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I want to thank everyone for all of their love and support in response to my last post. It means a lot to me to know all of you out there are pulling for me. Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s get back to the chastity, orgasm denial, and the crazy horniness that goes along with it.

I don’t know if it was the stress of the new house prep combined with the health issues, but My Lady allowed me to have an orgasm before we moved in to the new house… it could have also been that she wanted me to fill her pussy up with cum, can’t really be sure. I’m not the type to question the reason why I’m allowed to have my first orgasm in about 3 months, I’ll just take it and run with it.

After that first cum, ML gave me a treat and had me masturbate next to her in bed. I can’t remember the last time I actually stroked myself to orgasm… that’s seriously not an exaggeration, it’s been so long that I can’t even guess when it last happened.

It was nice, but to be honest, it feels a LOT better when ML strokes me now… and it’s even better when I’m fucking her. Yep, her pussy is definitely the best!

A lot of readers/followers ask me how I manage not to cum immediately during sex when I’m being denied orgasm. It’s not that easy, and to be perfectly honest, I’m really not good at it at all. I’m not sure if it’s the denial that makes me more sensitive and ready, or if it’s just the fact that ML’s pussy feels that amazingly good; either way, I can’t manage more than five or six good thrusts before I need to stop.

It’s too bad it’s not as simple as looping a gif!

There are a couple of positions where I can kinda avoid cumming right away, but other than that, it happens VERY quickly. I’m really lucky that ML isn’t disappointed by my performance… in fact, she takes it as a compliment. As she should: either she’s doing a great job teasing me, or her pussy is doing a great job getting me off!

Sometimes, though, I wish that I could flick a switch and not be so “hair-triggered.” There are times where I know ML wants a good pounding, and I feel bad when I’m not able to provide. The other night, ML got me dunk enough where I couldn’t cum and she took advantage of it by using my cock hard… the only problem being that I can’t remember it! Although I’m glad she got her “fill” of my non-cumming cock, I wish I could remember what it was like.

How long was it into the new year until you had your first orgasm? I had to wait 299 days.

As teased earlier this week on Twitter, ML brought to an end our long run of orgasm denial and gave me my first orgasm of 2016. I was WELL passed the point of wanting to be done with it, but ML finally reached the endpoint for her. And, of course, the thing that EVERYONE wants to know is, “How did it feel?” Well, it felt pretty much just as I expected it would…

Pro tip: if a guy who describes their first orgasm after months and months of denial as being this massively explosive sexual experience, gushing gallons and gallons of cum all over the place… there’s a decent chance he’s full of it.
Don’t get me wrong: it was nearly ten months since my last orgasm, so obviously it couldn’t be bad. But usually the first orgasm after a long denial is sort of mellow – it can be underwhelming if you are expecting something bigger.

The second, third, and fourth ones are MUCH better. 😉

My Lady has some difficulty after allowing me to cum – she was wrestling with feelings of failure. We were trying to go the entire year without an orgasm for me, and we didn’t make it. There were a few people who felt the same way when ML was talking about it on Twitter – “Keep pushing, you can make it!” was a popular response. “Don’t give up, you’ve gone so far!” was another. But I don’t think it’s a failure at all.

Yes, we set out to do a year of denial… but anything we’ve ever done in our chastity/orgasm denial play has always been done with the concept of “if we aren’t having fun, then we won’t do it” attached to it. And for the past couple of weeks, the denial was becoming less fun and more work. Although ML was having fun teasing me, she was tired of waiting for some good, hard fucking from me (instead having to settle for slow, careful sex).

So, My Lady decided to let me cum. She didn’t break down, she didn’t lose her nerve… she decided. And, deep down, that’s what we both want: for her to decide.

Wednesday afternoon, I was taking a nap in the bedroom, attempting to recover from driving home overnight. ML had slept a little bit when we first got home, so she was on kid duty while I got my sleep in.

That was the plan, until the kids asked if they could play video games, which allowed ML to sneak away to the bedroom for a few moments. 🙂

ML woke me up with a pair of big giant titties in my face. I greedily sucked on her nipples as she grinded her pussy against my hardening cock. A moment later, I was sliding into her wet pussy with ease.

