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Last night cagedmonkey and I finally got that night alone. We knew it was coming so actually, earlier in the day, we started some extra control and CM was to ask to use the bathroom (by the end if the night he was really begging haha) and what he should wear, how much coffee/water/alcohol he was allowed, etc. I also tasked him with making us special dinner after the kids left with grandma. He made a very delicious steak with sauteed fresh mushrooms and onions and parmesan couscous. It was amazingly delicious! I needed way more mushrooms!

It always feels good to control more of him when I feel ignored and disobeyed by my own children haha. Anyway, it was munch night so before we left I had cagedmonkey locked in his cage and his collar. 

For the actual munch he was dressed in our Monkey in a Cage blog t-shirt because it’s always fun to advertise the blog. We met up with our kinky friends for some drinks (lots of drinks hehe) and lots of laughing, licks and fun. I had my big ass blue margarita of course!

There were so many people there and some newbies and we just had a wonderful time. After munch we came home and visited with the neighbors for a bit since they had some kinky friends over for game night. That was a whole other bunch of fun and lots of boobs hehe. 

After we left the neighbors we came home and played around a little and I made sure cagedmonkey gave me exactly what I needed. Apparently, after teasing him and playing with him some this past week, I needed it bad! It’s nice sometimes to have the alcohol involved sex where he can last a little longer and I can cum a lot harder. I had him fuck me so nice and hard and long. I was kinda laying on my side and he just grabbed a hold of my hip and side and fucked me so good. Oh my goodness, it felt amazing and I came so hard and loud. I haven’t cum that loud in a while and this morning I even woke up with very sore muscles and a sore throat and voice. Cagedmonkey was denied again from Thanksgiving and must have been very turned on after all the girls licking each other and boobs flying out throughout the evening and how loud I was during sex that he exploded a big load of hot cum in my pussy. It seriously was incredible!

I wasn’t quite finished with CM after that, though. We cuddled up all spoon-like and we still had some extreme horniness hanging around and when I felt his still-hard cock against my ass I just reached back and took him and shoved his cock in my asshole and made him fuck my ass, no lube, no nothing, until I had another screamingly good orgasm. I guess I just needed to get fucked and fucked good and hard. I love how I have a big man who gives me whatever I need when I need and want it. He never questions when I tell him he’s going to please me, in whatever way I want him to. I seriously love our relationship and our sex. 

When we woke up this morning, a little later than normal, we had some good snuggle time without having to listen to the kids bickering in the other room. It was so nice to get up and have a quiet morning together. Again, cagedmonkey was to cook for me and, of course, he didn’t just cook, he cooked for me naked!

I did have to mess with him a bit while he was cooking… Because why not? Makes it a bit more fun! 🙂 I kept smacking his adorable ass and giving his cock a stroke, or four, while he was standing there. But, wow did he ever make some amazing eggs and hash browns! 

I know it doesn’t seem like much but it means a lot to me when he cooks and the two of us can sit and enjoy an uninterrupted meal together. We even got to go out and run some errands today together and it was wonderful just having this time. It’s not 100% about sex when we have time alone… That part is amazing but it’s about being more focused on each other and giving ourselves to each other more deeply and fully. 

I realized this morning that I’m starting to feel my mood sink. We got a bit busy coming up to the holidays and some of my control turned way less sexual. The house is hard to keep up with when both of us are working and the kid’s are here, there and everywhere. My control has been a lot more clean this, do this, do that, this kid needs to be here or picked up at this time, type of stuff. While, yes, I love being in charge of everything, I also very much enjoy being in charge sexually and there hasn’t been much time for sexual control. Let alone, after working and coming home to cook and clean and run kids places, the energy level is depleted.

This morning I was sitting here after doing some cleaning and realized that I’m feeling a strong need to Domme cagedmonkey. I texted him this morning and told him, “I need to feel some power over you, I need you to be vulnerable to me. I need to feel you shuddering and whimpering beneath me.” Yeah so that’s where I’m at right now. I’m sitting on the couch fantasizing about him being bound in a vulnerable position where I can do whatever I want to him. Where I can play with whatever part of him I want, make him feel what I want. It could be good, amazing, teasing feelings or maybe I want to give him a little discomfort. I can feel my chest get tight when I think about being a little aggressive and rough with him, that’s how I know I need it… Not just want it! I want to feel him powerless and vulnerable to my touch. I really to want and need to feel him whimpering and begging because he knows I’m controlling every sensation he’s having. I need to feel that change in his body when he realizes there is no use trying to hold out. I am fantasizing about him being tired and used and “done” but I just pick up his head and make him eat my pussy more anyway. 

