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After my most recent post, many people commented and had questions about my experience. One of our Twitter followers had an interesting question.

Puppy Lix asked:

Have you noticed any changes to your cock in long term chastity?

Most of the time, this question is really asking, “Does chastity make your cock shrink?” I’m pretty sure that my cock still fills up ML’s pussy nice and good, but you’d have to ask her to be certain. 😉

But I’m not sure if Puppy Lix means this specifically, so I will mention the few minor “changes” that I notice after a long term chastity stint.

1) Skin elasticity: I do notice that I can feel the stretch of my skin for the first couple of days after being unlocked; it feels almost like a soreness in my skin. It’s not as strong of a feeling that I used to get, but it’s still there.

2) Sensitivity: my cock is VERY sensitive to the touch for the first few days after. Even during my shower, my legs were getting kinda wobbly from the feeling of being touched… and I wasn’t even doing anything sexual!

3) “Injuries”: No, they aren’t anything major, but sometimes things happen. The most common thing that happens to be is either tiny cracks in my skin (probably due to the loss of skin elasticity), or skin irritations (in places where the cage has been in contact with my skin for prolonged periods). If left unchecked, they could get serious, but they are easy to deal with.

The good thing is that none of these “changes” are permanent – they all go away within a few days, or a week at most. So I would have to honestly say yes, there are changes that happen during long term chastity… but the changes last less than the chastity itself did.

It was brought to my attention that, after my cliffhanger of a revelation about my health status, I never posted a follow up on the blog. I did send out some updates on Twitter, but not all of our blog readers follow us on Twitter, so some people were left in the dark.

So, shoot me.

There… all better now?

So, the good news is that after that post I found out that things weren’t as serious as they could have been: some labs test results I received were looking really bad, so it’s not like I went completely overboard over something small – it was a legitimate concern. However, follow up tests showed that I must have grabbed an invincibility powerup at some point – despite the really bad looking lab results, my organs were in pretty good shape with no major damage showing.

At that point, good news was good news, but I wasn’t out if the woods yet: I still needed to go through some treatment in order to prevent any further damage…

I’m about halfway through the treatment/meds process, and things are going very well so far… great news!

I know, I’ve been kinda secretive with some details, and I’m not quite sure why… none of the details would be particularly identifying or anything. I guess I don’t want to get TOO deep into this stuff on a chastity/orgasm denial/sex blog. But it’s important to show that we are real people who deal with real life problems, and who enjoy real life successes and real life happiness, aside from all the kinky sex stuff we write about.

So, um, yeah… not really sure how to approach this subject on a sex/chastity/orgasm denial blog, but I promised to be real and talk about everything, so….

I found out today that I’m sick. Not just “cough and cold” sick; I’m talking about “there’s a not-so-small chance I may end up needing an organ transplant” sick.

Yeah, no, seriously.

Now, don’t go freaking out – I did enough of that this afternoon for all of us put together. I haven’t even talked to my doctor yet, although I know enough about lab tests to understand the situation I’m in. It’s not really worth going into the details, except to say that:

  1. It’s serious.
  2. It needs to be addressed right away.
  3. I’m not dead yet. 🙂

That’s the thing… I’m not “symptomatic” sick, which is a blessing. I have a chance to handle this and, while not getting myself back to perfect health, keep myself at the decent level of health I’m currently at. Although, not being symptomatic keeps my horniness from not cumming for three months from going away… which is another blessing, I guess.

So, seriously… relax. I’m not going anywhere just yet. I’m still the horny, desperate, orgasm denied monkey I’ve been for the last few years. And My Lady and I are going to do everything we can to keep it that way.

My Lady hasn’t been feeling very well lately; she has been dealing with strong body aches and generalized overall pain from time to time. I wish I could do something to help her out and relieve her pain, but there’s not much I can do other than being supportive and loving whenever I can.
Our sexy fun play time has suffered greatly over the past few weeks because of this. It may seem superficial, but ML and I both agree that sexual attraction and physical intimacy is a very important part of our relationship. I can tell ML is getting worried that her physical issues are drawing energy away from our sex life. She doesn’t REALLY need to worry about that stuff – we can definite adjust to this situation, as we’ve been through much worse already – but it’s nice when I can help ease her fears when possible (and get her a little turned at the same time).
We were sitting on the couch tonight watching some TV before I had to leave for work, ML was resting her hand on my hip as I was laying on my side next to her. With the sole purpose of making her smile, I pulled the waistband of my shorts down to show her my naked ass. She giggled and squeezed my butt and gave them a soft slap with her palm. Her touch felt so nice on my naked skin, and a moment later I was up on my knees next to her on the couch, bent over the arm with my naked ass pointed in her direction. As her hands caressed my ass cheeks, I heard her make what would be best described as a half laugh/half moan, a sound that she often makes when she is surprised by just how turned on she is getting. It was music to my ears.
For the next few minutes, My Lady smacked my ass until I whimpered and tickled my balls until I couldn’t help but squirm. She gently stroked the base of my cock until I filled up my cage, and she teased the sensitive area between my balls and asshole until I was moaning into the couch cushions. “It’s so cute,” she said as she toyed with me, “I love to watch your ass twitch.” I couldn’t hold still as she brushed her fingers over my exposed skin, and she spanked me hard enough to make me yelp.

It eventually was time for me to get ready for work, but it felt really great to get those juices flowing between us again. It was also wonderful to see My Lady enjoying making my cage tight around my throbbing cock.

Today the final nail was hammered into the coffin of the idea that I might actually have a pain free elbow. It has been decided that my blood pressure issue trumps my elbow pain… and yes, I realize that this is the best decision for my health. It’s just very disappointing that I have to give up my elbow surgery for it, and it’s even more annoying when the doctors I talk to don’t understand this. They think “we’ll have this sorted out in a couple of weeks, and then you can reschedule your surgery.” That’s great, if I could just up and take a month off of work on the middle of summer vacation time (fyi, I can’t).

