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ML’s last post was about the search for balance. Recently, I’ve been wanting to search for something else: intensity.

Don’t get me wrong at all – our sex life is pretty damn intense as it is. In fact, ML and I often joke about how, when other guys say that they wish they could be as lucky as I am, that they might have second thoughts once they realize just how passionate My Lady is when it comes to dominating me. Sometimes it’s a miracle that I can handle it!

So, there’s no shortage of awesome sex in our household. But there are certain things that I miss, particularly about when we first started our “rekindling.” Some examples:

– squirting: ML’s ability to squirt is still pretty impressive, but there were times where ML’s pussy would squirt like a fountain and soak the seat of my car on our date nights.

– ML’s spontaneous orgasms: I remember making eye contact with ML from across the room and watching her as she made herself cum without touching her pussy or anything, just using her imagination to get herself off. I was so turned on by that… and jealous, too!

ML and I talked about these things the other night, and we realized that yes, those were very intense times for our relationship. Things were new, fun, and exciting… dare I say, could it be that things have gotten… STALE?

Okay, it’s not THAT bad… sex with ML is still pretty fucking amazing. But yeah, things are less intense than they were.

After some more talking (communication, people, it works, hehe), we realized what has changed: we aren’t doing the “little lovey” things we used to do. Things like leave each other tiny love notes here and there, the “non-sexual” hugs and kisses (that eventually lead to sex, but weren’t intended for that), and other tiny gestures that feed the emotional connection of our marriage.

You see, My Lady has an interesting mental/physical connection – when she feels emotionally in tune with me, she gets really really horny… and unbelievably wet. Like, seriously, it’s like a flood in her panties. And it’s this connection that leads to those intense moments. So, we’ve decided to try to bring those feelings and those moments back… not just for more squirting and orgasms-on-demand, but because our marriage and our love truly flourishes when we focus on those things.

Of course, those other pussy-related results would be great perks, as well. 🙂

Yes, that’s right. I’m doing one of those holiday posts with a stupid holiday theme.

Obligatory turkey picture.

Okay, so my post isn’t going to be THAT bad. The reason I usually hate holiday posts is because it always seems so forced. But, honestly, I was thinking about writing something like this last weekend… why not wait until it actually makes sense? 🙂

It’s hard to write a “Things I’m Thankful For” list without having it sound like bragging, but fuck it. I’ll give it a try.

Cagedmonkey’s Thanksgiving Thankful List

1) I’m thankful that I got to cum in 2016. It may seem like a shallow thing to be thankful for, but I dare you to  say that after you’ve given up on the idea of having an orgasm for an entire year. I was ready to go the for all of 2016 without cumming, mainly because I knew that ML would hold me to it if it was her desire to go that long. Thankfully, she changed her mind after just under 10 months of denial.  I’ve been allowed a few orgasms since then, but ML has been denying me for about a week or two. Ironically, I’m more horny now than I’ve been all year…

2) I’m thankful to have a partner who shares my kinks and sexual desires. After being exposed to so many people in the kink scene over the past month (exposed meaning both “meeting” and “standing in front of while wearing nothing but my chastity cage”), I’ve come to realize that my situation is actually extremely unique. I managed to find a woman who perfectly matches my sexual needs and shares my fantasies… and luckiest of all, I happened to be married to her! The discoveries that My Lady and I have made (and continue to make) about ourselves and our relationship show us just how perfect we are for each other. On top of all that, she’s fucking sexy as hell and her pussy feels great on my cock… I couldn’t ask for more! Not everyone gets to experience this type of thing, and I’m very grateful for sharing my life with her.

3) I’m thankful for where I am in my life. Yeah, the real life emotional crap. For a while, there was a lot of uncertainty in my life. Things were going well, but it always seemed like there was something out of place that was preventing everything from clicking. But now, over the past few months, it seems like that’s changing. I have a loving wife, a wonderful family, a job I truly enjoy, and a community that I feel I fit in with. With all of the uncertainty that the future now brings with it, it feels good to have a sense of balance and know that my family and I can make it through anything life throws at us.

4) I’m thankful for these.

Obligatory huge tits pic.

You didn’t think I’d leave you without a pic of ML’s beautiful big titties, did you?

Happy Thanksgiving!

So today is Valentine’s Day, and it’s been far from the best of days. ML and I woke up to some family drama – nothing too terrible and not involving our immediate family, but serious nonetheless. And it kinda went downhill from there, culminating in a burst water pipe thanks to a week of mega-freezing temperatures.


If the ceiling fell in, it wouldn't be a surprise.

It’s been a rough day. I’ve already started working on getting drunk, and I doubt ML will be far behind me. It’s just one of those days that you want to be over and move on from.

