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Our Twitter followers were the first to get the scoop that I went to work uncaged yesterday. Although I have left for work uncaged before, this was almost always because my cock wouldn’t fit in the cage after fucking hot morning sex or teasing from ML. This time was different – this time there was a medical issue involved.

It was one of those “in the worst possible spot” things: I had an irritated hair follicle directly under my balls, pretty much right where the ring of my cage sits. Most of the time, I can deal with not being perfectly comfortable in my cage (case in point: dealing with a cock-crushing erection at two in the morning). This time, it just plain hurt. With the nature of what’s going on at my work right now, I wouldn’t be able to sit and ride it out. I was afraid this would become a bigger problem than it already was.

Thankfully, ML agreed and allowed me to go uncaged for the day. The plan was for me to lock myself later if I felt up to it. Luckily, I ended up having the opportunity to leave work early due to weather concerns, so I didn’t have to spend the day uncaged after all!

I’m very glad that my keyholder is very reasonable when it comes to my physical needs. My “wants” may go unfulfilled, but my needs are always taken care of.

We have to make time these days for play and getting up at 4:30am everyday makes it tough to stay up much later at night after the kids go to bed. So, for now, we do what we can when we can. Trust me, cagedmonkey is still getting teased just about daily. We just don’t have time for big scenes and long drawn out tease and torture sessions – except, last night, I made sure he had a tough time sleeping.

Let me start with yesterday morning! Hubby started his day extremely frustrated yesterday. Every morning cagedmonkey will usually get on his knees in front of me. I love how he starts his day showing his submission like that. Most of the time I’ll make him eat my pussy but when my delicious pussy is unavailable I will make him kiss, lick and suck my big boobies. I will rub them all over his face and tease his lips. Well yesterday morning I decided I’d make his day extremely frustrating by not allowing him to have my nipples in his mouth. I made him lick and smell the underside of my boobs, I rubbed my nipples around his lips and simply teased him but would not allow him to lick or suck or even taste them.
I sent him off to work wanting me, which I love! It seriously turns me on to have him texting me all morning about how crazy horny and wanting I’ve left him. Of course, why would I just leave it at that, right? I decided since he was wanting to lick and suck my big titties that I would torture him more by sending him pictures of my licking my own nipples and even a video of me starting right into the camera while I sucked my own nipples and rubbed myself. I thoroughly enjoyed tormenting him that way.

Later in the evening the kids had dance classes and basketball. Since hubby is coaching basketball I’ve been having him unlock for the practices. We never know how much he will be running around or whatever so, for now, he’s unlocked. Having him unlocked only gives me more chances to tease him and drive him absolutely bonkers while I deny him any sort of release.

Last night, after we got home from all the activities and got the kids to bed, I teased him a little more with my boobies, without letting him have them. Then, we wanted to watch the football game so I suggested we go in the bedroom and get comfortable while we watch. We didn’t pay too much attention to the game because after a few minutes I had him bound to the bed teasing, edging and torturing his cock. I used the wand on him while I edged him over and over and over again, he was dripping and making such a huge mess. I was smiling so huge and just giggling at him as he whimpered. I continued to vibrate his balls and cock while I edge and edge and edge him, over and over until he was begging me to stop. I must have edged him about 30 times in a row while he wiggled and squirmed and tugged against the restraints. He was begging me to stop and let him go to sleep, I just kept edging him and he kept dripping, everywhere.

Once I had him good and aching and practically crying I climbed up on him, pulled my panties aside and slid his aching cock into my extremely wet pussy. I just sat there on him while I used the wand on myself while it was also pressed against him. It certainly didn’t take long to get myself to climax, especially after being so incredibly turned on from teasing him. Once I started cumming it was so strong and so hard. I pressed into him harder as the wand continued to push my orgasm higher and higher. I was clawing at him, grabbing at him, and even smacked his face while I came on his cock… Probably one of the hardest cums I’ve ever had. It was so fucking incredible! I am sure I would have woken up the neighbors had I not controlled my volume. Lord knows I wanted to scream through that orgasm!

Once I was calmed down a bit I rolled off of him and his cock was super slick and covered in my cum… Which I then made him sleep in. I did reward him with a chance at licking and sucking my big, round, squishy boobies. I know he enjoyed every second of that reward! 🙂

Yes, the teasing continued this morning but I’m going to make him write and tell you all about that. 🙂

There was an excellent comment on my last post that was absolutely spot on, and perfectly describes one of the best things about male chastity.

chastityfemdom writes:

now that we have PIV so much less, when it happens (or rather when Mistress R lets it happen) we both enjoy it a lot more than we used to, when it was just an ‘everyday’ thing. Guy’s who don’t live this way really don’t appreciate how good it feels to be inside a nice wet pussy, or how it feels to hear ‘I want you to cum inside me’.

