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After last night’s shower fun, My Lady was feeling very horny and apparently extra dominant. When bedtime rolled around, ML went to tuck the kids in while I channel surfed to find something on TV. I still hadn’t found anything good by the time she returned.

Normally, my sexy wife flashes me a boob on her way back from the kids’ bedrooms… yup, she’s cool like that. This time was different, though. She walked directly towards me with intent and determination. I dropped the remote on the couch as she stepped up on the cushion and lifted her pajama shirt, exposing her naked pussy as she made her intentions by shoving hee wetness right in my face.

My Lady grabbed the back of my head and shoved it into her pussy as she painted my face with her juices. I sucked on her clit and tongue fucked her pussy as best as I could as she grunted and moaned above me. It wasn’t even about making her cum, it was just about using my face the way she wanted to make herself feel good. And it felt great for me too, to just be her object to get herself off on.

My face was covered with her creamy juices by the time she was finished; she didn’t allow me to wipe them off, instead she sent me to work with her scent all over me. Damn, it drove me crazy all night long. I absolutely love how horny my wife gets, and I love how she uses me to take care of it.