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After a late night of teasing me and edging me over and over without mercy, My Lady was still not through torturing me.

(By the way, if you haven’t seen her post yet, click on that link… seriously, there is an AMAZING picture of ML’s tits posted there!)

ML once again took advantage of my unlockedness to tease me in the morning… from the very moment I woke up, in fact. She was stroking me, pushing me to yet another frustrating edge. After the edging from the night before, I was beginning to feel like I couldn’t handle any more. My body wanted to cum… my cock NEEDED to cum…. but My Lady wouldn’t allow it.

ML gave me three more edges before it came time for me to head to work. But she wasn’t done with me yet.

One thing I truly appreciate is the level of trust ML and I share in our chastity relationship. ML knows how devoted I am to being a “good boy” for her, so she feels comfortable leaving me unlocked if she is not directly with me – if it suits her needs, which it certainly did today.

ML instructed me to make sure that my cock stayed hard for the entire ride to work, which just happens to last about an hour or so. “Squeeze it, stroke it, do whatever you have to do,” she told me. So I ended up having to play with my cock for the next hour while I drove to work, desperate to cum but not allowed to. When I texted ML that I had gotten to work safely, she demanded three edges from me before I locked myself back up. I had to wait until about a half hour into my shift before I could stuff my poor teased cock back into its cage.

These edges are really driving me crazy! I do enjoy when ML touches me and teases me because it feels so fucking good, but eventually the frustration of being stimulated so much without orgasm begins to be too much. This, of course, is when ML enjoys asserting her control and forcing me to endure even more. I truly do want the teasing to stop at that point, whether she lets me cum or not. But I want it to be her choice – under her control – more than I want it to just happen. So I keep taking as much as she gives me.

What choice do I have?

After a nice little period of “casual chastity” as I would call it, My Lady feels as though it is time for us to get back into the more intense schedules that we have gottten used to. Not surprisingly, I agree with her. Although I’ve certainly been horny over the past few weeks, but it doesn’t compare to the intense need I feel when it’s been months since my last orgasm… or, perhaps even weeks since my last erection.

That’s exactly where My Lady plans to start – I’ll be wearing the chastity cage 24/7 for a good amount of time, perhaps as long as July 4th, which is over 3 weeks away. ML also set July 31st as Maybe Day, although I’m pretty sure that will be extended.

As ML and I were talking about me wearing the chastity cage, I realized that we haven’t used the Revenge in quite a while. I was about to suggest that she use the Revenge during my long lockup, but we haven’t had the best results with that in the past, hygeine-wise. So the Revenge will have to wait its turn until after the holiday at the very least.

The Revenge is very useful when we are playing the “no look, no touch” game. ML enjoys the idea of denying me the ability to even see my cock, but the reality of it can become a real chore. Having to cuff me to the bed and blindfold me whenever the cage needs to be removed can eventually feel like a hassle. However, there has been one addition to our toy inventory that might avoid this annoyance: the stockade.

So, obviously, I’ve been fantasizing over the past few days about My Lady locking me in the stockade, removing the Revenge, and calmly going about her business as I struggle just to get a glimpse of my cock. She wouldn’t even need to blindfold me; the locking collar would prevent me from turning my head to see my penis. Of course, if she wanted to blindfold me, she could make it that much worse. Throw in the potential for stroking and edging me while I am harshly restrained, and it gets my heart beating heavy in my chest. She could even force me to watch her to get off inches in front of me as my cock twitches helplessly out of sight and out of reach.

Depending on how things go with some of the recent complications, it still could be a while before My Lady and I can try out a good “no look, no touch” run. If she’s going to deny me well past the end of July, as I suspect she will, then there will be plenty of time as the year goes on for her to mindfuck me.

It felt so good to edge him and tease him last night. Feeling him get harder in my hand as I stroked him. I started out with slow long strokes and as I got faster, my strokes got shorter. I loved looking into his eyes, smirking at him with a sexy little smile, as he got closer and closer to the edge. I watched his chest rise and fall as his breathing quickened. He started to moan this sexy little moan, almost a whimper – I do love to hear him whimper.

