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In my last post about our progression play I mentioned the need to use a certain technique to make sure I didn’t accidentally push cagedmonkey over the edge. Aside from the regular stroking we all know so well, I have a few techniques I use when teasing my hubby’s cock that keep him teetering on the edge of orgasm. I just love to see the frustration on his face and hear it in his moans.

Mistress Red commented on my last post with a fantastic question and wanted more info on the techniques I use. So darling Mistress this post is for you. And yes, these are my silly names!

Up Stroke: This technique has proven to be fantastic. Don’t ask me why it works but it really does. You really do exactly what the name says you stroke the cock in an up motion only. I place one hand at the base of his cock between my index and middle fingers just to hold it stable. Then I use my other hand to grab near the base and stroke up to the head. Once you get to the end you release your grip so there is no down stroke. Back down to the base, grasp and stroke up. I repeat this over and over as long as I like. I’ve gotten pretty fast at it but it takes time to get used to so you accidentally give them both strokes. For some reason the Up Stroke just gives them enough to get them to the edge but usually not enough to push them over.

Palm Trick: I’ve explained this before in a couple earlier posts as this is one of my favorites. It’s just so easy and really causes a ton of wriggling! I put a small amount of lube (even precum works!) in the center of my palm and create a small cup and place it right over the end of his penis. I then twist my wrist in a circular motion never removing my hand from the head of his cock. This is another one that could go on for a long time. It’s not tiring to me but it’s practically torture for him.

2 to Tango: This one is not as easy and I don’t use it as often because you can easily lose track and push a guy past the point of no return… then you just end up having to ruin an orgasm haha. It’s really just my thumb and index fingers on the sides of his cock, stroking him. The hard part is that you’re still giving the up and down stroke so it can be easy to miss a signal. This one is fantastic mixed with the Up Stroke… so I guess that would make it the “2 Fingered Up Stroke!”

All Balls: This is pretty simple and the name kind of says it all. I get a decent amount of lube in the palm of my hand and cup the sack. Then I massage his balls and gently squeeze them over and over. For me, I like to keep it slow, soft and gentle. This doesn’t so much keep them on the edge of cumming but it’s so pleasurable… for awhile… then it becomes very frustrating. I’ve found the best way to perform this is while your guy is in an “on all fours” position. This is also an awesome way to help milk your guy and get some great precum dripping.

So those are a few of my favorite techniques to tease a cock. I do want to say that most take time to get real good at sho you may need to keep a good line of communication going until you’ve perfected your favorites.

Mistress Red, I hope this answers your question and gives you some new ideas on how to tease and deny your sub.

None of these are guarantees so please pay close attention to your guy for the signs and signals of him hitting his point of no return. If you do take it to far your best bet is to either completely get your hand away asap or squeeze off the tube near the base of his cock so that no cum can get up and out. These ideas will cause a ruined orgasm at best.