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As you all know, we have two kids, so we have to get creative with the time we have to spend being kinky. We don’t get much alone time together at all so it’s important to mix it in here or there when we can. A lot of our kinky happens behind the scenes so we don’t alert the kids to daddy’s chastity device or our dirty, kinky playtime.

Cagedmonkey has worked 6 nights this week and we haven’t had a whole lot of time to connect. I’ve used him in the mornings, when tucking him in, for some pretty fantastic orgasms but no real tease and denial time. This evening I decided to have him get in the shower and use that time to give him some tasks and make him take pictures and video for more while completing them. Oh the joys of him having a waterproof phone!

His first task was to uncage and shave that big ol’ cock of mine and then it was time to frustrate the hell out of him. He was then instructed to stroke his cock nice and hard for me.
I made sure he washed up really good and told him he needed to make sure his ass was also cleaned really good just in case I got in the mood to use it.
After he was nice and clean I told him to stand there enjoying his shower while he stroked and edged for me… 7 times. That wasn’t all he had to do! That would be about the time I popped in the bathroom and handed him the Aneros and told him I wanted him to get his asshole good and primed for me. I made sure to tell him to not get carried away with the self ass play but to make sure he was prepared in case I got the urge to peg him.
He alternated between edging and working the Aneros in and out of his ass being sure to send me video too. As he got to the last few edges I told him to edge while he was plugged with the Aneros. I wanted him to feel his ass clench around the smooth plastic as he got closer to cumming.

It really was an incredible amount of fun to tease him, deny him and frustrate him. Once out of the shower cagedmonkey was instructed to lock his cock back up for me in his Jail Bird. I love when we are able to find little ways, like this, to work kink into our everyday lives. It doesn’t take much to keep it fresh, sometimes wee just need to get a little creative about it.

Last night was a pretty interesting night! I finally unlocked cagedmonkey and made him touch his own penis. It’s been almost a month since he’s put his own hands on his penis. I have unlocked him for various things in the past month but he has been restrained when out of his cage.

I decided since he hasn’t touched or stroked himself that I would force him to masturbate and use his own hand to edge and tease him. His hand touches all those spots he’s used to feeling while spending a good portion of his life masturbating (as you boys know you do!). So I tied our bondage rope around cagedmonkey’s wrist and hand while his cock was in hand. I left myself a piece of rope as a handle and used it to pull his hand up and down the shaft of his hard aching cock.


I loved listening to him moan and squirm and wiggle was I forced his hand up and down stroking himself to the edge over and over. I forced him to do this for probably a half an hour, on top of the half an hour or so I spent rubbing, licking, sucking, tickling and even smacking his cock. 🙂 Of course he was squirming so much that I had to make sure he was secured so I got a bit creative with the rope. My pussy just kept getting more and more soaked as I listened to him grunt and moan and groan.

I untied his hand from his cock and instead I secured both hands to his thighs with the rope. It worked like a charm so that I could spend a good amount of time teasing him and he couldn’t move.


Not only did I tease his denied cock, I also sat on his face and rubbed my pussy all over it making him lick me until I came. Then I really did a number on him by sliding down, facing his feet, and sitting on his very sensitive cock. I teased him, sliding very slowly up and down on him as he watched from behind. I reached back and spread myself wide so he could see every bit of himself being grabbed and gobbled up by my hungry pussy. He just moaned so loud cussing over and over, pushing his head back and clenching his eyes closed so he didn’t go over the edge.

I do believe that last night’s tease was quite intense but I suppose you’d need to hear from him how it made him feel. It certainly was a wonderful birthday for me because it ended in my making him eat my pussy for a good hour while I had extremely intense orgasms… over and over. My thighs were shaking, I squeezed his head between my legs and bucked like a wild horse.

It really was an extremely fantastic night. Especially falling asleep together naked which, with kids, is something we rarely do.

Cagedmonkey is back in his Jail Bird where he will stay with zero release until May 4th. I have plans for him on May 4th as we travel. 🙂 You’ll just have to wait to hear all about that, though!


Yeah, you know you read that title thinking it was cagedmonkey’s birthday, right? Well it’s not! It’s mine, but, that doesn’t mean I don’t have some special plans for my locked up hubby man. Don’t be mistaken thinking my denied guy is going to get an orgasm because that is just not in the cards today. He WILL still be waiting until his birthday in June for that… or at least that long (perhaps I’ll deny him until Christmas!).

Today, it’s been almost a month since cagedmonkey has touched his own penis. If he has been unlocked he’s been restrained and not allowed to touch. If I have unlocked him, I’ve been the one to remove and replace his cage. He’s dying to stroke himself, let alone just touch himself in general. So my plan for later is to unlock him and use our bondage rope to tie his own hand to his penis so I can pull up on the rope and force him to stroke himself. He really wants to touch himself but I’m going to force him to do it how I want him to. He won’t really have a choice in HOW he gets to touch himself. 🙂

I’m really getting into the bondage rope and I’m going to buy myself more. We even bought a book to learn knots and techniques, but that’s for an entirely different post!

It should be a pretty interesting thing and I’ll be sure to take pictures and share how our little adventures go tonight. I’m really looking forward to his reactions – you should know by now how much of a reaction junkie I am – and sharing it with all of you! 🙂