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Vanilla, Kinky, Marriage, Kids – It’s a balancing act. As you know we recently started going to some munches and getting together with new friends in our kinky world, not to mention we bought a new house and our kids activities all week after school and on weekends. Life has felt much like a whirlwind and slightly like trying to balance spinning plates on poles – I’ll have to admit I’m not that great at balancing. In the one who troops and falls UP the stairs lol. I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed with all of the little behind the scenes things that need to happen in life to make things go smoothly. 

It’s really awesome having friends and we love getting together with them and going to munches but for a bit there I really felt like so much of my time was looking for ways to get rid of the kids for the night so we could go to munches or other kinky events. I started to feel like I was missing and losing out on the family time with my husband and kids that is so very important while they are this age. It felt like every weekend we were constantly running and doing something or going somewhere. 

In the midst of kids and life and going out and getting involved in all these new fun things our kinky play together has gotten lost… again balance! It’s been extremely hard to find time for family time, kinky time, vanilla hubby/wife time, friend time… all of it. I get feelings of inadequacy when I can’t make time for it all, when I can’t find the necessary balance to fit it all in. I’m sure people have noticed that I’ve pulled back a bit, I’m not as active as I was, I’m not as chatty as I was. I’m still struggling to find what I need to make it all work and, right now, I’m trying to focus on my family, my kids, buying this house and all the little things that come along with that and getting back my kinky time with cagedmonkey. I miss it… I miss the intense tease and denial and the playtime we would have. I miss being crazy horny for each other all the time. There are things I miss that we would do more consistently. We keep trying to get in rope trial time and just the different things we enjoy about our kink. It just feels like it is constantly getting set aside because there is something else that needs to come first… Like sleep, work, kids, whatever.

Anyway, just letting you all in to where I am and how I’ve been feeling. I’m working to pull those things together and find that balance and I know I will I just feel like I suck at it right now and I’m letting every one down. 

Getting adjusted to my new schedule is taking some effort. It’s not bad, don’t get me wrong. It’s actually really nice to be able to spend nights at home with ML; she has unlocked me for sex quite often over the past few days, and even allowed me to have an orgasm Monday night (she needed to be fucked hard, and I gladly obliged). Work is just very… different from what I’m used to.

I’m still in the middle of being trained… sort of. I’m also helping out with some supervisory paperwork… kinda. At the moment, I’m here and there; I’m not quite sure where I’m working or what I’m doing specifically yet. I thought maybe I’d get an office which would allow me some semi-privacy and a chance to text/talk with ML. If I’m getting one, I haven’t gotten it yet. In fact, I’ve had less chance to connect with her at work than ever before.

So yeah, it’s an adjustment. Just like living in this new place is. We got ourselves a bed frame to replace the one that got trashed by the movers, and some sexy sheets to boot. Our toys are still packed away, though, which has kept us from getting into any kinky games. Add to the fact that our bedroom door doesn’t really lock (the door can be pulled open, even when it’s locked), and the kids’ bedrooms being on the same floor as ours with no real buffer… any bondage or domination scenes are pretty much out of the question.

The one thing we do have to go on is our chastity play – it’s the one thing we can still hold on to right now. I’ve been meaning to talk to My Lady about what her immediate and longer term plans are for my chastity/denial, but honestly I’m just glad to have this.

I have been very stressed out with all of this moving stuff and trying to pack while still taking care of the kids and the house and functioning in this living space. Not to mention the kid with the medical issues having bigger issues this past week. Then the “normal” kid is having behavior issues, likely because of the move. I have a lot on me and my patience wears thin very quickly these days.

Yesterday, by the afternoon, I had lost all patience and was getting more and more irritable with things. As I said, the medical stuff was crazy and I just started to lose it. Cagedmonkey heard me starting to get very frustrated while he was trying to sleep in the bedroom and asked if I needed him to wake up. Normally, I would say no but I’m trying to change my “I don’t need help” way about myself and actually admit that there are times I need help. So I told him yes, I did want him to get up, even if it was just to take on some of the craziness with the kids.

Just before coming out of the bedroom, I was texting him telling him how frustrated I was and he texted me back and said, “Would you like to come here and take some of that out on my butt before I get up?”


I love how he knows just what I need! I didn’t even text back, I ran down the hallway with a big smile on my face, went in the bedroom and spanked his sexy little ass for each of my frustrations.

My subby hubby is so amazing and this whole D/s and FLM thing is great because I get to take back my power and control with the help of my wonderful hubby when I feel like it’s been stripped away by the craziness of everyday life.

