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cagedmonkey: We’ve found out so much about this lifestyle in such a short time. It really is amazing!!

Lady: It’s been a whirlwind that’s for sure… but I’ve realized some things since our last go at your orgasm denial.

cm: What things, exactly?

Lady: Well, after this last time having you completely locked and even denying myself I kinda feel like I’ve tested out all that I need in this. I really just want to get on with it. I don’t want to set dates of when you will be locked or unlocked trying to reach some imaginary goal. I’m not going to worry about “oh I shouldn’t unlock him because I said 10 days in!” I’m going to do what I want, when I want, how I want but you will not orgasm… you will please me and I will use you to please myself but you will wait until you have permission to cum. I will see my cock hard & play with it when I want though. All other times you will be locked in your device.

cm: I was actually thinking the exact same thing! We’ve proven that I can safely wear the cage pretty much indefinitely without problems – indefinitely meaning however long you want, not forever (I hope!!!). We have also seen that I’m able to be trusted not to cum when I’m out of the cage, even when giving you the penetration that you crave. The only thing that I’m concerned about is the strength of your resolve. Will you be able to deny me even when I’m seriously trying my hardest to convince you to let me cum?

Lady: I’m pretty sure the denial part will be a piece of cake! The hardest part for me was feeling like I had to keep you locked up to enforce the denial. That’s not true so it should be easy enough, when I’m getting what I need and want, to keep you all crazy. You know I absolutely love when you’ve been reduced to a heaping, begging, desperate mess! Oh boy, it turns me on so much! Are you here with me in my desire to take more control over how I want to use the cage? This starting out thing has been not only about me but lots of worrying about you and what you feel or think and some caving to what I think you want. I’m ready for that to be over.

cm: I’m ready, too. I want it all to be you decision. If you want to tease me until I’m crying out for you to stop every night for a week, then so be it. If you want to keep me locked up constantly for three or even four weeks straight (or more!!!), then please do it. There will be times where I want it to end, where I just want out, or I just want to FUCKING CUM GOD DAMMIT. But what I truly want is to cum only when I’m allowed by you, my Keyholder.

Lady: Awww now that’s the perfect answer from my perfect boy! <3


It’s not always easy being a wife or girlfriend AND a Keyholder. When cagedmonkey first handed me the key to his chastity device, it was a bit of an emotional moment. First of all, it happen much before either one of us thought it would. Second, I felt a huge amount of trust from him but also a load of responsibility. I may have even gotten some tears in my eyes!

I know we haven’t been on this journey nearly as long as some but we have experienced our share of emotions. The first few times I had cagedmonkey locked I was very influenced by his whining and was very sensitive to him wanting out. We’ve had plenty of discussions now about how he desires me to be in control and not at all influenced by his begging. He wants every decision about his sexual needs and wants to be mine. Even if he is begging and crying to get out or cum, he wants me to only allow him out if I want him out. If I have a desire to see him get hard, to play with him or to even allow him to cum.

At first this was a very hard thing to really do. It’s not easy to grab a hold of the dominant role immediately when it’s handed over. It can take some time to fully grasp the power you can have over your man. I’m naturally a controlling person and enjoy the dominant role in life. I prefer knowing things will be done my way and to my satisfaction. Even though someone says “here, control me” you don’t really know until you are in it, living it, experiencing it how much control they really want you to have. You don’t really know what they will really do for you. It takes time to grow into being dominant over someone else and ultimately being their Keyholder.

Although it’s only been a sort time, I’ve settled into my role quite nicely. I no longer feel a need to release cagedmonkey because he’s whining or even because I see him wincing in pain from the cock straining so hard in his cage and pulling on his balls. Afterall, isn’t this what he asked for? He asked me to take control of every part of his sexual being. He asked to be locked up and controlled. Last night, is a prime example of how much I’ve changed and that he’s in a very rough spot. He was begging, whimpering and whining to cum. He was even begging (very hard) for a ruined, in-the-cage, orgasm! I just giggled because I think it’s so hot to hear him get like that. It really just causes my pussy to get sopping, drippy wet knowing I make him get like that. To hear him begging me, knowing I control any and everything about that beautiful locked up aching, needy cock.

The reality is, he’s getting everything he asked for… and a whole lot more! 😀