling favorite dildo. He responded with, “omfg, no way!” Mainly because I’ve only used “Adam”on my self once or twice before and he never has seen it. He was texting me back frantically begging to come watch me while I came but I just kept sending things. I even made him a video to drive it in deep.

Click here to watch the video
(sorry not the best quality – still working out adding video to the site – bear with us!!)

I think it made it worse as I kept escalating what I was doing to please myself. It was so hard to see step by step how I was getting myself off and he was stuck dealing with the kids. Once I fucked my pussy good with “Adam” I just needed a really big cum while I was stuffed full of that thick dildo. So I added the wand and pushed myself over into a full body-tightening orgasm. I only wish I could have screamed out!


Just after this picture I received a text from him to which I simply text him back:
He came in the bedroom, I let him pull Adam from my pussy and lick the entire thing clean of my girlie goo. He then washed it and put it away in our bin. I did also demand he clean up the mess between my legs and I allowed him to make me cum one last time.

“Thank you, now go so I can sleep please,” was all I said as I rolled over and closed my eyes. I heard him sigh in complete frustration as he was walking out of the bedroom door.

As I write this, My Lady is in the bedroom using the wand to give her pussy a nice good cum (or two or three, you know how hard it is for her to stop at just one). Meanwhile, I’m in the living room keeping tabs on the kids. Just knowing that she’s in there, moaning and writhing on the bed, perhaps enjoying an orgasm at this very moment, while I sit here with my need to cum growing by the second… it’s driving me crazy.

It’s my fault, after all. I’m the one who turned her on to the point where she needed to masturbate. I’m the one who suggested that she her herself off in this way. So I pretty much asked for this.

Just a few minutes ago, we were laying on the couch together, when I snuck my hand down her pants and rubbed her soft wet pussy lips with my finger. Her smell has been getting me REALLY horny lately (I’ve been fantasizing being tied down and covered with her pussy juices as she uses my entire body to get herself off over and over), and I needed more of her. I whispered to her, requesting to sneak into the bedroom with her so I could give her a quick orgasm with my tongue. She nearly dragged me down the hall by my hand. 🙂

I licked her delicious pussy to a quick orgasm, and I promised her some slow drawn out loving after bedtime tonight. After her orgasm, she was laying on the bed, naked from the waist down, looking so damn sexy. I couldn’t resist climbing up on top of her between her legs and rubbing my cage on her horny pussy. ML immediately began to moan again and rub up against me. She looked at me and said, “Oh damn, I’m still horny… I think I might have to masturbate. Maybe I’ll use the wand…”

And that’s how we got here. Not only is she teasing me by having so many orgasms with ease while I am desperate for just one, by she’s also denying me the pleasure of watching her enjoy her orgasm. We both know exactly how much I enjoy her orgasms, and now I’m left to my imagination. Such sweet torture…

My therapist and I talk about a lot of things, which happens to be the exact reason I go to therapy. 🙂 I’ve been with him for over 10yrs and he’s been a huge impact on my mental health and my marriage. He is well aware of the fetishes hubby and I are into (ok maybe not ALL of them) and it’s fun to analyze with him what part of us is healing when we do these things. I’m sure you can imagine how interesting our sessions can get.

Yes, I’m one of those people that thinks some (not all) of our fetishes touch on some experience from our childhood. Those might be good experiences or traumatic ones, either way sometimes the sexual things we participate in are addressing some emotions from our past. I was going to get all psychological and explain how role play and acting out certain scenarios works to help you heal from the past but, it was really just too much for one post. I encourage you to look it up if that interests you at all. I really do just love that stuff and maybe one day I’ll be come a kinky therapist like my doc keeps telling me I should. 🙂

Obviously, we all know I’m a control freak, I have some strong OCD tendencies and other fun psychological stuff I get to deal with. I know from lots of work that my out of control, unstable childhood has a lot to do with my need to control every situation I’m in and person I’m with. No, I’m not a crazy person out there trying to control every situation because I am a logical person and I have learned that I am in control of MY things. 🙂 Which is also why I enjoy having things to control.

In exploring our sexual desires and learning about these different kinks and fetishes, I’m finding I like some pretty intense things. I know I’ve written before, in a comment, about how I feel like choking hubby touches on that one specific time I choked my brother. I felt so powerful in that moment when I was able to get him pinned, it felt so incredible at a time when I was very powerless. Being able to recreate that with hubby by choking him (we’ve actually done some more play like this but don’t write about every single time), we’ve realized is huge for me emotionally and well, it’s turns me the fuck on like crazy!

