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Yes, you read that right. I told cagedmonkey this morning that I didn’t want him to make me cum for a couple days. His reaction? Well, shock because I cum probably about 5 times a day on average. Sometimes I cum 3 times first thing in the morning when he gets home. So he says, “basically you’re denying yourself orgasm?!” Why yes, my darling sweet boy I AM. Of course he asked why, as I’m sure you just asked!

Well earlier in and throughout the week I’ve had some extremely hard orgasms and because of the kids I’ve had to control my volume. That has put so much pressure on my throat muscles and they hurt quite badly. It doesn’t help that I’m constantly correcting and disciplining my kids the past couple days (is the moon full?). Nor does it help that I’ve had to parent through the door directly in the middle of an orgasm because brother was hitting sister or sister took brothers toy.

So yes, I’m denying myself orgasms for the next couple days and trying (though the kids aren’t helping) to use my voice less. The first thing cagedmonkey asked was if he was allowed to tease me. I did allow him some gentle teasing of my pussy but no edging and no major make me breathe heavy through my throat muscles teasing either. He actually doesn’t think I’ll make it very long, I don’t usually go more than a day without. I’ll just have to turn my need for my own orgasm into some very intense teasing for him.

Today we were talking about some sensory deprivation using the bondage sack and the hood and his ear phones. Could be lots of fun there and I thought about making videos of his torment and sharing them. How humiliating to have everyone else see what you’re going through when you have no idea the time of day, if or when something might be happening. We also talked about getting some audio of sex sounds and forcing him to listen to sex over and over in his ears while he is completely bound and shut off from the world.

Anyone have any ideas for long audio clips of dirty, naughty sloppy fucking? 🙂