It’s funny, though… it’s still Valentine’s Day, and we both found time in our horrible day to show our love for each other. I am really blessed to be married to a woman like her: someone who can make me smile on even the worst days. Someone who I know is on my side, no matter how bad things get. Someone who is a partner in parenting, a partner in love, and a partner in life.

If this sounds like this post is turning into one of those “I love my wife so much,” corny, romantic, Valentine’s Day posts… well, you’re right. Got a problem with that? Didn’t think so.

Wishing a VERY Valentine’s Day to everyone out there – for the few hours that are left, anyway. I hope that no matter how bad things get, that you look ahead with open eyes, open arms, and an open heart.


Insert incredibly cute Valentine's Day photo here.

I ran across this article on Yahoo and it started me thinking that ML and I must seem like a huge outlier. I mean, we are probably as content as we’ve ever been in our marriage, and we very often – in fact, regularly – go more than a week without having sex.

Then again, that’s by design. In fact, our chastity lifestyle has caused us to redefine what “sex” is for us. Of course, PIV-intercourse counts, but there is so much more that we do that ends up making the whole “cock & pussy” thing almost a minimal part of our sex life.


Damn fucking good, but still minimal.

Take this morning, for example. ML and I woke up a little late, so we were rushing around a little bit getting me ready for work… but I still had time to kneel in front of her to show my submission to her. And she uses that time to tease me with her beautiful tits, making me want them but also making me wait until she was ready for me to have them. It was a small moment, but it have both of us a sexual charge that lasted well into the day.


Wouldn't this keep you horny all day long?

My Lady and I “have sex” in so many ways. We can do an intense domination scene with bondage and pegging, or just simple snuggling and kissing in bed…. it’s all sex for us. Even just a simple smile and a knowing glance can have that sexual edge to it. (And yes… I just did it, and it was great!)

So, I guess we actually have sex more than once a week. In fact, we are pretty much having sex with each other all throughout the day. That still makes us an outlier, though… incredibly happy, in spite of all the sex we have. 🙂

The word comes with such a negative connotation attached – objectification. You know what they say: Sexual attraction is superficial, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Love is emotional, it doesn’t require physical chemistry.

With all due respect to whoever agrees with this… are you fucking crazy?

Before we even began living our current chastity lifestyle, My Lady and I made a decision to take steps to improve our marriage. One of those steps included acknowledging that it’s okay for us to be hot and horny for each other. We both agreed that physical intimacy is pretty much a requirement in a healthy marriage, not just a fringe benefit. As part of this acknowledgement, we realized that it’s okay for each of us to see the other as what most people wold consider calling “sex objects.” I’ll explain.

I love my wife with all my heart. She is a wonderful, beautiful person who just gets me on an unspoken emotional and spiritual level. Having her in my life has allowed me to grow in ways I never thought I could. She is the best mother I could ever hope my children would have, and she does the most amazing things for my family.

With all of that said… she has a great set of tits and a sexy fucking ass that makes me drool. 🙂

But here’s my point – the fact that I check out her ass every time she leaves the room, or fantasize about fucking her huge titties whenever I see her cleavage, doesn’t take away from the fact that I love her soul. It only enhances it. It’s not like I have a certain amount of “love points” that I have to distribute between caring for my wife as a person and wanting to pound her pussy until she can’t walk straight. It’s another dimension of my love for her.

The reason I bring this up is that I had to remind ML about this the other day. We’ve been going through an awesome emotional connection time lately, where everything just feels perfect. We can feel the energy between us even when we are just sitting in the same room together. But I noticed that over the last few days, ML seemed to be over-accentuating our emotional connection. I asked her why that was.

She responded by telling me that she was having strong fantasies about tying me up and teasing me, feeling my cock struggle in the cage, and control me sexually in every way. Um…. so what’s the problem? (Hehe). She was trying to balance out those feelings of objectifying me with emotional rationalization. She explained it best with this text message, after I asked her why she wasn’t telling me about these thoughts:

Sometimes I feel like that’s all I’m telling you.. it’s true but I don’t want you to feel like I’m objectifying you constantly.

That’s so sweet of her. 🙂

The thing is, though, that I enjoy being objectified by her. Not all the time of course… I do need emotional support from my wife, as well. But it makes me feel good to know that sometimes she just can’t help but get turned on when thinking off me in a sexual way. In short, I like knowing that I make her pussy wet. [pic, for those of you who are into that sort of thing] 😉

My Lady has had some emotional troubles lately, as women have been known to do during that time of the month (AMMIRITE GUYS?!? *crickets*….. what?). She’s worried about doing the wrong thing and driving me away from her. Considering the staggering amount of loss she has had to deal with over the past six months, you can’t blame her for expecting it to continue. And it’s very important that I tell her this one thing:

Quit worrying about stupid shit. 🙂

Ok, calm down everyone, that’s a joke. I’m not that big of an ass. My point is that she doesn’t have to worry about doing something to push me away, because everything she does lately only brings us closer together.

