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So let me tell you a little story about how awesome my husband is when it comes to me. This story explains all of the reason I know we are the most perfect for each other. The other night we were having some pretty fantastic sex and I decided I wanted to feel my pussy squeeze down hard on CM’s big thick cock while I came. So he knelt there between my legs sliding himself in and out and, fuck, it felt so good. I started to rub my clit to help myself get to climax faster – although CM makes me cum way better. Anyway, I could feel the intensity grow as I got closer and closer to orgasm and all of a sudden CM pulled the pillow out from under my head as I hit that spot and my muscles tightened and I clenched everything. To some that might have been rude, but in that moment, he knew well enough to take the pillow away so I didn’t cause myself unnecessary pain. It was an incredibly awesome moment between us, he knows me so well and even in that moment of my orgasm he thought of me and how to make it even better for me. 

That’s what I love the most about having an attentive husband. He knows exactly how to please me and make me feel fantastic sexually and even emotionally. Do I think it’s the cage and denial that make him that way? No, because all of this has come after I let him cum a few times in the past few days. He’s like that because he loves me and genuinely cares about my pleasure.

Anyway, I know this isn’t a super long post but it’s one of those things I think people should know. Those little things you do in your relationship really do make her feel thought of, feel special, feel cared for and that her pleasure is important. 

We were so happy to be asked by Topco Toyz to review a few products and give our honest and unbiased opinion. Of course we love toys and trying them out so this was so perfect for us and we appreciate them asking! 

One of the toys we received was the Magic Massager G-Spot Pleaser. This is a “magic wand” or Hitachi attachment that gives you an extra boost by getting you in touch with your more sensitive spots. The attachment itself is a soft rubbery-like material. It’s almost got a sticky feeling too it right out of the package. We washed it before use (always a good idea with toys being used with your intimate areas!) And the sticky feeling didn’t really go away. It wasn’t a turn off but I felt it was something to mention. The g-spot attachment was just the right firmness to be inserted (it didn’t wiggle around too much going in) and then the to portion sat right against my clit giving me a good amount of vibration all around.

It’s not a very big size but it is angled just right to reach that spongy sensitive spot to push us ladies over the edge of an intense orgasm. It fit perfectly on my magic wand but I did have to remove the original cover to put this on.

I think this toy will be very helpful for those times I want to tie cagedmonkey up and force him to watch me please myself over and over, while he continues to be denied his own pleasure until I’m ready to give it to him! 🙂 Go check out Topco Toyz for the Magic Massager and many other great toys to add to your collection! Keep an eye out for other fun reviews coming up as we get in more playtime!

The past few mornings, we wake up and cagedmonkey goes to the bathroom. When he comes out of the bathroom I have my gorgeous ass uncovered and presented for some proper tonguing. He immediately climbs back on the bed and dives right in tongue fucking my ass causing me to moan like crazy.

Last night I just happened to unlock him for some use – I really wanted to cum hard on his cock (and boy did I!) and have him clean up the sloppy, wet, gooey mess that my pussy became. I came quite a few times, good and hard on his cock that it ended up milking him a little. I wouldn’t call it a ruined orgasm really because there was no actual edge to orgasm, except mine. It was just a couple drips or so that came out.

So this morning, after giving my tight asshole a good lick, I told him to get his dick hard. He stroked his cock for me while he continued tonguing me and within seconds he was hard and ready to give me what I wanted. Usually in the morning cagedmonkey is not as sensitive as other times of the day and is a little slower to the edge… But not this morning! It was a matter of thrusts and he was “oh my God, I need to stop-ing.” It was amusing that he’s so incredibly hair trigger horny – which I love – that just having his face between my ass cheeks and his dick in my tight wet horny pussy brings him to the edge so quickly.

After that we went about our morning, getting him ready for work, breakfast, etc all before the kids woke up. Just before he left for work I had him get on his knees and lick my pussy. I still love having him drive to work tasting and smelling me. All that did was increase my already horny mood. I ended up sending him of to work and left myself extremely horny today. My pussy is soaking wet, still! I know I’m going to have to sneak of to the bedroom this morning and use my wand to get myself off, because I can.

Then later this morning I have to take my horny, wet pussy out to a playdate for my daughter. It just so happens another homeschooling mom I met is the minister’s wife at a local church here. It should be extremely interesting, sitting in their house while the girls play and get to know each other, knowing in the back of my mind that I was fucked this morning, masturbated and that I keep my hubby’s cock locked in a steel cage! Haha It’s so weird this sort of double life I lead! 🙂

Usually I have about a week or so during the month (most of the time the week or so before I start my cycle) where I’m so crazy, mega horny that almost no amount of orgasms or sex can satisfy me. It’s that time during the month where I’m craving cagedmonkey’s nice big, thick, cock the most. I just want to feel him in my hand, my mouth, my tight wet pussy while in cumming good and hard on him, squeezing him.

For some reason this month my crazy horny time hasn’t stopped! Maybe my body is making up for the lull we had while packing and moving. I don’t know for sure but it started about two weeks ago and damn if I’m not super fucking horny STILL and I’m finishing up my cycle. It’s actually worse today than it has been. At times like these that I just love that I keep cagedmonkey denied of orgasm and “hair-trigger horny,” as I call it. When I keep him that way, it helps at times like this when I’m so fucking horny and am having a hard time being satisfied. I love having his cock stand at attention for me the moment I want to ride it and cum on it.