I’ve been having a bit of fun teasing cagedmonkey today. Of course, because of it, my pussy is awfully wet. I cannot stress how much fun it is and how important I think it is to have this with a boy in chastity. Not only chastity but more so with someone who is being denied orgasm. Tease and denial play is a little work on the teasing partners part but it literally can take just a minute or two throughout the day. Some physical play, if possible and maybe more importantly the mental play that comes from the language we use.

A little bit ago, the kids were playing Minecraft, so I texted cagedmonkey and told him to go in the bedroom and get my toy nice and hard because I wanted to tease and edge him. Yes, I was quite blunt about it, haha. So off he went and a minute or two later he texted me to say, “he’s ready for you ma’am.” I snuck off to the bedroom and pushed cagedmonkey back on the bed. I had his cock in one hand, a nipple in the other and was simulating pegging him. It was actually so fucking hot to look down and see my big boobs as I looked down at his cock. Like, so hot I had to take pictures to share with you all.


Lady M's view

It really was just a few minutes of teasing and I stroked him to the edge a few times as I pushed my hips into him. Simulating that pegging thrust while pinching his nipples, made me really get into it, even for those few seconds.

Teasing your man does not need to involve a whole lot of planning or time. I do think it’s something that needs to be done. I couldn’t imagine enjoying this with my hubby if chastity meant “lock it and leave it” or if denial meant “ignore it like it doesn’t exist.” Both of those things wouldn’t work for either of us. We have kids and we still sneak in some hot minutes here or there. That’s really all it takes. I’ve got him to the point of whimpering today just when I lean above him to kiss him as I’m walking out of the room. I love hearing him moan and whimper, knowing that his entire body is aching for me. I’m sure remembering last night when I used his cock to fill me up as I came nice and hard doesn’t help his horniness. I can imagine being made to please me until I cum 3 or 4 times and then being denied must make the fact that he’s been denied about 3 and a half months really frustrating.

And it’s only noon! 🙂 I’ve got another 12 hours to play with him.

So there I am drafting a great post on communication and how cagedmonkey and I just worked through a little issue of where he didn’t notice some old behavior creeping back in. We talked, I let him know how I felt and, Yay, better.

Well before writing said post I teased hubby a bit and told him to get himself nice and hard for me and keep himself that way… because I’d be in to use him soon… yeah, keep going baby… I’ll be right in, I promise… I’m almost done, I’ll be right there. Yeah, haha I made him keep stroking himself a bit before I headed down the hallway. About 1 minute into burying his big thick cock deep inside my pussy while on top I hear, “mama HELLLLLLLLLP!”
I loudly respond, dick inside me, “what do you need, honey?”
To which she says (with an echoish sound?), “mama please just come here…”
Fuck she’s in the bathroom, so I climb off cagedmonkey, thrown on whatever pants I grabbed off the floor, open the bedroom door to find my girl child had spilled her insides full of left over Chinese food from the living room, through the dining room, down the hallway and did manage to get some in the toilet too.


I REALLY did try to clean it up but gagged so bad doing it, I pissed my own pants hahahaha. Yup, I’m that awesome! So instead of napping, my super hero of a hubby was on his hands and knees cleaning our childs puke out of the carpet while I was changing my pants.

I’m pretty sure that diffused any amount of horny we had today… but then again, the day is only half over.

I feel so very rushed this morning. I hate that, because normally I’m the completely prepared one with the lists and schedules and order in all I do. Not today though, I forgot to set the alarm, so instead I was woken up by a six year old handsome face asking if it was ok for him to wake up now. I looked at the clock and leapt out of bed because it was already time for him to be getting on the bus. Crap! Late for the bus means shoving something to eat in his face while throwing together a completely unhealthy lunch, sticking my naked feet in my boots with my pajamas on and driving him to school so he’s there on time.

Thank God I wasn’t naked describes it well, because flying out of bed like a crazy woman boobs flying would not have been a good thing haha. Usually when hubby is home for the night and sleeping in the same bed I’m so eager to sleep naked with him. I love feeling his skin against mine, it’s so sensual and feels so perfect against mine. It’s one of the most comforting places in the world.

If you read my last post you can tell that obviously life got in the way, which tends to happen more often than not, and things didn’t go as I’d hoped. It’s ok, I’m not devastated because I was needed. My sweet little guy was up hacking a lung almost all night so I was in and out of his room trying to help him. His stupid coughing made him throw up and really it was just a big fat turn off. So, as Tom Allen says to me often, kids are the ultimate arousal destroyer. I love my kids to the ends of the earth, I would die for them and I don’t blame them or get angry when my dreams for a hot sexy night don’t go as I hope.