I want and need a good intense powerful night with my hubby. I’m going to ask, again, if Grandma can take the kids this weekend. I asked her a few days ago but she never got back to me about it. 

We’ve all heard the term “trophy wife” before… You know, the eye candy guys wear on their arm showing off the hot wife they have or whatever that’s about. Well I’d like to take a minute to talk about why I feel like I have a “Trophy Husband.” I’m not referring to the fact that I think he’s hot ass hell or has a sexy body or even a big dick… I’m referring to the fact that he’s an amazing man and husband. 

I’m a challenging wife. I’m controlling and dominant, I’m hurting and broken, I’m complicated and confusing, I’m funny and exciting and it takes a very strong man to be my partner and husband. My husband is my trophy husband because I won when God brought him into my life. When I’m physically hurting, he gets it, he helps and tries his best to make me rest. He rubs my back or hip or whatever and tries to make it feel better. When I’m depressed he doesn’t try to fix it but rather asks questions just to listen. On the flip side of all that, when I’m feeling horny he’s there to satisfy my needs. If I’m feeling devious or want to take out frustration, he’s there to take what I’m looking to give. If I’m feeling vulnerable and scared he reassures me and let’s me know the he is mine and no one else’s. If I’m feeling weak and in need of that powerful in-control feeling he offers himself for me to completely control. 

I don’t feel like eye candy should be the definition of a Trophy spouse… I feel like someone who is willing to give their all to their partner and complimenting their needs and wants and desires is the true trophy and that’s what we should be so willing to show off. Cagedmonkey truly is my trophy husband and I love “wearing him on my arm and showing him off.” 

I know it’s kinda crazy to be looking as far ahead as next year… but, honestly, can you really blame me? With as long as I’ve been waiting for an orgasm? But – and this might be even crazier – it’s not my orgasm that I’m focusing on. I’m assuming (guessing, lol) that it won’t be too far into next year before I get to cum. It’s the “after that” that’s on my mind.

For much of the past 3 years, ML and I have been working towards various things. At first, it was building up my comfort with the chastity cage so that I could spend longer time locked up for My Lady. Once I was able to go about three weeks without any problems, it showed that ML could keep me locked indefinitely if she chose to. And after suffering through over 6 months of denial, it’s pretty clear that ML can deny me for as long as it pleases her to do so.

ML and I have worked very hard to get to the point where she was fully in control of my sexuality and not held back by any physical limits. Now that we’ve gotten to that point, what’s next for us?

After ML allows me my next orgasm (if? Dear Lord, I hope it’s not if!), I expect us to move to a simpler arrangement – no scheduling, no “shooting for” chastity/denial sessions… even no Maybe Days. If ML wants me locked, I stay locked until she wants my cock free. If she wants to deny me, I don’t get to cum until she lets me. It could be days, weeks, months, etc. for either chastity or orgasm denial.

Since “whatever ML chooses” isn’t really a goal (it’s more just fun, which is much more awesomer), ML and I decided on some other things to work toward. We each had a list, and – not surprisingly – they were very similar. One thing that we both agree on is that we want to try some more bondage exploration. ML really wants to learn how to tie me up good and tight, and I really want her to. We’ve also received some bondage toys recently (and purchased some, too… we aren’t total freeloaders, lol), which we will be reviewing soon.

Even though (in my “desperate-to-cum” state) I’m looking ahead to next year already, I’m sure we’ll start exploring our new goals sooner than that. The question will be whether or not I can handle the intense domination that is sure to come… or if it really matters to My Lady at all. 🙂

Brace yourselves. Today is Friday, and I’m not at work.

I know… crazy, right?

I actually have a three day weekend, which is pretty amazing. Part of my plans include being lazy, playing lots of video games (there’s a Super Mario Maker level bouncing around in my head, and I’ve only just begun exploring the Fallout 4 wasteland), but a good portion of my weekend will be spent submitting to My Lady.

ML and I haven’t had a “deep submission” day in a little while, and today we are jumping in with a full weekend’s worth of it. I’m actually very excited about it; it’s a very intense experience to submit completely to ML, and I’m sure it will become more and more intense over multiple days. This will actually be our first “multi-day” play session – the last time we wanted to do something like this, it was unexpectedly interrupted. God willing, we won’t have to deal with anything like that this time around.

ML and I are going to really up the ante on how much control she has over me this weekend – I will be following her instructions on when and what to eat and drink, be subjected to bathroom limits at her discretion, endure any teasing, and perform and sexual servitude that she requires.

This could end up being very intense. Both ML and I agree that this type of living would never work for us permanently, but as a limited-time play session it could be very fun to explore the potential of this arrangement.