“Please, baby”
“Oh God, please”

In a whispered moan, he begs me to let him cum. I could tell as he got closer and closer to the edge. I could see it in his face, stroking him at the perfect pace, building, needing, aching…

And I stop.

I don’t just stop stroking, I STOP, I quickly let go and watch his cock bob to and fro and listen to him moan.

I love to tease him, to bring him so close to the edge that he’s practically dangling. Taking him to that point and leaving him there.

Nothing all that out of the ordinary happened during the day Monday, unless you count constantly being teased by My Lady out of the ordinary (which I don’t). She was extra-secretive about it, however, sending me texts across the room or sometimes even a silent head nod when she wanted to take me into another room and tease my cock.
ML started the day early, meeting me in the kitchen before I was even able to make my breakfast. She squeezed and massaged my balls through my shorts while my daughter was watching TV before her homeschooling started. I was nervous about being found out, but ML used her eagle ears to keep us safe while she made my knees nearly buckle underneath me. I was already semi-erect after waking up, but her touch had me hard and throbbing within moments. She kissed me and left me there trembling as she went into the other room to start her day.
Later on in the morning, ML set up our daughter with an assignment and signaled for me to meet her in the kitchen again. I was two steps behind her. Once safely in the other room, she spun around and slid her finger inside my mouth; it was already wet with her delicious pussy juices. As I sucked her finger clean, she reached into my shorts and began to stroke my stiffening cock. My hips began to move against her hand, but she stopped before I was able to start enjoying it too much. She exited the kitchen to continue her work as I stood there with the taste of her pussy in my mouth and my cock dripping precum into my underwear.
My Lady’s sneakiness didn’t end there.

That afternoon, ML sent me a text while the kids were playing video games:

Meet me in the bedroom in 3 minutes.

When I walked in the bedroom, the first thing I saw was my wife’s perfect sexy ass, naked and bent over the side of the bed. “Come here and give it to me,” she said. I was rock hard in seconds, and my cock was in her pussy just a few seconds later. I was pulling her hips back against mine, driving my cock deeper into her with each thrust. I was only able to go for a few seconds before I felt my orgasm sneaking up on me and I had to pull out to avoid cumming.

ML turned around and began to squeeze and rub my slick cock with her hand. Her touch felt so nice after being in her pussy, I began to moan; I wanted to cum so badly. Then I heard My Lady’s voice in my ear, urging me to stay quiet. She hushed me as she put a finger to my lips. “Shhhhh,” she whispered, “not so loud. You don’t want the kids to hear, do you?”


I struggled to stay quiet as ML teased my aching cock. She took me right to the edge before releasing her grip and walking to the bedroom door. “Edge one more time, then put your cage back on before you come out,” she instructed. The edge came quickly, and I was overflowing with precum by the time I was soft enough to wear the cage again.  Back in the living room, My Lady gave me a wicked smile, knowing exactly what was going on in my mind and body and knowing that she was the one causing it.

It’s been a little while since I posted; with all of the drama over the past couple of weeks, it’s been difficult for me to get the time to post, much less the motivation. All of this craziness, along with ML’s cycle had thrown a wet blanket over our libidos. This is precisely why it felt nice to finally get back to some sexy fun teasing games last night.

After some kissing and hot and heavy touching following the kids’ bedtime, My Lady suggested that we move to the bedroom and find something on TV to watch. “I’m going to tease your cock for a little bit,” she said with a wicked smile. Not much longer after that, we were in the bedroom and ML was attaching the cuffs from under the mattress to my ankles and wrists.

My Lady began by touching me everywhere on my body except my cock. She lightly dragged her fingernails up my stomach and chest, my body rising up to meet her touch. She then caressed my hips, sliding her fingertips up the sides of my body, making me shudder in the process. It felt wonderful how she was loving every part of my body, not just the parts that were desperate for her attention. Soon I was moaning from just a touch of her fingers.

