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It’s been almost 10 years since cagedmonkey has had a regular day shift schedule. He has worked so hard to provide for our family. He has made me so proud to be his wife and the mother of his children. We made the choice together, 10 years ago, that I was going to stay home with the kids (at the time it was just one). Which meant we needed more money from his income to survive. That meant going to an off shift for the differential pay. We knew it was temporary but we never expected temporary to last 10 years lol. Over that time hubby has put so much into his job, went to school for some extra letters after his name and busted ass to become supervisor ready. Then the job he was at for 12years let him down and we ultimately moved here to West Virginia. Which, by the way, is beautiful and we really do like it here!

I never knew, after 10 years, how conditioned I was that I put the kids to bed and Yay! I have a few minutes to spend with hubby before he goes to work. He’s been off that schedule for about a month now, you would think it would go away by now but, still, every night I have to remind myself… I have ALL night with him. I actually get to sleep in bed with him every night. We go to bed together, we hold each other (most of the night unless it’s too hot LoL), we wake up together. It truly is something I feel others might take for granted. I cannot even begin to express that feeling of relief I get every night when I realize, “oh! He doesn’t have to go to work tonight.” And yes, I still get it every night! It’s weird!

The other thing that’s been so hard to adjust to with this whole day shift thing is just how much I miss the man I love. When he was working nights we chatted in text messages through half the night and then I’d fall asleep. I sure missed him but half the time he was gone I was sleeping. During my awake time he was sleeping but I still had access to him. 🙂 it’s so different now that he’s working and we are awake and asleep at the same times. I feel like I miss him much more now when I only get a text or two at his breaks and lunches. I know I will get used to it, it’s only been a week. Trust me that I appreciate that it’s something I have to get used to. He has worked hard to get to this spot and we, as a couple and a family, have been through a lot to get here too. I love the place we are in. I love the relationship we have now, the intimacy level and the communication between us has never been better. Not to mention the amazing, awesome, kinky sex we have! 🙂

I really want to thank our readers for being a part of this with us. It’s so fun to have met some amazing friends who we can totally be ourselves with. We love the questions we get and the conversations we have but more than that I think we really appreciate the love and support our new friends have offered!

Last night I wasn’t really in much of a sex, tease, denial or any play kind of mood. With all the packing that needs to be done while still taking care of the regular house stuff, dishes, laundry, kids, etc I’m just feeling overwhelmed and not really “in the mood.” However, what I love about our relationship now is that, even when I’m not in the mood, I can still enjoy sexual intimacy and even quickly become in the mood.

Last night was cagedmonkey’s first night back to work after a long week and a half off. It has been so nice having him home and sleeping in bed with him and everything. It was hard to send him off to work again. Anyway, we were sitting there watching tv and he played some video games and, like I said, it wasn’t a particularly sexy time.  Just before it was time to get ready to go cagedmonkey had asked to taste me. Of course he could taste me! It really only took about 10 seconds of him gently kissing and licking my pussy for me to reach down, grab the back of his head and start grinding my pussy against his face.

That is what I love about us now. I really wasn’t at all feeling a desire but just something so little can flip that switch and all of a sudden I’m using his face as a fuck toy and rubbing my now wet pussy all over him just before he’s ready to walk out the door to work.

It’s just lovely, isn’t it?

I’m not really one who plans out how things are going to be or even what things are going to happen. I’m more of the go-with-the-flow type person because I’ve found that things are much more enjoyable when we don’t expect or count on certain things. One thing about life that used kill me was getting my hopes up or expecting something and then only getting disappointed because it wasn’t how I imagined, what I pictured or exactly how I wanted it.

One thing chastity had taught, me as a wife and Keyholder, is that nothing is ever set in stone and everyday is a maybe day! I certainly have ideas of how I want things to go, especially a T & D or D/s session but in no way do I plan our expect anything to go in any particular way.

Since our Valentine’s Day romp my goal was to keep cagedmonkey caged completely (not out, no erections, no feeling me) until my birthday in April and denied his orgasm until his birthday in June. Well as you all probably read a couple weeks ago, the caged completely thing was blown out of the water soon after. Hey, what can I say? I love my man’s cock! 🙂 Still denying him orgasm until June was going to be easy, right?

Nothing is ever as easy as we think! Last night was something quite amazing. Hubby and I were spending some wonderful time together snuggling on the couch. We watched a couple shows on Netflix and just laid together holding each other. Cagedmonkey ended up rubbing my shoulders, relaxing me and making me feel so good and loved. One thing led to another and we were kissing and groping each other. It felt incredible to have his body between my legs, above me like that. It was so sexy, such a turn on, to feel his strong arms, his hips and thighs. We kissed and made out like a couple of horny teenagers.

We’re stopped for a break to get a drink and we talked. As were were sitting there talking we got on the subject of how bad we both missed his cock. With it being in the Revenge I don’t even get a chance to play with it like I do in the Jail Bird. Somewhere in our conversation I leaned over, used the key on my necklace and unlocked the lock on the Revenge. I popped the caged off and he started to instantly get hard so I made him quickly remove the ring.

This was something that had been going through my head for a good part of the day. I am a wife and I have a sexual relationship with my husband… but I’m also a Keyholder. Sometimes the heart, the wife part of me, really wants to have that connection, that intimacy with her husband. To feel his body against mine, to feel him slowly slide his thick cock into my tight pussy, to feel him fill me up with his cum.

One of the best things about being a Keyholder, his dominant, is that I’m in charge and what I say goes! Sometimes when the wife part of me wants to take over, I have the choice to let it happen. To feel my man make love to me. Thrusting slowly into me until I feel those very familiar spasms of his cock. Continuing to thrust as I feel his warm cum overflow my pussy. Filling me up and spilling out on to the couch because there was so much!

It may seem like I messed up my plans but really the ideas I have to get to my goals are never plans. Ideas don’t always happen like we think and that’s the best. One thing I did different this time around was I immediately locked hubby back in the Revenge. I did this in hopes of preserving some of that horny he had pent up for three weeks. I certainly want to try to avoid the “low” that happens after orgasm. We will see how this goes, it’s new to us because usually if he’s going to cum, I drain him with multiple orgasms.

So when a Keyholder Wants something, a Keyholder will have it. She is in charge!