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What a wonderful weekend My Lady and I had! We had a lot of fun at the casino, outside of the lots of sex we ended up having. ๐Ÿ™‚

We checked into the hotel on Saturday afternoon. At first, we intended to just drop off our stuff and head to the casino for some gambling fun, but that plan went into the trash once we got inside the room. My Lady unlocked me once we were inside the room; we started kissing and we couldn’t hold ourselves back. All of the fun ideas My Lady had of teasing me and making me work for my orgasm went out the window – we got undressed from the waist down only, and started making love not five minutes after we walked through the door. I was filling My Lady’s pussy with cum in VERY short order, and her pussy quivered around my cock as she joined me in orgasm.

It was fantastic! After waiting nearly a month, it felt great to cum. The orgasm itself was amazing, but also the feeling of not having to hold back during the buildup and just let loose was absolutely wonderful.

After our quickie, we went down to the casino floor for some gaming fun. My Lady and I bled away some money at the slots before heading to the poker room. We had a lot of fun playing poker – My Lady may have had a little too much fun, along with a little too much alcohol, hehe – even though neither of us was doing very well. I’m the poker player of the pair of us, but My Lady was doing better than I was because I couldn’t get any fucking cards whatsoever….. but I’m not mad about it.ย  ๐Ÿ™‚

After we were both pretty well supplied with alcohol, we stumbled back up to our room once again. We stripped down and jumped in the bed with each other. This time, we fucked…. drunk fucked. It was soooo nice –ย I grabbed My Lady’s ass as I thrusted deep into her and filled her up with another load of my cum. My Lady later admitted that she didn’t remember us having sex this time, which she found very exciting. ๐Ÿ™‚

My Lady had me jerk myself off once and we had sex one more time before we had to check out the following morning. It felt great to have some spontaneous, unplanned sex after being in chastity for so long.

My last orgasm came this morning: I woke up My Lady by rubbing her wet pussy – I wonder what she was dreaming of! I rolled over on top of her and slid myself inside her, slowly taking her, making it last because I knew it could very well be my last for quite some time. We both came together again – I love it when we do that! We had a few minutes to cuddle before the kids woke up and ran into the room. So much for our fantasy weekend.ย  ๐Ÿ™‚

Later in the morning, My Lady told me it was time to “get dressed.” I know what that means; at the next opportunity, I snuck off to the bathroom, tucked my cock into the Jailbird, and tightened the security screw. I was locked in, where I belong. And here I sit, still locked in, and tomorrow begins over two months of near-24/7 chastity and 4 months of orgasm denial. Honestly? I’m glad and excited to get started. This will be a huge milestone for us in our chastity lifestyle.

Talk to me in a few weeks, though… that feeling may change drastically by then. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Last weekend, My Lady allowed me to spend some time unlocked after getting a surprising orgasm on Friday night. It was a semi-honeymoon of sorts, our first one since starting this chastity lifestyle. It was very nice to have the ability to be free with my sexuality.ย I began to think that although being locked and being unlocked are two different situations (and honeymoon being a third completely opposite one), each situation has its own reasons for being enjoyable.

I enjoy being locked by ML mainly because of the feelings I get when I am controlled by her. The lock on my cage gives me no option but to bend to her wishes and to serve her desires. The fact that she chooses to keep me locked and to hold this control over me makes me feel valued, as if I am a prized possession of hers. She keeps me safe and secure so only she may play with me when she wishes. I also get a feeling of safety and security when locked, knowing and trusting that she will only use me in ways that please her. It may not be the best thing to satisfy my wants and needs, but because of the decision I’ve made to put ML before me, it is exactly what I want.

Being unlocked is a little different. And let me be clear – by “unlocked” I mean not kept in a device, but still under the sexual control of My Lady. For example, yesterday I was released from my cage and ML spent the day forcing erections on me, riding her cock when she saw fit, denying me orgasm all day long, and eventually giving me TWO back-to-back ruined orgasms before putting me back in my cage. At no time was ML not in control. I was unlocked, but still every bit the sub that I am when wearing my cage.

Anyway, as I was saying… being unlocked is different. The feelings of excitement come from different places. While I feel valued and treasured like a prized collectible when locked, I feel wanted and desired when unlocked, like ML’s well-worn favorite toy. And while being caged gives me a sense of security, being free gives me the exciting feeling of uncertainty, that anything can happen at any given moment (and often does). Sometimes the worst teases happen when I’m not in my cage, simply because ML can bring me so close to the orgasm I so desperately crave and desire, yet I have no idea when these moments may come and I have no way to prepare for or recover from them.

Even though I am thoroughly enjoying our lifestyle of enforced male chastity, I still do look forward to our honeymoon periods. It’s not that I don’t want to be controlled. It’s just nice to know that we can still be normal after being so kinky. It almost seems as if things have reversed – most couples use kink to spice up their sex lives and prevent things from getting boring, while we use our vanilla honeymoon time to do the same.ย Which is perfectly fine by me… I’m loving this “new normal” every exciting step of the way!