So now I’m pretty much stuck indefinitely with elbow pain that is worsening by the day, makes it difficult to work, and even more difficult to enjoy kinky stuff with My Lady. With this elbow problem, we are going to have to be very careful with the games we play, and intense scenes are pretty much out of the question… and for how long, if there is even an endpoint, is anyone’s guess (ML will argue against this point in the comments, lol).

Honestly… it sucks. But it’s necessary. Taking care of my blood pressure is much more important that my elbow. If I can only fix one, the blood pressure is the correct choice. It just really sucks ass the stuff I gotta give up to make thar choice.

Yesterday’s post was apparently just the tip of the iceberg, but kind of in a good way. My “panic attack” that prevented my elbow surgery ended up being something totally different and much more serious.

During the day of me moping all day long (and My Lady getting more and more annoyed by the moment), we began working on a plan to get the elbow surgery done. This involved getting it rescheduled quickly while I still had a chance to squeeze in my time off at work. We were making good progress, but one thing still bothered me – how to handle the panic attack problem again. As a check, ML picked me up a home blood pressure monitor, just to see how my numbers where when I was at home and more relaxed.

Surprise! My blood pressure was worse. Like, “how is your head not exploding?” worse. So, off to the emergency room to prevent a heart attack or stroke we went!

(Keep in mind during all of this, that I’m in my mid 30s, so I’m like “what the fuck, why am I dying?” Moving on…)

As the triage nurse takes my vitals, I warn him not to be too freaked out when he sees my blood pressure. He then tells me that it’ll be tough for be to beat the highest number of the night, which was something like 208/110. I’ve never been one to back down from a challenge, and I VERY easily blew that away with a 250/148 of my own.

Now, let’s pause for just a moment for those who know about blood pressure to pick their collective jaws up off the floor. For those not in the know, [SCIENCE ALERT] the high end of normal blood pressure is usually in the 120/80 range. Anything over 140/90 is considered high blood pressure and should be treated. A top number of over 180 is called a “hypertensive crisis” and emergency care is needed.

Hey, what can I say…. when I do something, I go all out.

The one thing that was confusing the doctors – and me, for that matter – was that I had no symptoms whatsoever. With a bp that high, I should have been having headaches, vision problems, nausea… I had none of that. I felt completely fine, other than being a little anxious because I knew that my blood pressure was so high. I mean, seriously… my blood pressure is two times as high as normal, and my body is just like “I don’t know what you guys are all concerned about, I’m totally chill here.” WTF????

So, thankfully, they didn’t keep me overnight, but they did get me a prescription for blood pressure medication. Hopefully, these will help get my numbers down quick…. ML was able to get my elbow surgery rescheduled for next Friday. Maybe this was all just God’s way of telling me “look motherfucker, you have to get yourself checked out and healthy, and if fucking up your elbow surgery for a week is what’s going to motivate you to getting it fixed, that’s what I’m gonna do.” I guess I can’t really blame God for that. 😉

So, now the plan is to get on the meds, chill out my heart and get it to relax, and hopefully get my elbow fixed next Friday. Honestly, though, my elbow is the lesser of my concerns right now. I’ve been meaning to get “old man healthy” for a while now, because I’m fucking loving my life right now and I want a lot more of it. Things like this are getting me moving in the right direction.

A friend of My Lady – who doesn’t happen to know about this blog – was chatting with her about male chastity. How the subject came up without mention of the blog is a mystery, but she asked her a few questions that I thought it might be helpful to answer here. And if ML’s friend happens upon this blog, thanks for the post material!

ML’s friend wants to introduce male chastity into her marriage. She wanted to have an idea of what to expect from certain aspects of chastity. She writes:

Going months without an orgasm – is that healthy?

First, I’m going to be a stickler for terms. There is absolutely no danger for a male to go any amount of time without an orgasm. Ejaculation is a different story: there is some evidence that frequent ejaculation decreases the probability of prostate illness, however there is also evidence that regular ejaculations increase prostate disease. When it comes down to it, nobody really knows. If you are interested in the “better safe than sorry” approach, there are ways to have a male ejaculate without a full orgasm (milking, ruined orgasms, etc.).

What effect does that have on him?

Long story short, it makes him fucking horny as hell. The male body craves orgasm constantly – it goes back to the primal urge to reproduce. The longer he goes without an orgasm, the more he’ll need it. Over time, he will recognize his keyholder (that would be you) as the source of his pleasure, and he will develop a submissive instinct and try to keep you pleased as a result of this. Some people have said that the increase in intensity of this reaction tapers off after a few months. I call BS on that. 🙂 Thanks to ML’s constant teasing, I’m still feeling that need to cum grow and grow every day.

How does a keyholder stay stasified without sex?

There are ways for a man to satisfy his woman other than with his cock! Tongue, fingers… there are many options. The most important thing is to redefine your idea of “sex.” For ML and I, we end up having sex all day long – for us, those hugs and kisses and loving touches are all part of us having sex.

With that said, I understand the desire ML has for a nice hard cock deep in her pussy. When she wants this, we have toys that we can use to satisfy this need. But sometimes, she just needs to feel my flesh. In that case, she unlocks me and uses my cock but doesn’t allow me to cum.

There are plenty of ways for you to get yours without letting him get his. 🙂

Mail Chastity has become a very popular subject on the blog. We’ve gotten lots of questions, either through email or Twitter, and we plan on doing more of these posts in the future. We could always use more questions to answer, though, so don’t hesitate to ask us anything!