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Awhile back I ordered a new leather locking bondage hood. It finally came in the mail yesterday. I’m not exactly sure how good it will be or how well we will like it. First of all, I’m not at all fond of the look of it. I love that it locks though, that part has potential! It also laces up and ties along the whole back of the skull so there really is no taking the hood off once it is tied, buckled and/or locked on.
It was advertised as a “sensory deprivation” hood but sound is merely muffled and there is quite a bit of light let in. He did say the nose holes were good and he could breathe easily but that it gets awfully hot and sweaty inside the hood. He only tried it on for a few minutes and was already sweating. That isn’t the biggest deal because he gets sweaty lots of times when I have him in some kind of bondage, torturing him.

We do have a lot more to try out with this hood. It’s actual use might be better than our initial reaction but I did want to post about it anyway, so I didn’t forget! I’m sure I’ll have cagedmonkey post the use review of this hood since he will be the one in it while I tease and torture him. Plus, it’s been awhile since we’ve had new toys to play with!