I know we will have other nights, so many nights. We are not in a rush and not heading for a finish line. We enjoy this everyday, all day and will continue to for as long as we like. I hope that’s a long time because I do love it so very much. I love having my hubby locked up in his steel cage, horny and aching for me in every way. Is there really anything better than being completely and utterly desired, ladies?

I really am giggling wondering what you are all thinking after a title like that. Something like, “what could they possibly be up to… handlebars!?!?” Lol you’ll have to read to find out! 🙂

Actually I’m posting this because it’s real life, it’s what actually happens while living the kinky life. We can’t stress enough how much of a regular suburban family are.

Our weekend began last night so I unlocked cagedmonkey to play a bit, mainly because I’ve been missing some naughty, naked time. Sunday night’s are my Food Network shows so while we watched 2 hours of cooking shows I was teasing him. I basically made him stay hard the entire time but not the way you think. I had decided that I would only stroke him when he was soft and as soon as he got hard I stopped touching. Each time he would get soft I would stroke him again. He was so turned on that stroking him soft ended up edging him while soft. He was so close to cumming even before his cock was hard. It was so fun for me to have a hold of his cock, teasing him.

Toward the end of Cut Throat Kitchen he was getting very over stimulated which is when he started begging me to give him a break. I guess after two hours he deserved it, huh? Haha he got his little break to have a snack and soon after we went up to bed… that’s when I allowed him to feel my pussy. I made him fuck me and I came on his cock while he was denied. We slept together naked which was awesome!

That brings us to today where I spent a good portion of the day stroking him and edging him over and over. I just love feeling his body practically melt against me while I’m quickly sneaking an edge in the kitchen while the kids play outside. Which brings me to my point, the kids were playing outside, riding bikes and pushing baby dolls in a stroller. Riding up and down our street, while I sat on the porch reading a book enjoying the sun and breeze. Every once in awhile I’d sneak in the house and edge hubby and then walk away, back outside to watch the kids.

Well that ended up getting cut short when our 6yo son was going too fast on his bike, turned his handlebars too much and crashed. I ran to meet him and he was so upset and crying. He smashed his face on the pavement and cut up his hand. This time when I headed in the house it was to wash up cuts and scrapes and bandage some wounds. Yeah, that will kill the mood real quick haha. He’s actually a very tough kid and he’s fine. It seemed much worse than it was. 🙂

Anyway, that put the brakes on the sneaky kinky play. I decided we would head out for dinner and do Moe’s Monday. We love Moe’s and $5 burritos, can you beat it? So after we ate we came home, got the kids showered and put them to bed… now the real play time begins…

I’m sure there will be a lovely post about that tomorrow! 🙂

OMFG! Cagedmonkey was unlocked for our anniversary so we hid the JailBird in the back of a drawer no one ever goes in. Sure enough, out walks our 8yo daughter with the steel cock cage in her hand asking, “Mommy, What’s this? It looks like a metal sock!”

Holy crap! Hahaha so freaking funny… I think my hubby and I both about wanted to die! I just told her, “yup, it sure does look like a sock!” And daddy quickly says “it’s a piece to something for the plumbing” haha not totally untrue… just that it goes to HIS plumbing.

Oh man that was freakin hilarious! That’ll teach us to put our toys away when we’re not using them! 😀

This post really has nothing (ok maybe a bit!) to do with chastity or Wife Led Marriage or orgasm denial. I just wanted to take a minute and say how amazing my wonderful man is. I had a full day of Doctor appointments yesterday and couldn’t be home to take care of our daughter, homeschool, pick up our son from the bus stop, clean the house, do laundry and get dinner done. I just love that I can be away most of the day and come home to everything done and done well.

Cagedmonkey is a super cook too and I came home to a wonderful, yummy dinner waiting for me, house clean, kids fed and everything. I really am a blessed wife to have such an amazing, helpful, capable and, of course, willing husband. I love that he chooses to be present and active in our marriage and with our children.

I’m not sure if all that he did yesterday really turned me on but by this morning I was ready to jump him! Especially after he came in the kitchen, while I was making my coffee, got on his knees and made me cum 5 times. I ended up unlocking him, climbed up on his lap and rode him to a marvelous orgasm deep in my pussy. 🙂 A little while later I called him in to the kitchen, yanked his big cock out of his pants and made him fuck me again to orgasm standing up in the kitchen. I just love that! What a yummy day today has been. He is back to work tonight so I’ve been letting him catch up on sleep this afternoon and evening. 🙂

He’ll spend the night pleasing me before work.