Yesterday morning I had another crazy realization when I went in to visit hubby, saw his gorgeous perfect little ass, climbed up and rubbed my pussy on it until I came, twice. The reason I realized this was addressing something from childhood was because in the middle of it I muttered out, in loud a whisper, something about how I wished I’d have had him when I was a kid. I told him his ass was the perfect little hump toy. How it fit perfectly for me to rub on and use him to please myself. When I was younger and started exploring this whole masturbation thing I would use a folded pillow or whatever to rub on or hump or however you want to put it. I can remember feeling like I was the one in charge, making myself feel that way. I was the one in charge of giving myself that pleasure. Nothing ever worked just right and I was constantly adjusting and readjusting. However, cagedmonkey’s little ass really does just fit perfectly in my pelvis. I soaked his butt with my extra wet pussy from cumming twice. I made sure to move up his body rubbing my wetness from his butt, up his back, to his neck.

I had so many emotions flood me right at that moment. I love that I’m so comfortable with my husband and our sexual relationship that I can admit these types of things to him. I’m sure he only thinks I’m slightly weird haha. It did spark a fantastic Dom/sub role play conversation and we both are looking forward to exploring more of these types of childhood things.

Last night was wonderful. Cagedmonkey was great about serving me and eating my pussy over and over until I was so sensitive I had to make him stop. I was writhing around clenching his head between my thighs. I was practically wrestling him around on the couch with all my strength, but he was relentless. I tried so very hard not to stop him by using my safeword but it was too much, my clit was extremely oversensitive.

I will point out that I held off on my safeword until real pain set in. I loved that he wouldn’t stop and wanted to make me cum over and over as much as he possibly could. There just comes a point where a woman’s clit seriously starts to hurt and I mean pain… not the good pain either.

I still loved every second of being pleased and gushing my pussy juices out. I loved him cleaning up all my juices and sucking my freshly shaved pussy lips clean.

As I do every night, I sent cagedmonkey off to work with my juices all over his face, smelling me and tasting me. After he left I watched a little tv but I couldn’t stop thinking about what had happened earlier and was getting myself turned on. I even got the chance to tell a dear subby friend all about how he ate my pussy which turned me on SO much more. I couldn’t help it, I just HAD to masturbate.

I took myself upstairs, grabbed my wand and “Adam” and decided to give myself one massive orgasm. Would it be fair NOT to tease my boy by sharing the orgasm with him? Heck no that’s not fair so I decided I would take pics of everything I was doing and text them to cagedmonkey to drive him absolutely bonkers. It turns him on SO much knowing that I take full advantage of my ability to have an orgasm any time I want!
image I started out with the wand on a nice gentle low speed. A comfortable make-me-feel-oh-so-good speed. That really got my juices flowing and I was soaking wet before I even came! I just kept getting hornier by letting the wand vibrate me this way. So much hornier that I just had to feel a big cock in me. Since mine isn’t available I needed the next best thing. I got “Adam” and got him all ready to fully fill up my pussy.
image I used Adam at a nice medium pace, careful not to slam it into me to hurt me. I basically made love to myself sweetly with my awesome realistic dildo. I wanted to make sure that this big orgasm I was about to have would be enjoyed by hubby when he got home. So I decided to have it on his pillow so my juices would be waiting there for him to sleep in. So here is a picture of what I left for him.
image I do think texting him and showing him all of this while it was happening was quite an effective tease. But perhaps he’ll want to tell you all about that.

Last night was amazing! I don’t think I’ve posted lately describing playtime so for those looking to get off, here you go, here’s a little word porn for ya haha 🙂

The evening started out lovely as cagedmonkey sent me out by myself to get my fingers and toes done at the nail salon. He took care of getting the kids showered and into bed while I got myself some wonderful, pampering, me time. What an amazing hubby man! I now have pretty purple fingernails and bright blue toenails. Hubby’s favorite color is purple so I picked it out just for him.


