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Ok seriously, I can’t leave this unsaid any longer! I keep thinking back to the other night. I had asked him to post about this because my vanilla world has been nuts as of late. He just hasn’t gotten around to it so before we get too far, I’ll take care of it and I hope he comments with his thoughts. Cagedmonkey was off work Sunday and Monday this week so after waiting for our weekend to finally get here on Sunday I decided to use him like he’d never been used.

We were sitting on the couch watching tv when I decided to kneel in front of him and take off his cage. He was pretty much instantly hard, as always. The first thing I did was stroke him and edge him a few times until I edged him so far I ruined an orgasm. I have gotten so good at ruinning them that barely a drop comes out. We’ve noticed recently that once I do this he is able to stay hard without trying as well as being able to fuck me really good without having to stop every three seconds.

Once I had him calmed a little from the ruined orgasm, I climbed up and rode him a bit. I stuffed my big titties in his mouth and made him suck on them (as if I really have to make him do that haha). He was already tired because it was getting kinda late but, to be honest, it doesn’t really matter if he’s tired, when I want to be fucked, I will be fucked.

I turned around to face the tv and rode him a bit with my back toward him. I love bending over forward just a bit in this position to show him that sexy roundness of my ass. The moans that escape his lips while he watches my ass slides up and down on his big thick cock are such a turn on. All I did to myself while bouncing on his lap like that was turn myself on more and make myself want to be fucked more. So I slid off forward onto all fours on the floor in front of him. I told him, “get down here and fuck me good and hard like my good boy.” He did exactly as he was told. He knelt behind me, guided his thick meat into my warm, tight, wet pussy and pounded away at me. Slamming his cock into me, with his hands holding my hips. Pressing into me as fast and hard as he could over and over until he was exhausted. He asked if he could stop but I was not done and not ready to allow him to be done. His cock was still hard, my pussy was still horny and I didn’t care that his body was tired and aching. I didn’t care that the cramp in his neck was hurting. I made him keep fucking me. He had begun to whimper and beg me to let him stop. I told him multiple times if he started to slow, “no! Keep going, I’m not done yet” and “don’t you dare stop fucking me!” I do love hearing him beg, especially when it’s so real and genuine.

When he finally collapsed backward against the couch I still wouldn’t let him be done. I moved myself back onto his cock and pinned him against the couch, continuing to fuck him and push my ass back onto his lap, driving his cock deeper into my pussy. That’s when I felt him inside me just right and I knew I could squirt. So I tightened just the right muscles and as I was fucking him I squirted all over his cock and balls. I still wasn’t done with him. I continued to pound myself back on him. I worked my pussy back up to squirt again and pushed his cock inside me at just the right angle and right when I could feel it was time to tighten those muscles, I stood up and backed over his face. I let my squirt juices go and cover his chin, chest and drip right down his stomach to his cock, yet again. I stepped away, looked at him and giggled just before climbing up on his face and making him clean up my messy, cummy, squirty juice, used pussy.

Mmmm it’s nights like that where I love being the dominant one. Using him for all of my sexual pleasure while he is left covered in my pussy juices, used, tormented and denied his own orgasmic pleasure.

If you all can peel yourselves away from my big sexy boobies for just one minute lol I thought I would write 🙂

First of all I absolutely hate packing and moving. Our house looks like a tornado came through it because I have to sacrifice cleaning to pack or packing to clean. Trying to live in a house with two young kids while also trying to pack it up is like a dog chasing it’s tail.

Anyway, there is a good part to all of this moving stuff. We’ve decided to go through stuff and throw out a lot of old crap from childhood because what’s the use of keeping stuff in boxes? We are done with holding on to the past with material things. (Bear with me there is a sexy part to this post haha) There are, however, some things we’ve come across from our more recent past that we are keeping. We found pictures, letters and even some sex coupons that I sent to cagedmonkey when we first got together. It made us realize that this kinky side of us was always here inside us. Not that we had explored it much back then because we know it wasn’t the right time but it was there. I had made him coupons that said “a night of teasing while restrained” and other stuff like that. It was so awesome to find those things to remind us that, even almost 15 years ago, we were meant to be together. We also found our wedding pictures and our unity candle (which we need for January!) and, of course, I was getting all emotional remembering how much I love this man.

I guess getting all emotional was a good thing for cagedmonkey because I also got very horny! Haha that night we decided to unwind with a few drinks and just have a nice relaxing sexy night. Well let’s just say cagedmonkey got more than he bargained for hehe. I had unlocked him for the long weekend so that I could play with him and use him however and whenever I wanted. So that night as we were refilling our drinks in the kitchen hubby started rubbing himself against my ass and slid his hands around me to hold and squeeze my boobs. He was behind me naked and started simulating fucking me from behind. I reached back, slid my panties down in back and positioned his cock at my incredibly horny pussy and pushed back onto him. He gasped and moaned from being slid into my hot tight pussy which he’d been denied from for days. I told him, “fuck me” and he put one hand on my shoulder, bent me over the counter and started fucking me nice and hard. He was going to cum so he started to slow and I wasn’t having any of that. I told him, “No! Don’t stop!” He said, “I have to unless you want me to cum.” I reached back and grabbed his hip and pulled him into me. He was hesitating, worried he’d cum without permission, I’m sure. I started pushing back onto him fucking myself with his huge hard cock and gave him the instruction to “fuck me hard and cum deep in my pussy and fill me up.” That’s exactly what he did and damn did it feel so fucking good. It actually left my pussy quivering and aching for more. Mmmmm so nice!

I did realize this morning that it has been quite a few days that I have gone without an orgasm. How is that possible? Actually with all the stress of moving and being so busy with regular everyday life and packing on top of that… I haven’t felt all that horny for an orgasm. I do hope that once we move I’m going to get my horny level back to where my pussy is a dripping wet horny mess everyday.