Thanks for the comment, Rob! And yes, I 100% agree with you!

When I’ve been locked up for a good amount of time, the feeling of My Lady’s warm wet pussy squeezing and gripping my hard cock is just fucking amazing. That’s not to say it doesn’t always feel great – because it does – but it’s a little extra special when I’ve been denied for so long.

It’s almost like tasting your first dessert after you’ve been on a strict diet for weeks. Sure, a brownie is a nice treat no matter what day of the week you eat it, but it’s beyond delicious if you haven’t had one for quite some time.

So, yes, male chastity is about submission and control and all of those things we talk about… but one of the bonuses of male chastity is that first taste of sex when you’ve been on a “pussy diet” for so long.

So I woke up today intending to write my “wearer’s review” of the new Jailbird device ML purchased for me, hoping that it would be a good reference for anyone interested in buying it from us, as well as a general review/information post. Lo and behold, today I found out that ML has already gotten offers on it without my post being written. I guess writing my review of the new JB will be for informational purposes only, then! 🙂

The Cage

As My Lady mentioned in her post, the dimensions of the new JB cage are smaller in both length and width. When I look at my penis when it is locked in the older cage, it looks as though there is room to tighten up just a little bit – there is often a little bit of space when I am flaccid. In practice, though, the new cage is just too tight; I would often find my penis crunched up against the side of the cage or twisted around inside., and I would often feel slight pinching when moving around at work. It wasn’t painful, but it did make wearing the cage uncomfortable. It was also difficult to adjust myself because of the extra crossbar because it was located right where I’m used to grabbing the bars to move the around when needed. I’m sure that the crossbar issue was something I could get used to, though.

The Base Ring

ML was hoping that the double ring would help keep the cage more stable against my body. I’m not sure if this was the case. The double ring did cause some discomfort issues in my sack area, however; I don’t know if the increased surface area compressed my skin more than I’m used to, if the gap was affected by the double ring, or if the added weight pulled down on my skin. All I know is that it didn’t feel right. I’ve gotten many questions lately on whether a single or double ring is better, or which shape ring is best (circle/oval/anatomical/etc.). I think that whatever fits your own body best ends up being what you get used to. I’ve worn devices with a single ring for so long, a double ring just isn’t right for me. The reverse could be true for someone else.


The new JB doesn’t have any major issues – it’s not cutting off circulation, and there are no rough spots or anything like that. There are just a bunch of small discomforts that all add up to the conclusion that it’s not the right fit for me. I do think that the extra crossbar is a nice look, which is why ML and I are going to try a cage with the new bar style and the old measurements.

I recently surprised cagedmonkey with a new Mature Metal Jail Bird. I called up and talked to Mistress MM and ordered a different version of the custom device we already have, with a few changes in size as well. I told her all about the surprise I had in mind for cagedmonkey she was extremely helpful in getting the device ordered without him knowing I’d even ordered it.

Way back in 2013 when we ordered our first Jail Bird, we’d ordered the device very similar to the Bird Cage we had been using. We ordered a 2 inch round base ring and a 4 inch long cage that was 1 1/2 inch in diameter. While those measurements worked just fine, after about a month or so we knew exactly what measurements needed some tweaking. That’s when we sent back the device to Mature Metal and William made some adjustments.


Original Jail Bird BR: 1 7/8" ID: 1 1/2" Length: 3"

When we received the cage back it was all shiny and resized. It now had a 1 & 7/8 inch oval base ring and a 3 inch long cage with the same 1 1/2 inch diameter. That cage has fit perfectly for the past year and a half or so that cagedmonkey has been locked in it. There really is no need for a new cage other than I wanted to try a slightly new look.

When I ordered this new Jail Bird I really liked the idea of adding a ring to the actual cage part as well as making the whole device just a bit more snug. The added ring seems to make CM’s bits slightly less accessible as well as add a neat look to the cage. It still allows for wonderful hygiene though because it’s still a very open style cage. I also ordered him a double base ring with the hopes that it might help add some surface area and hold the cage a little more snug to cagedmonkey’s body.