ML slid herself up and down on my body, taking my cock deep inside her with each thrust. As usual, it didn’t take long for me to start getting close to cumming. As usual, I let ML know I was close. Not as usual, ML didn’t slow down; she continued thrusting up against me, and I felt my orgasm approaching very quickly.

I felt ML’s body tense up from her orgasm about one stroke before I reached mine. She continued riding me as we both came, fighting to keep our moans of pleasure as quiet as possible to avoid alerting the children of their parents getting it on in the next room. ML continued to work her cum-filled pussy on my cock to a second, even more intense orgasm. I’m sure she would have screamed if she weren’t holding herself back.

Damn, it was nice to just cum inside her like that. I’m going to have to savor it, since it seems that I will be denied for quite a while this time around. My Lady has already said that she wishes to go for a full month before she even unlocks me, so it’ll be at least that long before my next orgasm. I have considered the possibility that I have already had my last orgasm of 2015. It’s all up to My Lady and her desires.

It’s been quite a long week, with a family emergency requiring a mid-week road trip, which was followed by a busy weekend at work. It felt really great to blow off some steam by fucking My Lady from behind as hard as I could.

That’s right. 🙂

Last night, My Lady and I were enjoying some really good sex before I went off to work. God damn, her pussy feels so good when it squeezes my cock after a nice deep thrust. ML was being a little more vocal than usual; I’m not sure if the “free wheeling” policy of our chastity/orgasm denial play is loosening up ML’s ability to control her volume.

My Lady still hasn’t given me permission for an orgasm, so it quickly became time for me to stop to avoid cumming. As I pulled out, ML said, “Wait,” and rolled off the side of the couch. She keeled over the cushion and wiggled her sexy naked ass at me. I didn’t need any more explanation than that to know what she wanted.

I slid up behind her and positioned myself so I could drive my cock deep into her horny pussy. A few deep thrusts later I was right on the verge of orgasm again. I stopped to avoid cumming, and My Lady whined and began pushing herself back into me. “No, don’t stop,” she pleaded.

“I can’t without cumming,” I replied. “Can I cum?”

My Lady moaned loudly and pushed herself back against me again. I asked her a second time if I could cum. “Yes,” she cried out, “fuck me… fuck my pussy HARD!”

I reached forward and grabbed her shoulders and thrusted as hard and deep as possible into her. ML yelped in surprise. After making sure ML wasn’t hurting (you have seen how big my cock is, haven’t you?), I started pounding her pussy as hard and fast as possible. It took only a few moments for me to fill her up with my cum. As I was cumming, ML began slamming herself back against me, wanting me deeper inside her. It felt wonderful, feeling my cock sink deeper into her pussy as I came.

My Lady was still pushing back against me as my orgasm finished, wanting more and more of me. So, being the good hubby I am, I gave her what she wanted. I pounded her even harder that I had earlier, and ML shoved her face into the couch cushion and began screaming in ecstasy. I fucked her even harder; this may sound bad, but I was trying to fuck her hard enough so it “hurt.” I wanted her to feel it now as well as later. Harder and harder I slammed into her, until I felt her pussy nearly crushing my cock as an intense orgasm hit her.

I fucked her right though her orgasm until her body started shaking and her moans turned to animalistic groans. I pulled out after a few more moments and simply watched her – her body was trembling and convulsing in post-orgasmic pleasure, and the sounds coming from deep inside her throat were so damn sexy, I would have fucked her all over again if I didn’t have to go to work (and, also, if I hadn’t just cum in her pussy moments before).

It always ends up being great fucking sex when we can really let loose and just fuck each other silly. It’s why I miss it so badly when I’m in denial.

Apologies for the lack of posts recently… don’t worry, I didn’t cum and forget about my posting duties! My Lady and I have been busy working on going through our stuff, tossing and packing appropriately, as we are scheduled to move at the end of the month. ML actually has a post she’s writing started as a draft… stay tuned. 😉 It’s a hectic time, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t had time to get naughty with each other.

So I’m currently locked up once again, with the cum I unloaded into ML’s ass representing my last orgasm of this year. Although, that’s what ML said back in July… that’s why we call it “maybe day” folks. Something tells me that she’s serious this time, though… she may even push me longer, I don’t know for sure.