Once I got home we took care of the business side of things and I unlocked him, shaved him and we took a shower together. After we showered we had a couple drinks, watched some How I Met Your Mother on Netflix and things got frisky! I guess it doesn’t take long to go from watching tv to face-in-the-pussy when I’m sitting across from cagedmonkey on the couch, legs spread, mindlessly petting my pussy lips. He got very worked up and asked if he could please taste me. As if I’d say no to a little face time. 🙂

I let him get his little taste and back to his side of the couch he went. As we sat there talking and I was sipping my wine, I started rubbing my wet pussy lips. Since I never finger myself (only one other time), I told hubby I wondered what I felt like inside and gently slid my middle finger just inside my pussy. It felt so warm and soft and spongy. I could actually feel my g spot and started rubbing it. I told cagedmonkey I wondered what it would feel like in there if I came on my own fingers. He sat there eyes wide, watching as I slid my finger back and forth inside me. I rubbed my clit with my other hand and brought myself to orgasm. It felt so neat as my pussy squeezed and throbbed around my fingers.

After I came on my fingers I told cagedmonkey I wondered what I taste like. I asked him if I tasted good, should I taste myself? He looked at me with big eyes and said, “WHAT?!?!” I smiled my wicked little smirk and slowly put my cum covered fingers to my lips. He just gasped, “oh my God!” as I licked and sucked my fingers clean. It was driving him absolutely mad that I was doing the one thing he loves to do above all else, I was tasting my own pussy juices. I told him he should be stroking his cock and then I reached down with my whole hand and scooped up more of my gooey yummy cum. It was spreading between my fingers. I held it up and showed hubby and slowly brought it to my tongue. I looked hubby right in the eye as he was stroking and, again, licked and sucked each of my fingers clean.

Cagedmonkey sat there extremely turned on, edging himself as I teased him and I got up, walked over in front of him and sat my wet horny pussy right down on his cock. Just as quickly as I slid his cock in my pussy, I slid it out and knelt down to suck myself off of his slicked up cock. I think hubby may have stopped breathing as I did that. I was completely doing things out of my norm and he was astonished. I coated his cock a few more times like that and kept kneeling in front of him sucking his cock as if I were starving for it.

That’s when I told hubby that I would love to cum on his cock and have him shove his cock in my mouth and make me clean it off. He got up, laid me on the couch and before sticking his cock in me he brought me to a fantastic orgasm with his mouth. I guess he really wanted a taste too! With my pussy full of my fresh cum he slid his cock inside deep and thrust a few times to get it covered good with my juices. He pulled out his sopping wet cum covered cock, moved up to my face, grabbed the back of my head, tilted it slightly and shoved his cock deep, past my lips. I could feel his balls hit my chin as the tip of his cock opened my throat. He again thrust into my pussy while I rubbed my clit and came all over his cock and then forced his cock into my mouth. He did this repeatedly making me cum and then suck him clean. My eyes watered and I gagged on his big thick rock hard cock. I tasted different on his cock than my fingers.

When I’d had enough, I told him to stop but my body was not ready to stop having orgasms. I was so incredibly turned on by the whole situation I just HAD to cum… not once, not twice but three more times. I laid there breathing heavy on the couch, loving every bit of what just happened. Loving that I made him dominate me and directed him how to do it. It was just all so incredibly hot!

Hubby is home from work again tonight… I wonder if we’ll get up to some naked naughty fun stuff again.

Ok so I don’t think being able to orgasm spontaneously is a superpower but cagedmonkey seems to think so! Haha He just really finds it fascinating that I have so many different ways that I can orgasm. Most involve touching but some require none at all and still others happen whether I want them to or not. Don’t you worry, of course I’m going to explain what I mean! 🙂

So, of course, like most women I can orgasm with clitoral stimulation. It really is a wonderful thing to feel that warm soft tongue slide between your pussy lips to find and connect with your clit. That amazing feeling when it is rubbed, licked, kissed and gently sucked. Just send shivers up my spine and makes my pussy quiver thinking about it.

There’s also the g-spot orgasm when a guy hits, rubs and tickles that wondrous spongy spot just inside the vagina. I just love when hubby switches from fingering me deep to rubbing my g-spot just at the perfect time. He seems to know exactly when I’m at the very beginning of my orgasm. It’s just crazy how my body reacts to his different touches. 🙂

I am a girl who has multiple orgasms and it seems like once cagedmonkey gets me going I almost can’t stop. Sometimes my pussy just needs to orgasm and that feeling, those tickles, tingle and quivers stick around even after he’s made me cum a few times. I’ll just be sitting there after a few good orgasms and my body just starts to spasm and twitch. I get that feeling between my legs (I’m getting wet writing this right now, thinking about it!) and my pussy just starts tightening and throbbing and that feeling comes over my whole body as I have myself a “leftovers” orgasm. That’s the only way I can explain it, it’s leftover tickles and tingles in my pussy that cause an orgasm even when I’m not being touched and it happens whether I want it to our not. My body just gives itself this orgasm. I’ve tried to fight it but I just can’t. Sometimes they are stronger than others but they are orgasms just the same.

