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We were so happy to be asked by Topco Toyz to review a few products and give our honest and unbiased opinion. Of course we love toys and trying them out so this was so perfect for us and we appreciate them asking! 

One of the toys we received was the Magic Massager G-Spot Pleaser. This is a “magic wand” or Hitachi attachment that gives you an extra boost by getting you in touch with your more sensitive spots. The attachment itself is a soft rubbery-like material. It’s almost got a sticky feeling too it right out of the package. We washed it before use (always a good idea with toys being used with your intimate areas!) And the sticky feeling didn’t really go away. It wasn’t a turn off but I felt it was something to mention. The g-spot attachment was just the right firmness to be inserted (it didn’t wiggle around too much going in) and then the to portion sat right against my clit giving me a good amount of vibration all around.

It’s not a very big size but it is angled just right to reach that spongy sensitive spot to push us ladies over the edge of an intense orgasm. It fit perfectly on my magic wand but I did have to remove the original cover to put this on.

I think this toy will be very helpful for those times I want to tie cagedmonkey up and force him to watch me please myself over and over, while he continues to be denied his own pleasure until I’m ready to give it to him! 🙂 Go check out Topco Toyz for the Magic Massager and many other great toys to add to your collection! Keep an eye out for other fun reviews coming up as we get in more playtime!

Yesterday I spent yet another day teasing and frustrating cagedmonkey. This time I did not allow him out of his cage and I didn’t interrupt his sleep too terribly much. I went in, teased him a bit, mindfucked him a bit with some suggestive whispering in his ear and then went about my errands for the day.

Later in the afternoon I was exhausted because the day was going so rough so once I woke hubby he offered to let me go lay down and cook dinner for us. How sweet he is to give me some time to refill when my parenting tanks are tapped.

Once I got all snuggled in bed for a nap I figured an orgasm would be just what I needed to get some rest. I just so happened to mention that as he was walking out the door from tucking me in. I took the opportunity of being alone in the bedroom and cagedmonkey stuck out in the living room with the kids to tease him like mad and create and even more frustrated situation for him.

I started using my wand, vibrating my clit and thought how amazing it would be if he got a picture play-by-pay I’d what I was doing to myself in there while getting off. I sent him picture after picture of what I was doing and I could feel the frustration in the responses.


As my pussy was being vibrating, I could feel the warm wet juices begin to flow. I felt my entire crotch quivering right inside of me. I felt this feeling of wanting to be filled up and feel that big think cock sliding in and out of me.


I started to fuck myself with “Adam” my very realistic feeling favorite dildo. He responded with, “omfg, no way!” Mainly because I’ve only used “Adam”on my self once or twice before and he never has seen it. He was texting me back frantically begging to come watch me while I came but I just kept sending things. I even made him a video to drive it in deep.

Click here to watch the video
(sorry not the best quality – still working out adding video to the site – bear with us!!)

I think it made it worse as I kept escalating what I was doing to please myself. It was so hard to see step by step how I was getting myself off and he was stuck dealing with the kids. Once I fucked my pussy good with “Adam” I just needed a really big cum while I was stuffed full of that thick dildo. So I added the wand and pushed myself over into a full body-tightening orgasm. I only wish I could have screamed out!


Just after this picture I received a text from him to which I simply text him back:
He came in the bedroom, I let him pull Adam from my pussy and lick the entire thing clean of my girlie goo. He then washed it and put it away in our bin. I did also demand he clean up the mess between my legs and I allowed him to make me cum one last time.

“Thank you, now go so I can sleep please,” was all I said as I rolled over and closed my eyes. I heard him sigh in complete frustration as he was walking out of the bedroom door.

As I write this, My Lady is in the bedroom using the wand to give her pussy a nice good cum (or two or three, you know how hard it is for her to stop at just one). Meanwhile, I’m in the living room keeping tabs on the kids. Just knowing that she’s in there, moaning and writhing on the bed, perhaps enjoying an orgasm at this very moment, while I sit here with my need to cum growing by the second… it’s driving me crazy.