After our last go around with 24/7 lockup, ML has decided that we most likely won’t be doing that very often – she loves playing with her toy too much! Maybe in the future when it feels right it’ll happen again, but she prefers locking and unlocking me on a whim. This is GREAT news for me! I was going crazy being trapped in that cage so long! I very much prefer nights like tonight, when ML unlocked me and we made love to each other. I worked hard to stay away from the edge, and since I came three days ago I was able to do a pretty good job for her. My Lady didn’t have an orgasm, although she said she really wasn’t liking for one and she just wanted to enjoy the feeling of me inside her. She did cum when I licked her pussy while I was on my knees before I left for work, though.

Ahhhhh, it’s so nice to be back to being used again! 🙂

Today I had my last orgasm of 2014.

Well, actually, I had three of them, but that’s beside the point. The point is that I won’t have another one for the rest of the year.

Thankfully, I knew this going in, so I was able to get really nice mental pictures of all of them. My first cum of the day was in the morning – before I went to sleep, My Lady came upstairs to “tuck me in.” She cuffed my hands to the bed, climbed on top of me and rode my cock until I was just about ready to explode. Then the stroked me the rest of the way while sliding a finger in and out of my asshole.  It sure helped me get to sleep, I can tell you that!

My second and third orgasms were pretty much back to back. ML once again gave me some anal stimulation during my orgasm, only this time it was a little bit more than her finger; she used Pearl on me and she allowed me to stroke myself to orgasm. That was a REALLY nice one! It has been a while since I stroked my own cock to orgasm, so I don’t know if that made it so great, or if it was Pearl giving me a little extra sumthin’ sumthin’, but it was a really good cum. The third was right afterwards – ML continued to stroke me right after my orgasm, giving me a little bit of POT for good measure. She got me close and then allowed me to jerk myself off again… it was my birthday, after all, and is there a better present than allowing your chaste male to masturbate? I didn’t think so! I made myself cum a third time, and I was nearly drained by the end of it. I think this was ML’s goal, because she promptly had me lock up in the Jailbird before I headed to work.

And so begins my 6-month-plus period of orgasm denial (ML has said that I might get an orgasm for Christmas, or perhaps I’ll have to wait until 2015, she isn’t sure). This is going to be a difficult test for me. Not only will my denial be the longest I’ve ever gone through (by far!), My Lady and I have discussed trying some things during this chastity period that will also set new benchmarks. She wants to keep me in the Revenge  for longer than I’ve been before, locking my cock away where I can’t even see it let alone touch it. She is also interested in attempting a longer period of denying my any erections at all, locking me in the Jailbird 24/7 for a full month. With the discovery of ML’s new favorite toy, going that long will be easier than it has been in the past.

Well, easier on her at least. It doesn’t get any easier for me no matter what happens. And I know that ML will be taking every opportunity to make things even more difficult for me, teasing me whenever possible. I can already see the excitement in her eyes, and we’ve barely just begun. But I have to admit… I’m excited about this, too. I’m exicted to see just how far I can push myself, and how much farther ML can push me after I break down.  🙂

What a wonderful weekend My Lady and I had! We had a lot of fun at the casino, outside of the lots of sex we ended up having. 🙂

We checked into the hotel on Saturday afternoon. At first, we intended to just drop off our stuff and head to the casino for some gambling fun, but that plan went into the trash once we got inside the room. My Lady unlocked me once we were inside the room; we started kissing and we couldn’t hold ourselves back. All of the fun ideas My Lady had of teasing me and making me work for my orgasm went out the window – we got undressed from the waist down only, and started making love not five minutes after we walked through the door. I was filling My Lady’s pussy with cum in VERY short order, and her pussy quivered around my cock as she joined me in orgasm.

It was fantastic! After waiting nearly a month, it felt great to cum. The orgasm itself was amazing, but also the feeling of not having to hold back during the buildup and just let loose was absolutely wonderful.

After our quickie, we went down to the casino floor for some gaming fun. My Lady and I bled away some money at the slots before heading to the poker room. We had a lot of fun playing poker – My Lady may have had a little too much fun, along with a little too much alcohol, hehe – even though neither of us was doing very well. I’m the poker player of the pair of us, but My Lady was doing better than I was because I couldn’t get any fucking cards whatsoever….. but I’m not mad about it.  🙂

After we were both pretty well supplied with alcohol, we stumbled back up to our room once again. We stripped down and jumped in the bed with each other. This time, we fucked…. drunk fucked. It was soooo nice – I grabbed My Lady’s ass as I thrusted deep into her and filled her up with another load of my cum. My Lady later admitted that she didn’t remember us having sex this time, which she found very exciting. 🙂

My Lady had me jerk myself off once and we had sex one more time before we had to check out the following morning. It felt great to have some spontaneous, unplanned sex after being in chastity for so long.