Putting all the sexual stuff side (briefly; this isn’t going to be a 100% gooey emotional post, I promise), she is a wonderful wife and mother. She takes care of our family like nobody else could. She helps me feel better after a really bad day at work. She handles the kids so much better than I do. She really is the glue that holds us all together. I couldn’t ask for anything more from her.

Speaking of asking for things from her (now it’s time for the sexual stuff)… I know that, from time to time, she worries about whether or not she’s doing the right thing with our chastity/OD lifestyle. She’s afraid of me resenting her for withholding my orgasms from me. But when she locks my cock in a cage, teases me until I’m on the edge of tears, and doesn’t let me cum for weeks on end, it just gets me more hooked on her. I don’t get upset about it; I feel I should be thanking her instead!

You know, it’s funny how our brains are on the same wavelength so often. Just the other day, I was talking to someone about how happy I am with my life. I didn’t get into details because this person hasn’t been read in on the “secret lives” we live, but the feeling also applies to my sex life – it’s the best it has ever been, EVER.

Over a year ago, I asked ML for this life – for her to control my entire sexuality. I wanted this. And, to be honest, it’s been more amazing than I could ever fantasize about, because I’m living it with the woman I love. I love what she does, and I love that she gets off on it, too! Anything and everything she does makes me want her even more.

Ok, so this pretty much was a gooey emotional post, but I couldn’t help it. 🙂

I’m not sure where I read it, but I remember a quote that goes like this:

The sun shines brightest on the man who just got out of prison.

Whoever said this is seriously spot on, I swear.

Today being the first day after being allowed to cum in nearly three months, I’ve been trying to soak up all of the relaxation the moment can afford me. That’s not to say that I’ve been totally “relaxed.”  🙂  I’ve also been taking advantage of the “denial break” that I’ve been granted by My Lady. Notice I didn’t say “chastity break” there; I’ve been wearing the Jailbird to work the past two nights. But that doesn’t bother me a bit when I have the opportunity to have wonderful spontaneous sex with my wife.

This change of situation has made me realize a few things. First, it’s obvious that I’m still horny for My Lady. The frantic edge of the want has been filed down, but the desire didn’t (and most likely will never) go away. I have noticed that my cock is a little bit slower at “standing to attention,” but I believe that’s a result of having so many orgasms after a period of having so few (a.k.a. none). If you haven’t run a mile in a year, you’ll probably start having a tough time after a few laps around the block. My cock just has to get its wind back, that’s all.  🙂

I have also noticed that, although I do like cumming in ML’s mouth twice a day (brag), I also enjoy how it feels when my horniness has hit a level so high it can only be reached through a lengthy denial. The conflicting feelings of being totally energized yet drained at the same time, the highs from pleasing ML and the lows of being denied my own pleasure… it’s one major mind trip. Nothing else can recreate it.

This experience has also allowed me to grow closer to My Lady, not only on a physical level, but on an emotional and spritiual level as well. The mutual orgasm we had as we made love last night was absolutely incredible. It was a wonderful moment for both of us to share. Having that moment with each other after waiting for so long accentuated just how powerful it was for both of us. It also showed us both that, no matter the length of denial My Lasy should choose, that connection of ours is so strong that it will never fade.

(click here for Part 1)

Day 2 started off in very similar fashion as Day 1: kids dropped off at day camp, naked breakfast in bed. This time, My Lady was the one who wanted to be fucked. I have been craving a little power switch for a while, so this was perfect for me. ML ordered me to take the strap on we have named “Mr. O” (because it was one of the first strap on toys we tried that made her cum without much effort) and fuck her as hard as I possibly could with it.

Um……. OKAY!!!

I took full advantage of the freedom ML granted me to dominate her. We started out in missionary position, and once I got the strapon lined up well – which is not very easy, considering I can’t feel a thing – I began slamming it into her wet pussy. Soon the bedroom was filled with the sounds of my hips smacking against her inner thighs, the wet slurping of her horny pussy, and ML’s passionate moans and cries.

I began to really get into it. I could feel the power growing within me, and I liked it. It has been a LONG time since I’ve been able to really let go and pound the hell out of my wife’s pussy. Either my cock is locked up or I’m incredibly sensitive and I need to be careful while I’m inside her. But, considering I was using the strapon and couldn’t feel a damn thing locked up in my cage, I was able to go full speed, full power on her. And it felt great.