It’s my fault, after all. I’m the one who turned her on to the point where she needed to masturbate. I’m the one who suggested that she her herself off in this way. So I pretty much asked for this.

Just a few minutes ago, we were laying on the couch together, when I snuck my hand down her pants and rubbed her soft wet pussy lips with my finger. Her smell has been getting me REALLY horny lately (I’ve been fantasizing being tied down and covered with her pussy juices as she uses my entire body to get herself off over and over), and I needed more of her. I whispered to her, requesting to sneak into the bedroom with her so I could give her a quick orgasm with my tongue. She nearly dragged me down the hall by my hand. 🙂

I licked her delicious pussy to a quick orgasm, and I promised her some slow drawn out loving after bedtime tonight. After her orgasm, she was laying on the bed, naked from the waist down, looking so damn sexy. I couldn’t resist climbing up on top of her between her legs and rubbing my cage on her horny pussy. ML immediately began to moan again and rub up against me. She looked at me and said, “Oh damn, I’m still horny… I think I might have to masturbate. Maybe I’ll use the wand…”

And that’s how we got here. Not only is she teasing me by having so many orgasms with ease while I am desperate for just one, by she’s also denying me the pleasure of watching her enjoy her orgasm. We both know exactly how much I enjoy her orgasms, and now I’m left to my imagination. Such sweet torture…

I dropped the kids off to day camp this morning, stopped at McDonalds for a coffee on the way home and the whole way back thought about how wonderful it was going to be to crawl back in bed with cagedmonkey and nap in each other’s arms. Yeah that happened for a little while, but it wasn’t too long before he woke up to the sounds of my Magic wand humming on my clit.

He watched me, enjoying the vibrations for a bit, taking in each of my breathy moans. He was begging me to enjoy every bit of it, not to cum right away but to take it all in. He asked me to feel it deep before I let it drive me into a massive orgasm. I arched my back as the sensations were sent through my body. He whispered, “may I take over?” And I handed him the wand. I let him hold it there stimulating my clit relentlessly bringing me to that first orgasm. I moaned loud, taking full advantage of the fact that we were alone in the house. Screaming out things like, “oh God, yes, yes, fuck” and plenty of other things I’m sure.

He didn’t stop, didn’t turn off the wand, didn’t take it off my clit… I didn’t want him to. I wanted him to keep going, to keep pushing me into orgasm after orgasm. My body shaking, trembling and shuddering through each and every one. The next stronger than the last. Over and over, screaming, moaning, yelping, twisting, arching, squeezing, tensing up. It was a flow of orgasm after sweet orgasm. I had cum so much I began begging him to fuck me, I wanted… no, NEEDED to feel him inside me while the wand stimulated me. I needed to feel the thick length of his shaft sliding in and out of my pussy. I didn’t want it fast or hard nor slow but rather perfectly paced and he got it! Though that second I was about to go over he couldn’t stay in or he would have instantly cum with me. He grabbed “Adam” and got into my favorite scissor position and paced it perfectly while I held the wand in place on my clit. The orgasm that came from that position was unbelievable. I can’t even begin to explain how it was other than it was so strong my entire body tensed up and lifted me off the bed straight and stiff like a board. It was so crazy… absolutely amazing!

Wow! Cagedmonkey did think quick, because the orgasm was so long and intense, to grab his phone for some audio – perhaps he’ll work out getting that posted here! Keep an eye… err ear out! 🙂

I just wanted to share one last thing. Later this afternoon I was heading over to get the kids from camp and I had a feeling come over me, that I’m sure some other keyholders may understand. I felt almost this feeling of guilt. I’ve been getting these massive, intense, hardcore orgasms and hubby has gotten none. I got this feeling like I owed him one for giving me such outstanding ones. Like I felt bad… I quickly talked myself out of it, lol, but I found it interesting that I had those feelings since I haven’t had that except maybe way in the beginning of our chastity play.

