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This weekend, I will be giving My Lady the perfect present for Valentine’s Day – I will be giving her complete control over me.

ML and I have been finding our way back into our D/s lifestyle pretty well, but we both feel that a nice intense jolt will get us back into form.

This weekend, I will be submitting fully to My Lady in every way. Everything from my movements around the house to the sexual sensations I experience will be controlled by my wife. Here are the rules I will be expected to follow:

1. I will be required to ask permission for any of the following behaviors – waking up, going to sleep, eating and/or drinking, using the bathroom, or leaving the room (which will require a kiss as “payment”). I will also be required to ask ML if she has a preference as to where I sit or stand.

2. I will only touch My Lady when and if she allows me to.

3. I will be wearing my collar the entire weekend, it will be locked on 24/7 for the entire time of my total submission.

4. I must service ML sexually by any means she deems necessary, as well as enduring whatever sexual torments she desires to put me through.

I’m already excited about this weekend, and I’m looking forward to seeing just how far she goes with the concept of total submission.

It’s taken a few days to get out of “vacation” mode and back into real life mode. I’m already back to work (boo), but I’m still trying to work myself back into my weird midnight shift sleeping schedule. Stepping back into pre-vacation routine in a sexual way has been both easy and tough.

ML had me locked back into the JB for the last two nights at work. Wearing the cage after two weeks of off time isn’t as uncomfortable as I thought it might be. I actually miss the feeling of the steel squeezing my cock as it tries to get hard. It brings an intense sensation that nothing else could do. So far my skin hasn’t had any chafing issues or anything like that, although I do need to remember to lube up to prevent the cage from getting “sticky” during longer lockups. Shaving will also help with that, as I am very shaggy and in dire need of some nether grooming at the moment.

As far as denial goes, that’s another thing I’m eager to get back into. Jan. 31st was my last orgasm, and will be my last for quite a while (ML wants to push me deep into summer with a six month-ish denial). I’m already feeling the hornies creeping up, where just about every movement of my body translates to the surge of tension in my cock. It’s wonderful. 🙂

The D/s relationship between ML and I is taking a little bit longer to jump start, as we kinda expected. We talked about the possible need for an intense session to get her feet wet (and pussy, presumably) and get her mind oriented in the right direction. I’m sure once we both feel the experience – me being controlled, ML feeling the dominance over me – it’ll be a lot easier to get things back on track.

Last night, ML and I enjoyed our first night in bed naked together in quite a while (sharing a room on a cruise ship with two children under 10 tends to limit your naked time). It felt wonderful cuddling together, and eventually it led to us making love. We both shared an orgasm together, both reaching our climax at almost the exact same moment.

Although I’m sure My Lady will be enjoying plenty of orgasms in the near future, last night was my last cum for quite a while.

Although we haven’t set a specific Maybe Day, we were tossing around the idea of a 6 month-plus denial period, which would push things to well past my birthday in June.

Honestly? I’m perfectly fine with that. It was nice to have a couple of weeks of freedom, having sex with ML and not worrying about holding back my orgasm, just letting loose whenever it felt right… but I do miss the feeling of being controlled by ML. I miss the feeling of not being required to please My Lady first. I also miss the franticness of being crazy horny and needing an orgasm every moment of the day, the need getting worse and worse as time goes on.

I also miss the effect that denying me has on ML. I’ve only been locked up for a handful of hours today, and I already sense a change in ML’s demeanor. There’s an intensity that wasn’t there before, and I can feel her arousal in the air around us. Lots of people talk about how denial affects the submissive male, but I can say from experience that the dominant female is also affected in a similar way. I’m glad for that change, and I can’t wait to watch as ML gets deeper into her dominance as my denial goes on.

Last night, My Lady and I were spending some time together on the couch before I had to leave for work. I was laying down and ML was laying on top of me. It was insanely comfortable; so comfortable, in fact, that I had to set the alarm on my phone just in case we fell asleep. And we did just that, snoozing for about an hour or so. I set the alarm early enough so I wouldn’t need to scramble to get ready for work. It turned out that I would need to anyway, only because ML found another use for that extra time.