This morning is a perfect example of how horny I am and how I love having cagedmonkey ready on a whim. I had unlocked him Sunday night so I could tease him very intensely. I teased his cock for about an hour or so Sunday night and Monday night. I edged him over and over, stroked him until he was whimpering and begging me to stop. The first thing we did before I got out of bed this morning was make love. About an hour later I was dying to get some dick and how lucky that I have one here to use whenever I want. 🙂 I went to the bedroom with a dripping wet, horny pussy, slid my hand quietly under the blanket and woke hubby with a stroke of his cock. I love how his eyes get wide and he takes in a big breath when I startle him awake like that. It certainly didn’t take him long to get hard when I told him, “I need to fuck you right now.”

I climbed up, straddled him and rode his cock till I had a few orgasms. I’m so horny and sloppy wet this morning that we were both slippery, shiny, wet and gooey. I love seeing his cock glisten with my pussy juices. I was fucking him so hard, riding his cock, squeezing it with my intense orgasms that he began begging me to slow down and to be careful so he didn’t accidentally cum without permission. I have to admit, hearing him beg and whimper like that really got me going. It turned me on more, got me even hornier that I just HAD to twist myself off of him so I didn’t force an orgasm I’m not ready to give him yet. I love him like this way too much to give him an orgasm and have to start over building him up again.

So after I rolled off of him, I was laying there next to him for a second and realized how quivery and achy my pussy felt. I just NEEDED to cum again! I made him turn a bit sideways on the bed, while I laid on my back, and slide his cock in me so I could get myself off again on his big hard cock. I do love that position, it almost reminds me of the doggy style feeling and he can get in there nice and deep. I rubbed my clit good and fast and gave myself two fantastic back to back orgasms. The first one was so strong and intense and my whole body tensed, it surprised me and I kinda moaned out a “what the fuck?!” God damn that felt good. Ugh, I’m killing myself writing this right now haha. 🙂

About an hour after that (just as I started this post haha) I was getting myself all worked up again – it really didn’t take much. I just kept thinking about how, if my daughter wasn’t here, I would use the hell out of cagedmonkey. I have these strong feelings of wanting to use him to – try – satisfy my extreme horny. I was thinking about how I would love to straddle his face and make him lick me to a few messy, drippy orgasms. I want to make his face shine with my pussy juices from ear to ear. I thought about how I want to slide down his chest and right down onto his rock hard cock, riding him to even more orgasms. But, alas, our daughter is here doing her school work so, I’ll have to settle for sneaking in every so often and getting myself off using his body for my pleasure.

As I said when I started writing this post and got myself all worked up again I had to save it as a draft and go get myself more of his awesome cock in my pussy. I swear I’ve cum at least 8 times already in just the couple hours I’ve been awake. Ok I have to stop writing again and go get off more haha. Oh boy, I’m going to get nothing done today when I’m like this! 🙂

I dropped the kids off to day camp this morning, stopped at McDonalds for a coffee on the way home and the whole way back thought about how wonderful it was going to be to crawl back in bed with cagedmonkey and nap in each other’s arms. Yeah that happened for a little while, but it wasn’t too long before he woke up to the sounds of my Magic wand humming on my clit.

He watched me, enjoying the vibrations for a bit, taking in each of my breathy moans. He was begging me to enjoy every bit of it, not to cum right away but to take it all in. He asked me to feel it deep before I let it drive me into a massive orgasm. I arched my back as the sensations were sent through my body. He whispered, “may I take over?” And I handed him the wand. I let him hold it there stimulating my clit relentlessly bringing me to that first orgasm. I moaned loud, taking full advantage of the fact that we were alone in the house. Screaming out things like, “oh God, yes, yes, fuck” and plenty of other things I’m sure.

He didn’t stop, didn’t turn off the wand, didn’t take it off my clit… I didn’t want him to. I wanted him to keep going, to keep pushing me into orgasm after orgasm. My body shaking, trembling and shuddering through each and every one. The next stronger than the last. Over and over, screaming, moaning, yelping, twisting, arching, squeezing, tensing up. It was a flow of orgasm after sweet orgasm. I had cum so much I began begging him to fuck me, I wanted… no, NEEDED to feel him inside me while the wand stimulated me. I needed to feel the thick length of his shaft sliding in and out of my pussy. I didn’t want it fast or hard nor slow but rather perfectly paced and he got it! Though that second I was about to go over he couldn’t stay in or he would have instantly cum with me. He grabbed “Adam” and got into my favorite scissor position and paced it perfectly while I held the wand in place on my clit. The orgasm that came from that position was unbelievable. I can’t even begin to explain how it was other than it was so strong my entire body tensed up and lifted me off the bed straight and stiff like a board. It was so crazy… absolutely amazing!

Wow! Cagedmonkey did think quick, because the orgasm was so long and intense, to grab his phone for some audio – perhaps he’ll work out getting that posted here! Keep an eye… err ear out! 🙂

I just wanted to share one last thing. Later this afternoon I was heading over to get the kids from camp and I had a feeling come over me, that I’m sure some other keyholders may understand. I felt almost this feeling of guilt. I’ve been getting these massive, intense, hardcore orgasms and hubby has gotten none. I got this feeling like I owed him one for giving me such outstanding ones. Like I felt bad… I quickly talked myself out of it, lol, but I found it interesting that I had those feelings since I haven’t had that except maybe way in the beginning of our chastity play.