Her hands surrounded the base of my cock and balls and she squeezed gently, drawing a sharp gasp from me as my hips thrusted upwards. This was not acceptable to My Lady, and she sat with her legs across my midsection, holding me down as she stroked my cock. I tried to thrust up again without success; I was cuffed and held down by ML, unable to move.

My Lady continued stroking my cock constantly and steadily as my body began to shake and shudder. The stimulation of her hands felt amazing, yet the frustration began to build as her stroking continued. My inability to get any more stimulation only added to the frustration. Soon I was pulling on the cuffs that held my hands and feed immobile, but ML still didn’t break her rhythmic teasing.

Once my frustration led to my whimpers of need, My Lady decided to make things worse for me. She stroked me hard and fast, right to the edge of orgasm before letting go of my cock, leaving it to twitch and pulse on my stomach. She edged me four or five times, the last of which she brought me as close as she possibly could to the edge without giving me a ruined orgasm. We both watched as my cock spasmed, waiting for the telltale ooze of cum that signals a ruined orgasm… but after about ten seconds of twitching, my cock stopped its not-quite-orgasmic dance and laid still on my stomach.

“Wow, that was hot!” ML said, obviously excited over how far she had pushed me. I looked at her with pleading eyes as she took my cock in her hands once again. “Let’s see if there’s any cum in there that didn’t make it out,” she said as she squeezed my cock with both hands. She wrapped her hands around the shaft and rubbed my cock between them – ML called it her “start the fire” move, I’m guessing you can imagine why. My cock began to leak gooey precum as she did this, dripping down the shaft of my cock and lubricating her teasing hands. Cuffs or not, I couldn’t lay still during this, and I pulled against the restraints as she mercilessly tortured my oversensitive cock. She continued rubbing my cock until the flow of precum slowed, then she stroked me hard and fast to the edge once again. I was moaning loudly by this time, unable to even think about staying quiet. I begged her not to stop, cried out to her… but of course she didn’t let me cum. She released my cock from her grip at the perfect moment, once again leaving me hanging on the edge of cumming without pushing me over.

I was completely drained of energy; I barely even noticed when she undid the cuffs on my wrists and ankles. I was still trying to catch my breath as she rolled over, saying, “Time for bed honey, turn off the TV and come snuggle with me.” I did as I was told, pressing my body up close to hers, my teased and tormented cock pressing against her back. I couldn’t help but grind against her a couple of times, making ML giggle. “Goodnight, my sweet boy,” she whispered. I drifted off to sleep smiling, grateful for the opportunity to please My Lady by enduring her teasing.

Single entendre = My Lady and I getting back to our chastity D/s lifestyle.

Double entendre = getting my cock back into ML’s groove (a.k.a. her pussy).

Last night was my first night off from work after six days, and our first really good chance to spend some time with each other. And by “good chance” I mean not tired from our vacation, as well as ML’s pussy being “available” once again. I find that it’s much easier for me to be submissive when I can service ML’s pussy. When she is on her period, we are more dependent on her teasing me, which is very nice but not as effective at putting me into sub mode.

With that said, ML started the night off with teasing my cock a bit, or as she put it quite bluntly, “messing with my cock for a bit.” She started by stroking me until I was squirming on the bed, enjoying the feel of her hand squeezing around my shaft.


She was teasing and stroking me, slowing down before I got too close to the edge. She said that she didn’t want to ruin my o too quickly, that she wanted to tease me with it a little bit longer. She gave my cock a rest for a moment and began to massage my balls, which held my arousal but didn’t push me any closer to the edge. She knows just how to manipulate me in the exact ways she wants to.


I was moaning louder as she alternated between stroking my cock and rubbing my balls, holding me at just the right amount of arousal she wanted to give me. Her hands felt like heaven, and each moment made me want more. She must have read my mind, because she looked into my eyes as she stroked me and asked me if I wanted her to make me cum.