Last weekend we spent the entire weekend away at our son’s football tournament. I certainly couldn’t let the teasing subside just because we were away in a hotel with 15 other football families, now could I?

I will admit, I’m entirely too weak when it comes to this whole long term lock up thing. I really did want to try again to make it a good long time, keeping him erectionless but it just didn’t happen! On Saturday night I decided to have hubby unlock and leave his cage in the suitcase for the rest of the weekend. The night ended with a massive amount of teasing in bed, under the covers. I stroked him and edged him over and over again. I let him get the slightest feel of my pussy from behind at the weird angle we managed to get into. It was about a quarter of his cock that was able to actually enter me. As he tried thrusting he really just ended up teasing the head of his cock with my wet pussy lips. 🙂

When we woke up on Sunday, I started on him right away. I sent him straight to the bathroom to edge himself for me 4 times. He then has to come out and show me how hard his cock is while trying to hide it from anyone else. I love that nervous “I hope no one notices” walk he does. I literally spent the next couple hours having him periodically going to the bathroom for me and doing whatever number of edges I came up with.

Just because it was time to go to the field, don’t think I stopped there. During our teams warm up and during half time I sent him off on the long walk in front of the bleachers to the other side of the field to the bathroom. There he had to edge for me and take that long nervous wall back, hoping no one could see the massive bulge in his pants from his hard cock. It was such a perfect time for some private public humiliation. I’m sure the second I told him “You’re going to go to the bathroom and edge 5 times for me,” while sitting there on the bleachers, caused him to chub up.

It really was a very fun day keeping him literally dangling on the edge all day. We had about a two and a half hour drive home and he thought he might get a break from many torment… But, come on, really? Haha especially when both kids fell asleep! I teased his cock and nipples while he was driving and he even got to the point of begging me to stop. I love the sound of his voice when it gets all shaky and he truly does want me to stop.

Cagedmonkey was completely a dripping mess by the time we got home… But I didn’t stop there haha just about every 15 mins from dinner to bedtime I had him going in and stroking himself to the edge for me multiple times. He was so incredibly sensitive after that all day tease-a-thon. I enjoyed very much pushing him that much further into his horniness.

I really think, after that, he’s been feeling very submissive. I think he really loved getting on his knees before work this morning to service my pussy. I am looking forward to the weekend. We put the bed restraints back on the bed and I think it’s going to be a bondage kinda weekend! 🙂

(Taking a small break from the group sex weekend posts…. Don’t worry, the rest of the weekend will be posted)

I have to admit, I haven’t been the best sub I can be lately. I’ve been serving My Lady, being a good boy and satisfying her whenever and however she wishes, but I haven’t been submitting fully and completely to her. I’ve been wanting too much, and I’ve been making my wants known just a little too often.

There’s a difference between sharing my fantasies with My Lady, and telling her what I’d like her to do to me. I’m usually pretty good at avoiding the whole “top from the bottom” thing, but I’m far from perfect. My attitude has been contributing to some of ML’s down mood over the past week or so because she is afraid she is disappointing me. I shouldn’t be disappointed about anything because I shouldn’t be expecting anything.

Why am I having such trouble submitting? I’m almost sure it’s because of ML’s chastity plans for me – she wants to keep me locked 24/7 until Christmas. Forget having to go 2 months without an orgasm; I’m going to go 2 months without have a single full erection. And, honestly, that scares me.

When facing such a long lockup, I naturally want to have one last whatever-it-is that I want. In the past (both childhood and in our marriage), if something didn’t happen on a regular basis, there was a chance that it would be forgotten/phased out/etc. My mind thinks that if I have to wait that long (or, for some activities that we haven’t done for a while, even longer than a few months), will ML be interested? Has she already lost interest in some things that have faded from view? Are there things that we’ve done once and I’ve enjoyed, but will never happen again just because “it’s not something we do anymore”?

I hate these questions, because I hate not having the answers. But the beauty of submitting is that I don’t need the answers to these questions. All I need to know is that I belong to My Lady, and she wants what she wants. The answers to those questions are irrelevant if my focus is on her pleasure and fulfilling her desires.

I have been very stressed out with all of this moving stuff and trying to pack while still taking care of the kids and the house and functioning in this living space. Not to mention the kid with the medical issues having bigger issues this past week. Then the “normal” kid is having behavior issues, likely because of the move. I have a lot on me and my patience wears thin very quickly these days.