Last night was wonderful. Cagedmonkey was great about serving me and eating my pussy over and over until I was so sensitive I had to make him stop. I was writhing around clenching his head between my thighs. I was practically wrestling him around on the couch with all my strength, but he was relentless. I tried so very hard not to stop him by using my safeword but it was too much, my clit was extremely oversensitive.

I will point out that I held off on my safeword until real pain set in. I loved that he wouldn’t stop and wanted to make me cum over and over as much as he possibly could. There just comes a point where a woman’s clit seriously starts to hurt and I mean pain… not the good pain either.

I still loved every second of being pleased and gushing my pussy juices out. I loved him cleaning up all my juices and sucking my freshly shaved pussy lips clean.

As I do every night, I sent cagedmonkey off to work with my juices all over his face, smelling me and tasting me. After he left I watched a little tv but I couldn’t stop thinking about what had happened earlier and was getting myself turned on. I even got the chance to tell a dear subby friend all about how he ate my pussy which turned me on SO much more. I couldn’t help it, I just HAD to masturbate.

I took myself upstairs, grabbed my wand and “Adam” and decided to give myself one massive orgasm. Would it be fair NOT to tease my boy by sharing the orgasm with him? Heck no that’s not fair so I decided I would take pics of everything I was doing and text them to cagedmonkey to drive him absolutely bonkers. It turns him on SO much knowing that I take full advantage of my ability to have an orgasm any time I want!
image I started out with the wand on a nice gentle low speed. A comfortable make-me-feel-oh-so-good speed. That really got my juices flowing and I was soaking wet before I even came! I just kept getting hornier by letting the wand vibrate me this way. So much hornier that I just had to feel a big cock in me. Since mine isn’t available I needed the next best thing. I got “Adam” and got him all ready to fully fill up my pussy.
image I used Adam at a nice medium pace, careful not to slam it into me to hurt me. I basically made love to myself sweetly with my awesome realistic dildo. I wanted to make sure that this big orgasm I was about to have would be enjoyed by hubby when he got home. So I decided to have it on his pillow so my juices would be waiting there for him to sleep in. So here is a picture of what I left for him.
image I do think texting him and showing him all of this while it was happening was quite an effective tease. But perhaps he’ll want to tell you all about that.


 My Lady has been in need of a good hard fucking for a little while now. Now, I’m all abou pleasing my KH, but this has been something of a problem for me since we started practicing male chastity. I find myself to be extremely sensitive when having sex with ML, to the point where I can only manage a good 3 or 4 hard thrusts until I’m dangerously close to cumming. We’ve experimented with toys, but we haven’t found the right toy that fills ML’s need for a good hard pounding and yet doesn’t feel like a mannequin is fucking her.

So, as ML described earlier, she had me wear the Rode-Oh strap on underwear along with Blue and wait until she wanted to come up and give them a ride. I slept for a little bit… which was a little awkward, what with a rubber penis flopping around the bed and all. Then ML came walking into the bedroom with that “I’m about to take what I want from you and you can’t do anything to stop me” look in her eyes.

Her pussy was already soaking wet when she climbed on top of me; she needed no lube whatsoever. She pushed the head of Blue just past her pussy lips and then slowly slid down until she had taken it’s entire length. Her weight pushed down on my quickly hardening cock and I could feel her warm pussy through the undies.

ML started her ride slow, but that didn’t last long. She was soon thrusting her hips powerfully down onto mine, fucking herself with Blue in the way she had been craving so badly. Every time she pushed downward, I could feel her pussy pressing hard against my stiff cock. It felt almost as though she were riding my cock, except for the fact that I couldn’t feel her tight pusy lips gripping my shaft. Thankfully, My Lady decided not to cuff my hands as she had planned, so I was free to grab her hips and move her up and down on the dildo. It felt great to be with her like this and watch her as she got more and more excited. I looked into her eyes as her body shuddered and she came all over the fake cock.