New Jail Bird DBR: 1 7/8" ID: 1 3/8" Length: 2 3/4"

The new cage’s measurements are slightly smaller and tighter than our original but the double base ring is the same 1 7/8″ oval. The cage length is 2 3/4″ and the inside diameter is 1 3/8″. That extra ring on the cage really makes it look like a large difference in size but it’s really not.
I really do like the look of the new cage when cagedmonkey wears it but alas the new sizing wasn’t exactly a good thing. The new length was probably not an issue at all but the diameter was just a bit too small and cagedmonkey was getting pinched because his skin was sticking out between the bars just enough. There is such a thing as a cage being a little too snug around the shaft. I hear people say all the time how “you really can’t go too short” and I’m not sure I believe that because you really do need a properly fitting device in length and diameter.
While over all I do love the look of this cage, I want cagedmonkey to be comfortable in the cage he wears for me, or at least most of the time anyway. Granted, the cage can get a bit uncomfortable at times when I make it that way but in everyday wear I want it to be something he can wear all day everyday. It shouldn’t be pinching him or difficult to maneuver or need too much adjusting to use the bathroom. That is something I’ll let cagedmonkey tell you about here.

So what it comes down to is this; we will be selling this new Jail Bird and I will reorder another one exactly the same with the 1 1/2″ inside diameter. If you or anyone you know are looking for a nice Mature Metal device life this and you don’t want to wait on build time, please contact us!

It’s been over two weeks now of 24/7 lockup in the JB and I’m going through the usual “difficult feels” that hit me around this time. Not only does it get rough on me mentally at this point, but it’s no picnic physically either! My Lady has taken the opportunity of having my cock caged to tickle and tease it through the bars from time to time, and I can definitely feel the sensitivity to touch increasing. Sometimes, all it takes is a brush of her fingers before I feel myself start to swell inside the cage. And once that process statrs, it’s almost impossible to stop it.

This past weekend, I had a very painful bout of “morning wood,” as it were. ML and I were snuggling throughout the night, and I woke up extremely aroused. I’ve been getting this for the past week or so, so I wasn’t surpised by it happening. I was surprised by how much it hurt this time around. Over the past couple of years of living the chastity lifestyle, it was never this bad. It felt like the cage was crushing my cock, as well as tugging hard on my sack. It was rough, to put it lightly.

I did my best to relax myself by taking deep breaths, and I tried to help with my circulation by squeezing the muscles in my legs to increase the blood flow to those areas… yes, I’m a big nerd for knowing these types of things work; yes, they usually do work pretty well. But this night, my stubborn cock was having none of it. It was almost as if I was stuck in a self-perpetuating circle: the tightness of the cage around my cock was giving me the sensation of being squeezed, which of course is usually a good thing when taking into account how tight my wife’s pussy gets when she’s horny and wants to be fucked. This squeezing sensation gets my cock throbbing and swelling even more, pressing harder against the cage. This makes the cage feel even tighter, which starts the cycle all over again.

Basically, once it gets to this point, I’m fucked unless I can somehow break the cycle.

I ended up laying in bed, curled in a pained half-ball, surfing the internet on my phone because I had nothing else to distract me. After about ten minutes of reading boring news stories and sports updates, I finally felt the death grip of the cage on my cock begin to loosen just the slightest bit; it was another fifteen minutes until I was finally comfortable enough to try sleeping again. I turned my phone off, rolled over, and tried to get back to sleep. It was much easier without the crushing pressure on my poor locked up cock, however now I had to deal with the issue of my cock gushing precum all over the bedsheets. Although, after being denied for months on end in the past, this is a situation that I’ve become very familiar with.

It’s funny to think about how much my life has changed with chastity, considering now that sleeping in a bed soaked with precum is the least of my problems.

Wednesday afternoon, I was taking a nap in the bedroom, attempting to recover from driving home overnight. ML had slept a little bit when we first got home, so she was on kid duty while I got my sleep in.

That was the plan, until the kids asked if they could play video games, which allowed ML to sneak away to the bedroom for a few moments. 🙂

ML woke me up with a pair of big giant titties in my face. I greedily sucked on her nipples as she grinded her pussy against my hardening cock. A moment later, I was sliding into her wet pussy with ease.

ML slid herself up and down on my body, taking my cock deep inside her with each thrust. As usual, it didn’t take long for me to start getting close to cumming. As usual, I let ML know I was close. Not as usual, ML didn’t slow down; she continued thrusting up against me, and I felt my orgasm approaching very quickly.

