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(Okay, no kidding… “The Final Countdown” is actually playing as I’m writing this post! LOL)

Today is the day. Hopefully by the time you read this (or perhaps even as you are reading this!) I will be cumming in, on, and around My Lady’s body!

Later today, ML and I will be dropping off the kids for an overnight stay at a babysitter’s house, and we will be headed for a nearby hotel/casino for some gambling and our first overnight stay in a hotel without the children present. It promises to be a lot of fun, especially since My Lady has promised to unlock me and have tons and tons of loud, passionate sex with me! I cannot wait!

This feeling is equal parts amazing and nerve racking. It’s amazing because I really do NEED to cum at this point! In fact, tonight before I left for work, ML was teasing my cock in its cage and I was begging her to be unlocked. Any amount of time – an hour a few minutes even… I was desperate to be out of the cage. My desire to cum is even worse than the desire to get hard, but I needed at least one of the two. Finally having an orgasm after about a month of going without is going to be a relief like I have never felt before!

On the other hand… I know what is waiting for me after this weekend. My Lady has laid out the plans for me already – I will be locked 24/7 for two whole months until her birthday. No erections, no time out of the cage. My cock will be encased in steel until April. And looking past that, I will be denied orgasm for at least four months until my birthday in June. I have no idea how I will be able to get through it. Going one month was hard; going four months might just turn me into a desperate, begging, pleading puddle of need! It just might break me! But it is what My Lady wants, so it is what My Lady gets.

Oh yeah, did you notice, by the way… I said “at least four months”? Yes… I’m not even guaranteed an orgasm on my birthday! According to ML, if she is well satisfied (which I always make sure she is) and if she enjoys my desperation enough (which I assume she will, seeing how she reacted to my state during this period of denial), she may decide to extend my denial even further. Fireworks on July 4th? Possibly. Even farther than that? She didn’t rule it out. When I asked if I was going to cum again this year at all… even then, she was non-committal.

Looks like I better enjoy myself this weekend while I can. Who knows when I will get my next chance?