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Today is the day! Mistress Marie and her Slave David will be here this afternoon. Cagedmonkey and I will be spending the evening enjoying dinner and some fantastic company. We are both so excited about growing this real life friendship!


Looking forward to all the possibilities that the evening brings. We have the opportunity to be who we are, talk about everything in all aspects of our lives and do whatever is comfortable and natural. I’m making sure cagedmonkey is clean and shaved later this afternoon and I would like him to get my pussy looking smooth and sexy. Who knows what might happen and it’s always good to be prepared in case things get naughty, kinky and sexual.

Can’t wait to tell you all about it!

Haha ok yeah yeah, I kinda teased you a bit with that title. You probably thought I was going to talk all about how to go about meeting yourself a mistress… well not in this post, but maybe another time! Really, WE are the ones meeting a mistress… a specific, wonderful, delicious, yummy, gorgeous mistress and her slave!

Last year, Mistress Marie and I started chatting and found out we lived rather close to one another – especially when it comes to the big ol’ world wide web. We have also learned in that time that we have loads in common and that we get along particularly well. So she and I talked about the four of us meeting in person. I’m so excited to say that time is here! I’m super duper mega (as I said on their blog) excited to be meeting Mistress Marie and her Slave David!

In a couple of weeks, they will be traveling here for the night. They’ve booked the executive suite at a local hotel and we will be enjoying a meal, wonderful friendship and who knows what else. I do know that this room they’ve booked has this huge “board room” style table in it… to eat on, of course… or maybe tie the boys to… or maybe bend them over it… or… maybe just to eat on! 🙂 haha hey, we’re all bringing some toys just in case.

Whatever happens, vanilla or otherwise, I feel we are blessed to have made such wonderful friends that we can get together with and enjoy time with. I love that there are no expectations and what happens will happen. I do know we plan to have wine (we even live the same wine!)… that could just be the catalyst needed to create a very kinky situation. 🙂 Though, I’m happy with us sitting and talking openly and freely about every aspect of our lives and not having to hide any part of who we are! 🙂 oh, and, I really really really can’t wait to hug Marie (and I might sneak in a boobie squeeze cause… well, I like boobies!)!

Looking forward to this and hopefully many more get together with them!