“Do you want me to make you shoot your cum all over your stomach?” she asked as her eyes locked onto mine. I knew she wouldn’t, so I just whimpered as she continued to stroke me. “Tell me,” she prodded, “tell me how bad you want it.” I nodded, but she wanted to hear it. “Tell me,” she said firmly, squeezing me tighter and quickening her pace. As I reached the edge, I obliged her.

“Yes, please make me cum!” I begged. She stroked me harder, right to the edge, Just as I was about to cum, she released my cock, grabbed my head and pulled me towards her, and kissed me deeply and forcefully. The kiss was so hot, so fucking amazing, that it pushed me right to the edge and ruined my orgasm all by itself! My cock throbbed through its unfulfilled orgasm, releasing only the slightest dribble of cum.


Then it was time for My Lady to get her pleasure. Using my post ruined orgasm cock, she instructed me to lay beside her so I could fuck her pussy while she laid on her back and rub her clit. It’s one of her most favorite positions. I could feel her pussy squeezing my cock almost immediately after entering her. Damn how I missed that! After only a minute or so I could feel her first  orgasm pulsing through her pussy. Not content with just one, she rubbed herself to two more orgasms, cumming all over my cock until we were both soaking wet. I was able to fuck her well enough through a fourth stifled-screaming orgasm until I felt the rumblings of my own orgasm approaching, at which point I needed to bow out for the safety of my denial.

My Lady wasn’t finished, requiring another two more orgasms from my fingers before she was completely spent. She usually gets very greedy during our first “after cycle” session, bit even she will admit that six orgasms is a lot, even for her! She was extremely horny and wanting my cock, though, and since I get so much pleasure out of making My Lady cum, I had absolutely no complaints whatsoever.

Now, don’t get all excited; no, I did not get to cum on Christmas. I just figured using POCT in the title was easier than using PEABNQSOROCT (post edging, almost-but-not-quite, sort of ruined orgasm cock torture). Let me explain.

After doing the Christmas morning thing with the family, I went to go get some sleep before work while the kids were hypnotized by their video games. I got into bed and just before I drifted off to sleep, the door creaked open and My Lady sneaked inside the beroom with a smile.

My Lady slid underneath the covers with me, and my uncaged cock immediately began to harden (she couldn’t wait and had “unwrapped her gift package” on Christmas Eve). After a few moments of kissing and cuddling, she climbed on top of me facing my feet and promptly sat right down on my face. I immediately started licking her sopping wet pussy as I felt her hands run down my chest, across my stomach, and right to my throbbing cock. I moaned into her pussy, and she began rubbing herself all over my face. Her juices coated me from nose to chin as she moved her hips, alternating between placing her clit betwen my lips and forcing my tongue into her tight asshole.

Now, if having ML fuck my face with her horny holes wasn’t exciting enough for me (and it was!), she began stroking my cock at the same time. She was stroking it fast, as if she were on a mission, and I was very well aware of what that mission was: she was going to edge my desperate cock as she enjoyed her own orgasm while queening me. As frustrated as I knew I would be afterwards, I couldn’t resist. After nearly three months of being denied an orgasm, I was needy enough to be happy with getting as close as ML would allow me to.

ML is getting incredibly good at edging me. She is able to take me closer to orgasm than I ever thought possible. This time, she showed an ever greater talent. ML pushed her hips down on my face, and I felt her pussy quiver as she came. She didn’t stop stroking me as her orgasm hit her, and I thought maybe she might break her concentration enough to make me cum. I felt it approaching fast, my body preparing for a mind melting orgasm, I was heading for the cliff and there was no way to stop it from happeni-

She stopped one stroke short of making me cum, even as she shuddered through the final waves of her own orgasm.

