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Yesterday I spent yet another day teasing and frustrating cagedmonkey. This time I did not allow him out of his cage and I didn’t interrupt his sleep too terribly much. I went in, teased him a bit, mindfucked him a bit with some suggestive whispering in his ear and then went about my errands for the day.

Later in the afternoon I was exhausted because the day was going so rough so once I woke hubby he offered to let me go lay down and cook dinner for us. How sweet he is to give me some time to refill when my parenting tanks are tapped.

Once I got all snuggled in bed for a nap I figured an orgasm would be just what I needed to get some rest. I just so happened to mention that as he was walking out the door from tucking me in. I took the opportunity of being alone in the bedroom and cagedmonkey stuck out in the living room with the kids to tease him like mad and create and even more frustrated situation for him.

I started using my wand, vibrating my clit and thought how amazing it would be if he got a picture play-by-pay I’d what I was doing to myself in there while getting off. I sent him picture after picture of what I was doing and I could feel the frustration in the responses.


As my pussy was being vibrating, I could feel the warm wet juices begin to flow. I felt my entire crotch quivering right inside of me. I felt this feeling of wanting to be filled up and feel that big think cock sliding in and out of me.


I started to fuck myself with “Adam” my very realistic feeling favorite dildo. He responded with, “omfg, no way!” Mainly because I’ve only used “Adam”on my self once or twice before and he never has seen it. He was texting me back frantically begging to come watch me while I came but I just kept sending things. I even made him a video to drive it in deep.

Click here to watch the video
(sorry not the best quality – still working out adding video to the site – bear with us!!)

I think it made it worse as I kept escalating what I was doing to please myself. It was so hard to see step by step how I was getting myself off and he was stuck dealing with the kids. Once I fucked my pussy good with “Adam” I just needed a really big cum while I was stuffed full of that thick dildo. So I added the wand and pushed myself over into a full body-tightening orgasm. I only wish I could have screamed out!


Just after this picture I received a text from him to which I simply text him back:
He came in the bedroom, I let him pull Adam from my pussy and lick the entire thing clean of my girlie goo. He then washed it and put it away in our bin. I did also demand he clean up the mess between my legs and I allowed him to make me cum one last time.

“Thank you, now go so I can sleep please,” was all I said as I rolled over and closed my eyes. I heard him sigh in complete frustration as he was walking out of the bedroom door.

Cagedmonkey and I had quite a night of playtime last night. We decided, since we hadn’t played cards in awhile, to play some poker. Yes, I said POKER not Poke HER! 🙂 Though… You know that happened haha

Anyway, during our little poker game I made some rules. I’m not really in to strip poker – since I was only wearing a tank top anyway – so I told my sexy subby hubby that if I won a pot of 300 or more that I would make him eat my pussy. I also told him if he won a pot over 600 that I would tease and lick his cock through the bars of his cage. Hehe Aren’t I the sweetest wife and keyholder? 🙂


Let’s just say I climbed up on the couch to shove my pussy in his face a lot more since the two of us rarely had a big pot between us. He did get some very good teasing in his cage though, I must say.


Of course, after all the pussy eating and teasing and everything he was certainly bulging out of his cage. Mmm I just love to see that cock attempting to get hard bulging through the steel bars of his Jail Bird. I also love giving his balls a good squeeze.


Of course he wasn’t the only one turned on like crazy after our little game of poker and it was my turn to get some poking. Though it wasn’t cagedmonkey’s cock doing the poking since he’s not getting out of that little cage for another 6 weeks. I took my horny ass hubby upstairs and had him put on the RodeoH and give me a good fucking with it. I came very nice and hard feeling filled up by the strap-ons big thickness.


That’s right baby, hold that big cock in your hand since you won’t be holding yours for quite a while. We ended our night with a few big wonderful cums for me with the RodeoH and the wand and some very frustrating denial for hubby. It really was a fun night and I’m happy we have another night together tonight. I’m not sure what our night has in store but just being with my love is a gift in itself.

Ok, really I have my hands on my dream dick everyday. I absolutely love cagedmonkey’s big thick beautiful cock, but when I have his locked up in a cock cage I can’t exactly have my perfect cock. As any Keyholder may know we do need something to satisfy us when we play certain games that involve 24/7 lock up with zero release. Well, from someone who really is not into dildos and toys, I have some pretty high standards and expectations if something is going to be used on me, other than my love’s fantastic cock.

You may have heard about the Doc Johnson Blush dildo I have and really like. It’s very lifelike, soft and actually warms to body temperature while using it. Most dildos, I’ve found are hard, cold and unforgiving. At least Blush is comfortable and something I have been able to use. The issue with it is that it has no hold, it’s all big, thick, soft and… floppy! Using Blush in the harness has caused a rip in the ur3 material right at the base. I’ll admit, it’s my fault – sometimes I like to get fucked hard with it. Can you blame me? 🙂 This put me on the hunt for a replacement.

Anyone who’s seen my Google search history in the past two weeks would think I have a serious obsession with dick, I’m sure haha. You all should know by now how much I research things to death! 🙂 In my hunting around I came across the Cyberskin style of dildo. It looks really fantastic with the nice soft, realistic feeling outer material and a firm core. That is very much how a real penis is, they aren’t all floppy when they’re erect and they certainly don’t feel hard like a silicone dildo.

Anyway, we were very excited to find one that I feel will work nicely for me! This is the one we bought and we were so excited to have it delivered yesterday.

However, mother nature decided to throw her own tease in there and has forced us to have to wait to try out our new toy. It looks and feels wonderful and I’m so eager to give it a go and tell you all about it. We did get it brand new and very inexpensively off Amazon if you are looking to order one for yourself or for your Keyholder. So far I am very pleased with it even down to the packaging, which comes with some fantastic directions on cleaning, care and storage to get a good life out of it. I do wish the listing had stated those directions in it so I would have known to add on the Renew by Cyberskin which helps keep the material like new!

I really can’t wait to share my experience with you all but, please, if anyone already has experience, we’d love to hear from you! 🙂