I felt ML’s body tense up from her orgasm about one stroke before I reached mine. She continued riding me as we both came, fighting to keep our moans of pleasure as quiet as possible to avoid alerting the children of their parents getting it on in the next room. ML continued to work her cum-filled pussy on my cock to a second, even more intense orgasm. I’m sure she would have screamed if she weren’t holding herself back.

Damn, it was nice to just cum inside her like that. I’m going to have to savor it, since it seems that I will be denied for quite a while this time around. My Lady has already said that she wishes to go for a full month before she even unlocks me, so it’ll be at least that long before my next orgasm. I have considered the possibility that I have already had my last orgasm of 2015. It’s all up to My Lady and her desires.

A reader named “The Half Heard” wrote the following comment on the last Mail Chastity post:

With the security screw, do you ever experience it making it’s way loose on it’s own? I have that issue occasionally with the Jail Bird and the solution I found was I took the locking screw into the local hardware store, and found I think a 5/32 nut that fit on it nicely. Something along that size anyway!

Now that’s ingenuity for ya! 🙂

To answer your question… yes, the security screw on the JB does come loose. In fact, I know exactly what to do in order to make it finger-loosenable (I won’t describe it here, however, in order to avoid spreading “chastity cheating” tips). In all honesty, it comes in handy when ML wants a quickie with her toy: she sends me off to the bedroom and tells me to unlock and get hard for her so she can ride me. There’s no fumbling for a key, no wasted time, no awkward moments. It also helps when I’m too aroused to get the cage back on before I have to leave for work: I just take the cage to work and put it on during my first bathroom break (and text a pic to My Lady for her pleasure).

Now, some people might start crowing, “That’s not real chastity if you can just loosen the screw and unlock any time you want!” That’s only true if you’re considering “real chastity” as a physical entity only. I feel the mental aspect of it is just as important, perhaps even more so. Even if the post of the JB was welded to the cage, I could still pull out of the device and jack off. I wear this cock cage because it pass My Lady and I crave being under her sexual control, and that’s all that really matters.

With that said… THH has a great idea with the addition of a nut to the security screw (I can’t help but chuckle when I think about the “addition of a nut” to the chastity device). I just wonder if there would be enough counter-torque in order to disengage the screw from the nut. Maybe you’ll need a miniature wrench? Not sure. But, definitely great thinking outside the box!

Today has been an awfully crazy day. I had a lot of phone calls to make to the health insurance company, the HR department at cagedmonkey’s work, the surgeons office and on and on. I’ve only got a few days left to try to get all of the disability and insurance stuff worked out for cagedmonkey’s surgery. Wee certainly want to be able to pay the bills and eat food while he’s out of work for a month. He will be going in on Thursday to have surgery to repair his elbow tendon. They will be cutting off the bad end of the tendon and reattaching it.

Anyway, that means I had to get him to get bloodwork done today too and take him to the eye doctor to get a new pair of contact lenses. We basically were running all day today so hubby got no actual sleep during the day. He did still have to get to work tonight so when we got home this evening I instructed him to take a nap on the couch. I hung out with the kids and got them all through their bedtime routine and tucked in bed. I decided I’d leave him there to sleep until 9pm so he got a good few hours to sleep before work.

When I finally did wake him (after 9!) we had some things to take care of, waking him up, dressed and getting him set for work. Well, I forgot to get his dinner ready so I started to rush around doing that and totally forgot that I had him uncaged last night for some teasing. (I do hope we write about that, it was incredibly hot!) So, as we are getting him out the door we’re like “Shit! Get the cage and put it on at work.” So I rush and throw the cage in a bag and dump it in his dinner bag.

Well he got to work and went to cage up and texts me to ask where the screw was. Ugh… FUCK! It’s here, with me! It’s my own fault for not waking him up sooner, for not having things ready in advance and for not making him cage before his nap. I know he’s nervous that I’m going to be upset and worried that he’s not caged. I’m actually not too worried, to be honest. I know he’s my good boy. I know he doesn’t want to fuck up what we have. I know he enjoys this as much as I do and he knows if he does cheat or touch my property without permission, that we won’t do this anymore. It’s no fun for me to deal with disobedience and if he doesn’t follow rules, I won’t bother having this kind of fun with him.

It’s my own fault I have a cage free monkey but I do know he’s a good monkey and he’ll behave himself.