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I recently surprised cagedmonkey with a new Mature Metal Jail Bird. I called up and talked to Mistress MM and ordered a different version of the custom device we already have, with a few changes in size as well. I told her all about the surprise I had in mind for cagedmonkey she was extremely helpful in getting the device ordered without him knowing I’d even ordered it.

Way back in 2013 when we ordered our first Jail Bird, we’d ordered the device very similar to the Bird Cage we had been using. We ordered a 2 inch round base ring and a 4 inch long cage that was 1 1/2 inch in diameter. While those measurements worked just fine, after about a month or so we knew exactly what measurements needed some tweaking. That’s when we sent back the device to Mature Metal and William made some adjustments.


Original Jail Bird BR: 1 7/8" ID: 1 1/2" Length: 3"

When we received the cage back it was all shiny and resized. It now had a 1 & 7/8 inch oval base ring and a 3 inch long cage with the same 1 1/2 inch diameter. That cage has fit perfectly for the past year and a half or so that cagedmonkey has been locked in it. There really is no need for a new cage other than I wanted to try a slightly new look.

When I ordered this new Jail Bird I really liked the idea of adding a ring to the actual cage part as well as making the whole device just a bit more snug. The added ring seems to make CM’s bits slightly less accessible as well as add a neat look to the cage. It still allows for wonderful hygiene though because it’s still a very open style cage. I also ordered him a double base ring with the hopes that it might help add some surface area and hold the cage a little more snug to cagedmonkey’s body.


New Jail Bird DBR: 1 7/8" ID: 1 3/8" Length: 2 3/4"

The new cage’s measurements are slightly smaller and tighter than our original but the double base ring is the same 1 7/8″ oval. The cage length is 2 3/4″ and the inside diameter is 1 3/8″. That extra ring on the cage really makes it look like a large difference in size but it’s really not.
I really do like the look of the new cage when cagedmonkey wears it but alas the new sizing wasn’t exactly a good thing. The new length was probably not an issue at all but the diameter was just a bit too small and cagedmonkey was getting pinched because his skin was sticking out between the bars just enough. There is such a thing as a cage being a little too snug around the shaft. I hear people say all the time how “you really can’t go too short” and I’m not sure I believe that because you really do need a properly fitting device in length and diameter.
While over all I do love the look of this cage, I want cagedmonkey to be comfortable in the cage he wears for me, or at least most of the time anyway. Granted, the cage can get a bit uncomfortable at times when I make it that way but in everyday wear I want it to be something he can wear all day everyday. It shouldn’t be pinching him or difficult to maneuver or need too much adjusting to use the bathroom. That is something I’ll let cagedmonkey tell you about here.

So what it comes down to is this; we will be selling this new Jail Bird and I will reorder another one exactly the same with the 1 1/2″ inside diameter. If you or anyone you know are looking for a nice Mature Metal device life this and you don’t want to wait on build time, please contact us!

What do you do when that custom chastity device isn’t just right? Well you send it in and have those little tweeks taken care of so it fits absolutely perfect. Mature Metal is wonderful about talking about what seems to be wrong and will work out any issues with length, ring size and gap adjustment. It’s as simple as sending an email and then if there is a cost (ex. ring sizing is $10) you can request an invoice, pay it and mail your device to MM for adjustment. Be sure include a note in the box explaining what adjustments are needed. Once MM receives your device back it usually takes about a week for the adjustment and then another 2-3 days back in the mail (in the US). Very simple, very quick and stupendous customer service! I couldn’t be happier with William and Mistress MM, they both work so very hard to make sure their customers are extremely happy with their device!

This is the second time we are sending our device back for adjustment. The first time we sent it back we merely had William shorten the length of the tube itself. When we first ordered our device we made the mistake of ordering the tube exactly the length of hubby flaccid. When in reality, you should order at least a half an inch shorter. We chose to go about an inch or so shorter since he’s got length to begin with.

This time we’ve sent the Jail Bird back for other reasons. We were having some issues with the device twisting and think that the gap may not have been as small on top as it should have been or something. Whatever the reason we sent it back to Mature Metal so William could investigate the issue. We also made a few changes since the device would be there. We are having them add the security screw option so that we no longer have to deal with the pad lock jingling our scratching his legs or mine! The other thing we’re adjusting is the base ring. At first cagedmonkey was fine in the 1.75″ ring but for some reason winter and fridged temperatures came along and he could barely pop a testicle through! It was actually becoming painful to get the ring on. So to solve this we have asked that Mature Metal stretch his base ring to 1 7/8″ just to give that little bit more room for his testicles and to allow a little more blood flow from the base of his penis. My hope is that this will ease some of the major discomfort from attempted erections. I mean some discomfort is desirable but pain isn’t all that sexy!

So now that our device has been received by MM we just have to wait. I’m dying to get it back because our back up (the Bird Cage) is really started to show it’s wear. I hate that I’m stuck putting him in it while we’re wait for our Jail Birds return.