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Yesterday, when cagedmonkey got home from work, I had him take off his cage before bed. He’s so sensitive after about 7 weeks of denial and even the blankets were teasing him. I had him sleep without his Jail Bird so I could have access to him at any time. I certainly took advantage of that while he was trying to sleep. I did make it quite difficult for him.

Every so often I would go visit him in the bedroom and he’d get woken up by me stroking his cock. He sleeps with a sleep mask on because it’s too bright in our room so it’s a bonus he’s basically blindfolded. I would stroke him nice and hard and then walk out. One time I stroked him to just before the edge, I gave him a hard squeeze around his shaft and licked him right across his lips. I didn’t say a word and just walked out. I could hear him moaning and cursing as I was leaving.

I did that a few more times through the day and when it was time to wake up, I got completely naked and woke him up by climbing on the bed and straddling him. I pressed my naked body against his, our warm skin touching on every possible part. I felt his cock hardening beneath me. I smiled at him an awfully devious smirk and said “ooo little man is ready to wake up.” Cagedmonkey was no where near awake so he could only sputter out moans and groans as I slowly slid my nipples up and down his chest.

I lifted my hips and slid him inside me, filling me up so full. I just love the feeling of his big cock filling my pussy, stretching it so perfectly. It’s a feeling I can not get enough of sometimes. I used him like a ride-on sex toy, sliding myself up and down his shaft getting his cock all sloppy and creamy. When I was finished with him, I climbed off of him, grabbed my clothes and as I started to get dressed I simply said, “time to wake up!”