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I’ve been having a bit of fun teasing cagedmonkey today. Of course, because of it, my pussy is awfully wet. I cannot stress how much fun it is and how important I think it is to have this with a boy in chastity. Not only chastity but more so with someone who is being denied orgasm. Tease and denial play is a little work on the teasing partners part but it literally can take just a minute or two throughout the day. Some physical play, if possible and maybe more importantly the mental play that comes from the language we use.

A little bit ago, the kids were playing Minecraft, so I texted cagedmonkey and told him to go in the bedroom and get my toy nice and hard because I wanted to tease and edge him. Yes, I was quite blunt about it, haha. So off he went and a minute or two later he texted me to say, “he’s ready for you ma’am.” I snuck off to the bedroom and pushed cagedmonkey back on the bed. I had his cock in one hand, a nipple in the other and was simulating pegging him. It was actually so fucking hot to look down and see my big boobs as I looked down at his cock. Like, so hot I had to take pictures to share with you all.


Lady M's view

It really was just a few minutes of teasing and I stroked him to the edge a few times as I pushed my hips into him. Simulating that pegging thrust while pinching his nipples, made me really get into it, even for those few seconds.

Teasing your man does not need to involve a whole lot of planning or time. I do think it’s something that needs to be done. I couldn’t imagine enjoying this with my hubby if chastity meant “lock it and leave it” or if denial meant “ignore it like it doesn’t exist.” Both of those things wouldn’t work for either of us. We have kids and we still sneak in some hot minutes here or there. That’s really all it takes. I’ve got him to the point of whimpering today just when I lean above him to kiss him as I’m walking out of the room. I love hearing him moan and whimper, knowing that his entire body is aching for me. I’m sure remembering last night when I used his cock to fill me up as I came nice and hard doesn’t help his horniness. I can imagine being made to please me until I cum 3 or 4 times and then being denied must make the fact that he’s been denied about 3 and a half months really frustrating.

And it’s only noon! 🙂 I’ve got another 12 hours to play with him.