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The other big question we got over the weekend from family and friends was, “How did cagedmonkey propose?”

Well he took me out to dinner at a really expensive restaurant, while we were there a violinist came up to the table playing the most beautiful song… Haha yeah right, hubby wasn’t even 21 and hadn’t even graduated college yet. Plus he knows me way better and would take me to Burger King before some fancy restaurant. 🙂 I’m certainly not some fancy schmancy girl.

We knew we wanted to get married and I never really expected an actual proposal because we just knew we were meant to be together. Well what I didn’t know was that cagedmonkey had called and talked to my parents about it. My mom, since my parents were divorced for many years, offered him the diamond my father bought my mother for her engagement ring. She even mailed it out to him in NY and I had no idea. Cagedmonkey had taken it and had a ring made to fit the diamond in the style he knew I liked and had talked about.

It took a few weeks for the ring to come in. He got the call that it was ready and he headed over to pick it up. From the time he had picked up that hot little ring, it was burning a hole in his pocket! He picked it up on March 31st and he had big plans to take me out to dinner and ask me on my birthday a week later. Then he was getting impatient and he thought about doing a funny April Fools thing the next day. What actually happened was him calling me up at 11pm that night and asking if he could come over. I asked him why, I mean that was such a weird time to want to come over. He just said he missed me and wanted to talk to me so, of course, I told him yes.

The first thing he did when he got there was walk in my bedroom and kneel beside the bed, he didn’t actually say hello or anything, he just opened the box. I’m not exactly sure what he said, it was either “will you marry me?” Or “will you be my wife?” When I saw the ring, I think my brain broke because I know I just asked him “what the hell is that?!” And something along the lines of “are you fucking serious?!” And again “what IS that?!” And I think again “are you serious right now?! He just kept smiling and saying yes haha it was pretty funny to think back about.

Obviously I said yes and I’m so glad I did. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.