There are a few other orgasms I could get into (like squirting) but for now I’ll just mention one more. This one might be cagedmonkey’s favorite. I have one hell of an imagination and I can literally think myself into an orgasm. Just this morning, when hubby got home from work, we were kissing a bit and I happened to grab his sexy little ass at the same time. That kinda made me start to grind my hips toward him. We were standing there and in my head I imagined swirling my hips around as I was filled up with his hard cock and I could feel it in the pit of my stomach first. Then my muscles tightened in my pussy and they started to quiver and I felt a gush as my pussy suddenly got very wet. I could feel the warmth between my legs as I imagined slowly sliding myself up and down on his cock. I imagined squeezing his shaft so tight as I began to orgasm in my pants with no vaginal stimulation whatsoever. Oh geesh, I think I need to go masturbate after writing that!

So maybe I have a talent but I’m not sure I would call it a superpower. 🙂

Yesterday was quite a tease filled day. It started out in the morning with me tucking cagedmonkey in like usual. However, it ended up being much more than your typical tuck in! Before I went up he’d fallen asleep so he woke up to my wet horny pussy being shoved in his face and he immediately went to work servicing me. I let him lick me to a nice orgasm and then I slid down and straddled his stomach. I started kissing him very deep. I grabbed his neck under his chin, pushed his head back and started kissing him much more forcefully. I kissed him so deep and so hard that he gagged.

I have no idea what is going on with me the past few days but I’m in a severely dominant mood. I’m very aggressive and forceful. Cagedmonkey says I start to growl like a predator. That’s kinda how I feel like he’s my prey to be caught and used for my pleasure. I have this overwhelming feeling of wanting to use him so hard and force him to do things to me exactly how I want them done. It’s something that, as I get more comfortable with my level of self control, this aggressiveness progresses into much more.


Yes, that's my tattoo! 🙂

All day yesterday I had randomly been walking up to hubby and grabbing his face and kissing him so hard and deep. I’d grab his crotch, spank his ass as he walked by. I’d been quite clear with my sexual advances.

Last night, before hubby left for work, I had him begging me and whimpering. I decided to take off the Revenge (made him put that on the other day after his little cage free time) and enjoy myself with a little tease and torment. hehe 🙂 I started by simply stroking his rock hard cock to the edge and letting go. I did that over and over while I kind of had him pinned down with my legs. He gets quite squirmy these days when I’m edging him.

So I stroked him to the edge over and over, forced him to suck my big beautiful tits while I was doing it and loved listening to him moan, cuss and whimper each time I’d get him to the edge and leave him dangling there. That’s when I brought out my awesome trick. That really got him going and he started bucking his hips and really begging me to stop. Sometimes I wonder what it feels like when I do it… I guess he’ll have to tell us sometime!

Ohhhhhhh, what’s my trick, right? Hehe see, I even teased you! Well I wish I had a picture or video to show you but basically once I’ve edged him to the point of his cock being super sensitive I cup my hand slightly and place the head of his cock in the middle of my palm. This actually works so awesome with a tiny bit of lube or even precum works. I then move my hand flat, cupped, flat, cupped, etc squeezing with my thumb a bit too to give it that extra ooomph. I keep doing it at a very fast pace and it drives him absolutely crazy. I really have to hold him down then, so if you plan on doing this, tying him down might be a good option. I had a plan to only do it for about 5 mins straight but after seeing him, hearing him and feeling him bucking and squirming under me I just had to keep it up much longer. I kept him like that until the very last minute I could where he would still have time to get back in his cage and head off to work.

He is back in the Jail Bird now but boy oh boy did he have an awfully achy, horny night at work. Especially when I’d text him and tell him how I was rubbing my horny wet pussy, just because I could. *giggle*

Tonight is date night… it’s been awhile… I wonder what kinds of things my aggressive behavior will bring tonight! :)~