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Wow! I didn’t expect to have such a big response, so quickly, for the new Jail Bird. Since I’ve gotten so many emails and comments requesting the selling information, I wanted to take a second and just post it here publicly to answer everyone at once!
So, yes, we are selling the new Mature Metal Jail Bird device. It has only been worn/tried on for a couple days. It will be clean and sterilized before it is sent and the selling price will include shipping in the US. This will be just like ordering the device from Mature Metal themselves but without paying for the rushed build time. Mature Metal always guarantees their handmade devices and will always make adjustments* even if you are not the original purchaser.
*Please note: sizing adjustments do require a fee.
Retail cost:
Jail Bird device – $320
Extra Cage Ring – $80
Double Base Ring (threaded) – $50
This device’s post is threaded for the security screw however it does NOT come with the screws. You can use either a lock or screws if you already have them. You could also purchase a set of screws and security screw keys* from Mature Metal for $65 + shipping. *Please note: Mistress MM will contact me to confirm that the purchaser has not received screws/keys with the device before they will mail you out a set. If you need a different sized Double Base Ring those run $95 + shipping because the Double Base rings CANNOT be resized.

I am selling this device so that we are able to reorder one with the correct inside diameter for cagedmonkey. That means I’m hoping to get back most of what I spent on it, especially since it’s pratically a brand new device.

I am listing this at $400 currently, if you are interested, please send me an email here. I will accept only Pay Pal for payment and will ship 2-3 day Priority Mail within a day, usually, after payment has cleared – provided we are not in the middle of moving! 🙂