My Lady stood up and turned around to face my feet. Now, before I continue I must mention that My Lady has the most OMG FANTASTIC FUCKING ASS in the world. So there I was, treated to the amazing view of ML’s perfect ass along with being able to watch Blue slide into her sopping wet pussy from behind. Holy shit, was it great. I could watch that all fucking day, I swear. She began to ride Blue again, hard and fast, . Soon my hands were on her hips again, guiding her ass up and down, squeezing her cheeks together so she could feel Blue filling her up even more. Then ML reached for the wand and turned it on.

She first began to rub her clit with the wand, during which I felt a little bit of vibration due to being so close to her pussy. After a few seconds of this, she moved the wand down farther and began to vibrate her pussy and my balls through the underwear. It felt sooooo good; there were a few moments where I was afraid I might cum just from that stimulation, but I was able to hold off. Thankfully I did, because it wasn’t long before ML was tensing up and pushing herself through a VERY STRONG orgasm.

That wand certainly is magic! I could tell she was trying to continue riding Blue hard, but her cum was so intense she just couldn’t manage it. She was fighting hard to keep the sound of her orgasm down as best she could, only letting out a few stifled moans and whimpers here and there. After a good thirty seconds, she switched the wand off and collapsed down onto my legs.

She was spent and a half.

I was overjoyed!

See, I’ve really been hoping to find a solution to the problem that My Lady craves penetrative sex. Yeah, I know, big problem, right? Well, it is when you’re practicing male chastity. ML and I can push it for a few weeks, but eventually she just needs to be fucked. So I’ve been hoping to find a toy that she enjoys enough to satisfy this need. The problem is that ML doesn’t particularly like dildos or vibrators. She prefers the real thing.

Don’t get me wrong here, I don’t want her to never want my cock inside her again… God NO! But the key distinction here is “want” vs. “need.” I don’t want ML to need to have my cock inside her, because that takes away a level of control she has over me. I do want ML to want my cock inside her. I want her to have it on her own terms, denying or allowing me penetration when and how she decides. So you can see why this is so important to me. And you can also see why I was so happy that she was able to cum so hard with Blue, and I was even happier when she told me afterwards, “We are going to have to do this lots more!”

Yes ma’am!

My Lady and I decided to bring the Rode-Oh and Blue on a road trip we will be taking next week. I also purchased her a cyberskin strap-on attachment that I hope works out even better than Blue. Fingers crossed on that one.  😉

cagedmonkey: My Lady has really begun to enjoy the practice of queening. She sits atop me, covering my face with her pussy and asshole. On prior occasions, she uses this as a way to play with breath control, limiting my oxygen as she forces me to tongue fuck her pussy. The other day was a little different – she sat facing my feet, her pussy covering the top half of my face while my mouth was free to breathe… although I was using it mostly to lick her swollen clit .

She was getting into it, enjoying herself very much as she rubbed her pussy up and down on my face. My nose was pressing between her pussy lips as I sucked and licked her clit. I love it when she takes charge like this and basically fucks my face the way she wants it. 🙂

Then I notice her reaching for one of her new favorite toys – the magic wand. 🙂 She turned in on, and soon I felt the vibrations of the wand pulsing through her pussy right down to my mouth. It didn’t take her very long to begin to moan and her hips to writhe against my face. Another few moments and she was cumming hard; I felt her pussy quiver on my face, and her hips press down onto my face. I was frantically licking her clit, trying to push her farther through her orgasm. Then, suddenly… My Lady was squirting pussy juice RIGHT INTO MY MOUTH!! I could hear her moaning loudly, and my mouth was quickly filling up with her warm pussy juice! I had no choice but to swallow it all, but the squirting did not stop. As I swallowed, she continued squirting on my face, her juices running down my face and neck, soaking my pillow in the process.

All in all, I had to swallow three times until My Lady was finished hosing me down with her pussy! She was shaking as she lifted herself off of me, and was amazed by how much she had squirted.