Yesterday, by the afternoon, I had lost all patience and was getting more and more irritable with things. As I said, the medical stuff was crazy and I just started to lose it. Cagedmonkey heard me starting to get very frustrated while he was trying to sleep in the bedroom and asked if I needed him to wake up. Normally, I would say no but I’m trying to change my “I don’t need help” way about myself and actually admit that there are times I need help. So I told him yes, I did want him to get up, even if it was just to take on some of the craziness with the kids.

Just before coming out of the bedroom, I was texting him telling him how frustrated I was and he texted me back and said, “Would you like to come here and take some of that out on my butt before I get up?”


I love how he knows just what I need! I didn’t even text back, I ran down the hallway with a big smile on my face, went in the bedroom and spanked his sexy little ass for each of my frustrations.

My subby hubby is so amazing and this whole D/s and FLM thing is great because I get to take back my power and control with the help of my wonderful hubby when I feel like it’s been stripped away by the craziness of everyday life.

Today has been an awfully crazy day. I had a lot of phone calls to make to the health insurance company, the HR department at cagedmonkey’s work, the surgeons office and on and on. I’ve only got a few days left to try to get all of the disability and insurance stuff worked out for cagedmonkey’s surgery. Wee certainly want to be able to pay the bills and eat food while he’s out of work for a month. He will be going in on Thursday to have surgery to repair his elbow tendon. They will be cutting off the bad end of the tendon and reattaching it.

Anyway, that means I had to get him to get bloodwork done today too and take him to the eye doctor to get a new pair of contact lenses. We basically were running all day today so hubby got no actual sleep during the day. He did still have to get to work tonight so when we got home this evening I instructed him to take a nap on the couch. I hung out with the kids and got them all through their bedtime routine and tucked in bed. I decided I’d leave him there to sleep until 9pm so he got a good few hours to sleep before work.

When I finally did wake him (after 9!) we had some things to take care of, waking him up, dressed and getting him set for work. Well, I forgot to get his dinner ready so I started to rush around doing that and totally forgot that I had him uncaged last night for some teasing. (I do hope we write about that, it was incredibly hot!) So, as we are getting him out the door we’re like “Shit! Get the cage and put it on at work.” So I rush and throw the cage in a bag and dump it in his dinner bag.

Well he got to work and went to cage up and texts me to ask where the screw was. Ugh… FUCK! It’s here, with me! It’s my own fault for not waking him up sooner, for not having things ready in advance and for not making him cage before his nap. I know he’s nervous that I’m going to be upset and worried that he’s not caged. I’m actually not too worried, to be honest. I know he’s my good boy. I know he doesn’t want to fuck up what we have. I know he enjoys this as much as I do and he knows if he does cheat or touch my property without permission, that we won’t do this anymore. It’s no fun for me to deal with disobedience and if he doesn’t follow rules, I won’t bother having this kind of fun with him.

It’s my own fault I have a cage free monkey but I do know he’s a good monkey and he’ll behave himself.

It seems following my directions and doing everything I say is much easier when cagedmonkey is sick. He trusts me so much to take care of him when he’s sick that he doesn’t even flinch when I direct him to take meds, lay down, drink water, use these oils, etc. It’s not that he doesn’t trust me other times but I think there is just something about him being sick. He’s also super cute and I absolutely love mothering him and taking care of my sick boy.

There hasn’t been any play time and he’s missed a couple days of work now this week because this upper respiratory thing has pretty much kicked his bum. He’s literally been sleeping since 7am… over 13 hours and he will likely sleep till morning. This is how he works though, I make him sleep through the worst of it and he should be a ton better tomorrow. No he won’t be his best but it always seems a large chunk of sleep helps him loads. I hardly sleep so I think illness tends to hang around for me but I’m happy that I can give him the time and run the house so he can get the rest his body needs.

I do look forward to him feeling better so we can enjoy some playtime. Hopefully he’s feeling much better over the next couple nights since that’s his nights off this week. I’d love to get him locked in the new stockade and tease the hell out of him.

Unless you’ve been following on Twitter you may not know but we got some new equipment delivered the other day. Haven’t been able to put it together, let alone use it with the kids around and now cagedmonkey being sick. I do hope we can at least get it put together this week for some pics! I’ve fantasized about a hundred ways this thing can be used on hubby, in front of him, on a subby girl if I were to find me one… oh the possibilities are amazing!

Anyway, I’m kinda horny tonight but I don’t think I’ll really do anything about it. I don’t feel much life masturbating. I did take a yummy boobie pic for the Twitter crowd, I suppose you all deserve to see them too. Enjoy!
Oh and I was teasing CM at work last night and sent him these, too.
Been a busy day today and still another busy day tomorrow. Our oldest child has a Baton and Gymnastics show tomorrow. I’m so excited to see her perform, I think she’s really amazing!