After I got dressed, ML motioned for me to kneel in front of her on the couch. I knelt before her and she began touching my body, running her hands underneath my shirt and caressing my chest. Her fingertips found my nipples and began teasing them with her delicate touch. I couldn’t hold back the sounds of pleasure, and I moaned into ML’s mouth as she leaned down to kiss me. This very often fuels ML’s dominance over me, and this time was no different.

My Lady pushed me down onto the floor, straddled my body, and virtually attacked me in all ways sexually. She kissed my roughly, sucking my tongue deep into her mouth until I could feel the slightly painful tug on my stretched out tongue. She shoved hers deep into my mouth until I nearly gagged. She bit my lip gently, drawing startled yelps from me and driving her further into her sexual frenzy. She was unstoppable, and I didn’t want her to stop!

It felt incredible. I experienced so many conflicting feelings – I was excited that ML was so damn turned on. I was surprised each time she turned up the intensity, and a little shocked each time she caused me a little bit of pain. And I was also somewhat scared of what she would do to me next.

But most of all, I felt like I was being used. My Lady has this sexual energy that she needed to release, and I was her target. It wasn’t about pleasing me, teasing me, or even causing me pain or pleasure. It was about her getting what she needed, and using me to get it. Without even noticing it, I started moaning, “Oh God yes, please use me!” It felt so good to be her sexual plaything and nothing else in that moment.

After ML released the energy she needed to and began to come down from her sexual high, she turned to “cuddle mode” and held me tight against her body. I could feel the change in her body as she transitioned to aftercare. What wasn’t so clear was who needed the aftercare – although she was holding me and telling me she was there for me, I could sense that ML was a little intimidated by her behavior. I made sure to tell her that I was okay, and that it was an amazing experience. I wanted her to know that she did nothing wrong by using me like that. I didn’t want the feelings of guilt that bring on her domme drop to creep in.

And it seemed to work. 🙂 ML was able to avoid the domme drop that sometimes follows an intense scene like that, and her excitement has only grown since then. She told me this morning that hearing me almost beg for her to use me drove her crazy and made her want to use me more.

I can sense her confidence and power growing, even as I sit next to her on the couch. I feel it radiating from her. She has me home all night long tonight, and I can’t even imagine where her newfound intensity will take us.

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My Lady had put me in an extremely submissive position. I felt broken down and defeated, completely at ML’s mercy that she was not willing to give. What she was willing to give me was tender aftercare, holding me as I lost control of my emotions. ML’s aftercare drove me further into my submission, which fed my growing urge to please my dominant lover.

Most often, when I hit this depth of submission, I find the urge to please My Lady’s pussy unbearable. This time was no different. I shoved my face into her pussy and found her soaking wet. She was flooded with pussy juices, obviously turned on by her extreme dominance over me. I didn’t even take the time to move between her legs; I was facing ML’s feet, angled off to her right slightly, licking her from clit to asshole and loving every minute of it.

As I was smearing her juices all over my face, I felt ML’s hands running over my ass cheeks. I moaned as her fingertips traced over my skin. Little did I know that she wasn’t just rubbing my ass, she was warming me up for something more.

I was surprised by the feeling of cold rubber pressing against my asshole. I moaned into ML’s pussy once more as the tip of the vibrating anal plug slipped into my ass. ML slid the plug in further until I felt it bumping up against my prostate. When she turned the vibration on, I nearly squealed in response.

I could feel the pressure building inside as the plug massaged my swollen prostate, backed up with more than a month’s worth of unreleased cum. It was hard to keep my concentration as my cock twitched inside its cage. My Lady refocused me by grabbing the back of my head and shoving my face back into her horny pussy.

I continued to please My Lady’s pussy, even as the sensations inside my ass became more intense. My moans got louder as I felt the pressure building and building. Then I felt ML’s fingers push upward underneath my balls. I groaned as I felt the pressure push past the breaking point…

The fluid gushed from my cock, in what felt like almost a constant stream. Luckily, ML had placed a towel underneath my dangling cock cage, so as not to soak the mattress… although she milked me so thoroughly, towel was totally soaked through! It was only the second time I had experienced this, and the first time with My Lady. It was amazing how much fluid ML was able to milk from me! The mattress was only slightly damp underneath the towel, so it wasn’t too uncomfortable when ML made me sleep in it. 🙂

After the intensity of my emotional craziness earlier, the milking gave us both something to laugh and smile about before we went to sleep. Apparently, ML is not the only squirter in the household!