My body screamed and ached, trying desperately to reach orgasm. It needed just one more touch to get there… but that touch wasn’t there. ML dismounted my face and laid down next to me and watched as my body trickled down from the edge. Just when I felt my potential orgasm fading away, she began teasing my cock again with her fingertips. She always seems to know the perfect time to start touching me again after an edge.

Another thing she knows about edging my cock – she knows that when she pushes my cock close enough to the edge of orgasm, it almost behaves as if it had an actual orgasm. It’s not quite a ruined orgasm because I don’t acutally ejaculate; it seems to be something else all by itself. All of the frustration is still there, but my cock will get soft if not stimulated for a while, and it’s difficult for me to be edged/reach orgasm if I am stimulated. Other than the need to cum still being present, everything else feels as though I had an orgasm… including the hypersensitvity afterwards. ML demonstrated this perfectly as she began to rub the palm of her hand on the head of my cock.

I quickly went through the phases of post-orgasm cock torture (if that’s a thing, and if it’s not a thing, I’m totally making it a thing now):

Phase 1: “Oh fuck, that’s so intense! Ok, ok, you can stop now.”

Phase 2: “Okay, you can fucking stop now!!”



Phase 5: [Mentally checking out, because you just can’t handle it any more]

For two whole minutes, my body flailed and writhed all over the bed as my cock was put thtough pure sexual hell. ML hadn’t tied me up, so she wrestled my left hand away from protecting my cock; my right hand was busy covering my mouth as I tried as hard as I could not to scream so the kids wouldn’t hear my suffering.

After My Lady finally released my cock, I collapsed on the bed in exhaustion. I couldn’t even roll over to watch her leave, I was entirely spent. As she exited, I heard her say, “That should help you sleep real good, darling.” And it did, too. I feel asleep quickly and thoroughly… and I didn’t wake up until ML was back, with a horny pussy that needed attention once again…

It seems as though both My Lady and I are both insanely horny lately. Add the fact that I don’t have work for two days, and that means ML and I have been up to some really naughty things lately.

Last night, after the kids went to bed, ML and I were watching a little TV when she decided to unlock me and have a little fun with me. She stroked me and edged me numerous times, making it difficult for me to follow the storyline of the show… not that it really mattered to me by that time.

After the show, ML decided to give me some break time from her teasings. I decided to play some video games to get my mind off of being out of my mind horny. It worked for a few minutes, until My Lady decided that break time was over.


As I continued playing, ML began stroking me once again. She continued to tease my quickly hardening cock, causing me to moan. When she had me rock hard and throbbing in her hands, she began to rub her palm over the head of my cock. It was amazing and agonizing at the same time – I absolutely love it when she teases and touches me, but the intense sensation delivered directly and only to the head of my cock is usually too much for me to handle in a calm, rational way.

I began whimpering and squirming around, trying to escape the sexual torture, but could not. ML continued rubbing the sensitive head of my cock, not even giving me a fraction of a second to gather myself or even take a nice deep breath. I began begging her to stop, but this only egged her on more. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, she stroked my cock hard and fast right to the edge of orgasm and left me there, trembling with need and almost unable to speak.

(For those of you wondering, I actually didn’t do too badly in the game, considering the distractions… and yes, I’m that nerdy that I actually took pride in this.)

Soon it was bedtime for the horny adults in the house. ML and I snuggled up in bed, and it wasn’t long before my hard cock was deep inside her wet pussy. It was only a few minutes until ML’s pussy was squeezing my cock with orgasmic pleasure; it will be considerably longer until I get to experience the same. After ML was fully satisfied – and I was left as frustrated as ever – we snuggled up for some sleep.

And, to top off the evening with a perfect note… My Lady fell asleep holding my cock. 🙂 It was actually an amazing feeling to know how comfortable she must feel with her hand wrapped around my cock to be able to sleep like that.