I flipped ML over and took her from behind doggy style, grabbing her hips and pulling her back towards me, pushing the fake cock farther into her pussy. She moaned so loud, it fueled my desire to fuck her even harder. I reached down and pulled her hair back, forcing her throat to stretch as she continued her animalistic growls as I fucked her. Then, I shoved her face down into the pillow, muffling her cries as I shoved my thumb into her raised ass. She squealed as I continued to pound her from behind. She sounded like such a good little fuckslut that I rewarded her with some nice hard, deep fucking.  🙂

I fucked her as deep as I possibly could with the strapon. My Lady was clawing at the bed, trying desperately to find something to grasp on to in order to keep herself grounded. Finally, I put all of my weight into one last deep thrust inside her. ML screamed as I held the strapon inside her, then she convulsed as she suffered through a very intense orgasm. She grunted and groaned as each wave hit her body with great force. It felt wonderful to make her cum like that – I knew she had been missing being fucked good and hard for a while – but I also wished I could feel her tight pussy clenching and squeezing around my cock.

After a very long and intense orgasm, I took the strapon off and we curled up in bed, both nearly exhausted and ready for a naked nap together.

Then….. it happened.

Reality, that fucking cunt bitch, crashed the party.

ML’s phone rang next to the bed, it was a family member from out-of-state calling her. Calling with not good news. Very very bad news.

Her father had just passed away.  🙁

He was by no means a “healthy” man, but he wasn’t near death’s door or anything. This was an absolute and complete surprise. Needless to say, ML was devastated. She spent the next ten minutes crying into my arms. I held her close and supported her as she poured everything out onto me. I felt terrible that she had to go through this right now, but I was glad that I was able to be there instead of me being at work or something else.

Once My Lady regained a little bit of control over her emotions, we laid in bed curled up with each other and talked. It was such a sad situation, however we both agreed that it would have been much worse had the phone call come abou 20 minutes earlier when I was fucking her with the strapon (LOL!).

Considering the circumstances, My Lady is actually taking it very well. She has had moments of emotionality, as would be expected – breaking into tears at random times, a little loss of mental focus, etc. But she is strong, much stronger than even she thinks. And she knows she has me to help her through this.

We will be taking a road trip to attend his burial ceremony this weekend and into next weekend. I hope you readers will understand if we aren’t able to post as much as we have in the past. We will do our best, but we can’t guarantee anything. Best wishes to everyone out there, and please keep ML and her family in your prayers.

(WARNING: This post does not have all that much to do with chastity, so if you’re looking for hot & horny posts, check out some of our other blog entries.)

I’m usually not interested in all of that celebrity gossip/TMZ crap, so I’ll admit that I had only just barely heard about the whole Gwyneth Paltrow thing about “conscious uncoupling.” (Note: I had to go to Google to find out how to spell “Gwyneth Paltrow” correctly. So, yeah.) For those of you who are like me and couldn’t care any less about it… basically, she’s splitting up with her husband but she doesn’t want to call it a divorce. So she came up with this “conscious uncoupling” bullshit to make it sound better than it actually is.

The only reason I mention it is because I read an article in Time magazine today – yes, I read Time magazine, what’s it to ya? – that references the whole situation. Joel Stein writes in the latest issue’s “The Awesome Column” (a satirical humor article that I usually find very funny) about how, inspired by Paltrow’s epic euphamism, he tried to bring the subject up with his wife. He described it as almost like asking for a mid-marriage prenup, which predictably went over worse than asking for a regular prenup.

Anyway, I’m not randomly babbling here. At the end of his article, Stein writes:

It turns out that part of what keeps a marriage going is the pretense that it always will, that the choice over continuing has been taken away from you by the law, social shame and daily habit. It’s unconscious coupling, and I want to keep it that way.

Now to be fair, a lot of what Stein writes is tongue in cheek sarcasm, but I think he’s being serious here. He’s also 100% wrong. Basically, his argument is that the only reason people stay married is because they have to. Does that sound like a wonderful, loving marriage to you? Not me, either. If the only reason he stays married to his wife is because he feels obligated to, I feel sorry for him.

My Lady and I have been through some tough times in our marriage; times where each of us started taking the other for granted, where we fell into a rut, when we were with each other just because we were with each other. Not until we worked out our issues and really started to choose to be with each other did we truly open our eyes and see how wonderful our love and our marriage could be. We aren’t with each other out of habit. We are with each other because we both feel that being in each other’s life makes our own that much more fulfilling. I don’t stay married to my wife because of the so called “social shame” Stein mentions. If anything, I’m fucking proudto be married to such an amazing woman!

Gwyneth Paltrow is shooting for “conscious uncoupling.” Joel Stein wants to build his marriage around “unconscious coupling.” But wouldn’t being with the one you love by choice instead of by force be that much more blissful?

Wouldn’t “conscious coupling” be the pinnacle of a healthy, loving marriage?