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If you’ve been reading our blog you’re already familiar with the fact that I am a huge researcher. When I’m interested in something I search the hell out of it on the internet and I love physical (& ebooks) books. As a new Keyholder I was happy to find that there were actually a few books out there for Keyholders and about male chastity. I have been into tease & denial since cagedmonkey and I got together but it is always great to find a book to give some ideas for that as well.

Below are just some of the books I’ve read on these subjects; well the ones I care to review and recommend to other Keyholders.

In all my research I was extremely happy when I found those certain key words to search that brought me to the websites with real life male chastity information. People who are married, love each other and live the lifestyle how they want it to be. Btw, those magic key words? Yeah, I finally got around to using “male chastity and/in marriage.” What a huge difference that made in weeding out the fantasy world.

That’s when I found Thumper’s blog as well as Sarah Jameson’s blog.I found that Sarah had written books that were available on her site and that is what got me started on hunting down books.
Sarah’s book main book (if she’s still selling it) is a bit pricey however she does have a couple free ebooks. Her tease & denial guide and guide to male chastity & orgasm denial (no I don’t feel it’s a “complete guide” but it’s a good read anyway) are pretty good for a Keyholder who might also be new at tease and denial. You can also sign up for free emails from her that do offer some good advice.
I can tell you that Sarah’s book is a pretty good book. It’s a very gentle, easy read and focuses on male chastity in a marriage. It really would be great for a very vanilla wife looking for information on this lifestyle. Though with all the other books out there, now, it’s hard to justify the cost of her book (which was an ebook/pdf when I got it). 🙂 I think it could be a great resource if she lowered the price and possibly offered it in print format.

A couple of cheaper books are available on Georgia Ivey Green has a book “A Keyholder’s Handbook: A Womans guide to male chastity”
This book has some good advice for a keyholder on chastity but be aware she also talks about some other fetishes such as feminization, humiliation and others. This book is less than $10.00 and well worth it in my opinion. As with any self help type book, you take what applies to you and leave the rest. Nothing is the end all authority on how to live your FLR or chastity lifestyle.

Mistress Ivey also has another book “How to setup an FLR” which is a great read if you are also looking to expand your chastity lifestyle to include a Female Led aspect.
This book gives a couple a lot to think about in regards to what they each want from their relationship. It has questions for both partners to see where they are in terms of flr. We used this book to help write our chastity agreement.

Another book available from Amazon and is more vanilla than Mistress Ivey’s book but is an excellent starters guide is “Male Chastity: A Guide for Keyholders” by Lucy Fairbourne.
This book is in both paperback and ebook format which is also around $10.00. It’s well worth it again in my opinion. If you are looking for a book to start with or to introduce your wife/partner to chastity and being your Keyholder, this would be it. As the book states it is a very “non-threatening, female-friendly introduction to the topic of male chastity, ideal for nervous keyholders or as a love-offering from a would-be-chastened male.” This book is a gentle approach to the subject and written in a very matter-of-fact style. It really is the perfect way to introduce this kink.

I try to give my honest opinions on the things I use or read. I hope that they are helpful to those who check out our blog and those looking to get started in this wonderful lifestyle. We love and embrace both the chastity and flr/wlm parts of our relationship.

Please feel free to add your own opinions of these books in the comments. If others are anything like me they would love to hear more than just one point of view.


I placed our order from Steelworxx and got the email notification that it was on the way. Well ladies and gentlemen, the mailman delivered our package today! Steelworxx sent our package out from Germany on Jan 17th and 8 days later we have received it here in Northeast, USA. I know others have had issues with their packages being caught up in customs but apparently we had no issues with the post what so ever!

Our device came in a plain brown box with no obvious information on it. It was very discreet packaging, which I’m happy about. Especially when you have a kid who likely is the one to answer the door when the mailman asks for a signature. I also thought it was great that Steelworxx sent it with signature confirmation. The device was packed in the box very well and came in a black velvet bag embroidered with the Steelworxx logo. Also included with the device was a brass lock and key set which was unexpected.

I cannot even begin to explain how excited I am to try this on hubby. I’m very eager to put him through a “no lookie, no touchie” thing while being teased and denied. It’s going to be such a psychological mind fuck! I chose to get him the Revenge because it gives an enclosed feeling while still having the tip of the tube semi open for hygiene purposes.


The device itself is very nicely made, not too heavy, smooth and you can really feel the quality. So far I’m very pleased with it. I’m sure hubby can give a better idea of comfort of wear, how getting it on and what maintaining it is like once he’s in it and gets a feel for the device.

I’m really looking forward to this evening! I’ll add a picture of him in the device later when we get a chance to try it on.