Since October 2013 I have had cagedmonkey locked in one cock cage or another. He mostly been in his Mature Metal Jail Bird because it is comfortable, easy to clean and easy to tease him in. When I say he’s been locked since October, I mean that, just about everyday he has had his dick wrapped in steel. There are a handful of days where I’ve given him some time out, to relax and once in a while even have an orgasm. 🙂

Yesterday, I unlocked my toy so I could have all day access. I wanted to be able to grab it whenever I got the chance, to stroke him and edge him and then walk away. I wanted to be able to instruct him to go “2 & 2” which is my new code for go in the bathroom and stroke 2 times for 2 mins each. Sometimes I change it up and do “1 & 3” or “3 & 30” even. It’s so fun to force him to go edge himself, no matter where we are. Like one time we were out and I specifically asked a woman where the bathroom was and said to cagedmonkey “there’s the bathroom, I know you need to use it so see you in 1&1” 😉

I literally edged hubby yesterday every hour, sometimes it was a few times during the edging too. We even went downtown to watch the fireworks and I snuck an edging in then too. He did have to work last night as well and, since October, I don’t think he’s ever left the house without me without his cage on. I wanted to keep playing all night long so I told him “you will go to work tonight without your cage on. I trust that you will be my good boy and not touch my toy unless instructed to.” Through the night at work he was told to go use the bathroom and follow my edging instructions. He was also required to show me pics and he even sent me a bonus and I got a video of one of his edgings.

For a good 24 hours cagedmonkey was teased and edged whether he was with me or not. Although, don’t think that just because he got home from work that he is able to sleep uninterrupted. I’ve already been up edging him still and I’ll be up often today to stroke him and edge him and then walk away. It is so much fun to keep him frustrated and on edge. He’s such a good obedient boy for me. It pleases me so very much to be able to play with him like this. I’m so in love with my subby hubby!

Hi there!!!
We’re in Disney World this week so you’ll have to pardon the lack of posts! That doesn’t mean we won’t be having any fun. We’ve never been here but so far it’s been amazing. When I say we haven’t been here, I meant to Disney World. Hubby and I came down here for our honeymoon but we did Universal Studios and the dinner theaters around here. The one thing we said then was that we wouldn’t go to Disney until we had kids and they were old enough to enjoy it. The kids are having a blast and we haven’t even gotten into the parks yet. We checked in yesterday and hung around the hotel, went swimming, got lunch, played at the arcade. Last night we took the kids to see the Pirate Dinner Adventure. It was as much fun as I remember it being when caged monkey and I were there over 10yrs ago.

So cagedmonkey and I have this goal of having penetration in every state in the US and any other countries we might be able to get. I, of course, unlocked him for the ride down. We decided to drive straight through, or well mostly. We left early Sunday morning and drove 17 hours straight through a bunch of states. We have a lot of the upper east coast states already but we did manage to stop in a family bathroom in North Carolina and get a few thrusts in. Oh, did I mention I wore a dress down with no panties on? Later at night I sat on him reverse cowgirl style outside at a rest stop in South Carolina. We ended up stopping for a few hours to sleep before driving the last 5 hours to Disney. We did miss a few states but sometimes the small ones can get away from ya. On the way back we do have to figure out getting in Georgia, Delaware and Maryland. 🙂 I’m sure we’ll manage.

We got into Disney yesterday afternoon, so hubby spent the entire ride and the entire rest of the day unlocked and free of his Jail Bird. That of course meant I had lots of opportunity to tease him. Oh gosh, I almost forgot, for a few hours of the drive, I spent time stroking and edging hubby while he drove! Haha anyway I teased him, grabbed him and squeezed him any chance I got yesterday. We, even though exhausted and in a bed next to the kids, managed some discrete sex. It really didn’t last long because we were absolutely beat!

This morning before we head into Magic Kingdom for the day hubby will “Suit Up” as Barney Stinson would say. He’s still sans orgasm since March 10th and doesn’t have possibility for parole, haha, errr orgasm until June.

Enjoy your day today guys, may it be a magical one! <3