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I get questions all the time from other wives or girlfriends who have their guys in chastity. Some of the most frequently asked questions are about how I keep things fresh, how I keep him teased, how I remind him of my control over his cock. Honestly, I’ve said it before, chastity is not a “lock it and leave it” thing. Chastity takes a little work on the keyholders part. Unless of course it’s your kink to be locked up and the key tossed away never to be used again. That is certainly not how most… no, all, of the guys I know want it. They want to feel the control, the tease, the denial. They do not want to be locked up and forgotten about. So, how do I possibly make time to keep him teased and denied and reminded of my control?

A lot of this is mental, so there is that. The words and phrases I choose, how I say something, it all helps in reminding cagedmonkey who controls him and his sexual pleasure… Or torment! Then again, much of this is physical, too. There really, truly is a need to feel the physical control. Not that we need to be constantly stroking and edging our guys – though I’m sure they’d love that – but we do need to remind them physically. For those of us using chastity devices, that’s one constant reminder. He can feel that cage you keep locked on him so it is there to say “hey, she holds the key to your cock.”

Sometimes I have to get creative in my reminders. Since we don’t have a lot of time these days for long D/s sessions I need to find interesting ways to keep the tease and denial going. If you follow us on Twitter, you know, a lot of times I’m sending him pictures of myself and my sexy parts. I’m sending him texts about how horny I am and how I’m masturbating. I make sure to remind him of how lucky I am that I’m not locked in a chastity device and I can give myself an orgasm any time I want.

I’ve decided that our lack of alone time together doesn’t mean our D/s or tease and denial time needs to suffer. This morning after getting hubby’s lunch together, I snuck the small vibrator into the front pocket of his lunch bag. Once he left I texted him instructions to retrieve it and click it to a certain setting and place it under his balls, just far enough behind that it vibrated his prostate, for the drive. After a certain amount of time I had him switch it to another setting and then again another. I had control over him for the entire hour that he drove to work. He was an extremely horny dripping mess by the time he got to work. I love that he had to go into work with messy underwear. My little form of private public humiliation.

This little bit of surprise play completely reminded him of how much I love him and love controlling his sexual pleasure. He could feel my control all the way to work and I’m sure the residual submissive feelings are still with him a few hours later. I love finding ways to keep the kink alive, so to speak, when our alone time is not in abundance. I plan to find other wonderfully simple ways to keep reminding him just who is in control of his cock and his sexual pleasure!