It was SOOOOO FUCKING HOT!!! I absolutely love it when My Lady squirts. For one, I know she is in the middle of an intense orgasm when she does, and I very often have a sympathetic orgasm/body spasm when it happens. Secondly, it is a huge mindfuck – My Lady is squirting cum from her pussy, meanwhile I can’t squirt cum from my cock while I am locked in my cage! It’s almost as if she’s taunting me as she’s cumming her brains out!

Lady M:

I just love taking a few minutes our of the day to go up and sit on cagedmonkey’s face. It feels so good to be in control of how and when my pussy will be licked. It feels incredible to grind down on his face and fuck myself with his tongue. The one thing that makes me moan the most is when he sticks out and firms up his tongue and I push down hard to penetrate my asshole. I love to pull my cheeks apart to make more room to get him in deeper.

The other day wasn’t meant to be any different other than I sent the kids outside to play in the snow so I was hoping to get a bit loud. I guess I got what I wanted! I went up, woke him up as I situated myself on his face and started to slide my pussy up and down on his face. I was rubbing his nose from my asshole to my clit over and over. Pretty much everyday my pussy is very sloppy wet and horny so he was already getting a good slathering. 🙂

While I was up there I sat up and leaned back so I was sitting upright on his face which pushed my ass a little more toward his forehead. I thought, “oooo it would be great to rub my clit right now and force him feel me cum without him doing it!” So I did just that… I had my clit just above his mouth and started rubbing it as I was grinding down on his nose. It felt so good and I loved being able to moan out loud, but I just wasn’t getting to climax as quickly as I wanted to in that position. I figured I might as well try to push it along faster by using my rather new Magic Wand. So far it hadn’t been super productive but I figured it can’t hurt to try. I reached under my pillow next to him (that’s where I keep my wand plugged in for whenever I want to use it) and pulled out the wand. I’m sure he had no clue what I was doing until he felt the vibrations! I placed the end of the wand just at the top of my clit so he could continue to lick as frantically as he already was.

It really did not take too long, as I was so aroused and half way to orgasm as it was, for me to hit my peak. I was already moaning so loud from riding his face but wow, did it feel good to push through that orgasm and be able to let it out. It was an amazing, hard, long cum too and I felt myself squirt a little. Once I squirt a little, you might as well get a bucket and a mop because there go the gushes! My thighs tightened against the sides of his head and shook as my entire body tensed up and convulsed. My back pressed against the wall as I felt my pussy tightening and relaxing over and over like waves coming from the inside out. I felt the muscles push and the big gush of pussy juice… and then again and again. I was overflowing cagedmonkey’s mouth with my warm juices.

From the moment I switched on that wand all I could hear was the muffled “fuck, oh fuck” coming from hubby’s mouth. I suspect he knew he was about to be swallowing a lot of my sweet yummy squirts. Talk about HOT! I just loved hearing him moan and gasp like that and trying to talk while his mouth is buried between my pussy lips.

It seemed like my orgasm went on for like 5 mins, moaning so loud and breathing so hard. My body seemed to tense up more and more with each contraction. After what felt like forever my shoulder started to hurt to the point of me not being able to handle it. I had to pull the wand away and I just kinda fell forward onto cagedmonkey’s chest and stomach. I laid there breathing heavy knowing that if my shoulder didn’t hurt I could have kept going and feeling that amazing orgasm even longer. I certainly wasn’t done and it lingered the rest of the day.

Life had other plans than me enjoying that orgasm any longer. I’m kinda glad God has a hand in it because as soon as I regained my composure we heard little boots thumping on the floor downstairs. It was the kids coming in from playing in the snow! 🙂 I climbed off cagedmonkey, slid my pants back on, walked down the stairs and asked the kids if they had fun… as if nothing happened. Meanwhile, left upstairs breathing heavy on the bed, was my husband trying to figure out what the fuck just happened. 🙂

Talk about good timing!