My last orgasm came this morning: I woke up My Lady by rubbing her wet pussy – I wonder what she was dreaming of! I rolled over on top of her and slid myself inside her, slowly taking her, making it last because I knew it could very well be my last for quite some time. We both came together again – I love it when we do that! We had a few minutes to cuddle before the kids woke up and ran into the room. So much for our fantasy weekend.  🙂

Later in the morning, My Lady told me it was time to “get dressed.” I know what that means; at the next opportunity, I snuck off to the bathroom, tucked my cock into the Jailbird, and tightened the security screw. I was locked in, where I belong. And here I sit, still locked in, and tomorrow begins over two months of near-24/7 chastity and 4 months of orgasm denial. Honestly? I’m glad and excited to get started. This will be a huge milestone for us in our chastity lifestyle.

Talk to me in a few weeks, though… that feeling may change drastically by then. 😉

There were plenty of surprises this weekend, both welcome and unwelcome. I’ll start at the beginning.

My Lady and I had a great time at the casino celebrating our wedding anniversary. We somehow managed NOT to lose all of our money, so I’m chalking that up as a win. On our way out of the casino, we stopped by the roulette table for “The Spin.”

My Lady chose the spin, and the ball was flung around the wheel, ready to randomly choose my fate. The ball bounced down to the number slots as I looked on, and I could see the ball beginning to settle. It was rolling between 0 and 32, back and forth… it seemed like it was torturing me!! Then…..

The roulette spinner picked the ball up and spun it again! I don’t know why a respin was called for – perhaps there was an improper bet or whatever, I don’t know all the rules to these games – but she flung the ball again for a new trip around the wheel. ML and I waited for the spin to stop…. and finally it landed on….


Another THIRTY days of denial for me!

But wait, that’s not the end of our story….

[Warning: possible graphic language and descriptions ahead, proceed with caution]

When we got home and dispatched of the babysitter, ML and I began to get intimate. She was gracious enough to give me an anniversary present and allowed me to make love to her and cum inside her. It didn’t take long in the slightest. It was WONDERFUL to finally get release after so long. We came together as she slowly rode on top of me. We ended up falling asleep in each other’s arms. It was so great. ML decided on giving me a short chastity honeymoon – most likely covering the holiday weekend, giving us Sunday night to enjoy ourselves and I would be locked back up for work Monday night.

Last night ML wanted to start things off by having me masturbate and shoot a nice big load all over my stomach – and, conveniently get a video of it to torture me with when I couldn’t masturbate later (she can be evil sometimes, I love it!). I stroked myself and was ready to cum pretty quickly, and in no time my cock was shooting warm pink cum all over my stomach…




I wasn’t even fully done with my orgasm before I started thinking, “Oh fuck, something is seriously wrong here.” I cleaned the blood-tinged cum off of me, as well as a “clot-like” thing that was on my hand…

[Hey, you come to this blog looking for honesty and no bullshit posts about male chastity, so you’re getting it. This is what happened. I’m sorry if it grosses, but real is real].

… and I promptly started freaking out. Why am I cumming blood? What is wrong with me? Do I need to go to the hospital? Am I going to explain to a doctor what ML and I have been up to? And why is the idea of confessing to a doctor scarier to me than the fact that there’s actually blood in my semen?

So yeah, the whole spirit of the honeymoon kinda died right there.

Since last night, ML and I have done some research (to come in an ML post, most likely later today), and the research has been comforting. There was no full on BLOOD in the semen, just a little tinge. We have found that it is quite normal (WTFHOWCOULDTHISBENORMAL?!?!?) and it’s nothing to be majorly concerned about unless I’m in pain, the problem continues or gets worse. We’ve decided to take a small break from chastity, possibly around a week or so. During this week, ML will most likely allow me to cum a few times, in part to see what happens, as well as to help “flush the pipes” so to speak.

I wish I didn’t have to go so far as cumming blood to get a week of free orgasms, but there you have it.